78 Unbelievable DIY Upcycled Garden Projects

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Discover some Unbelievable DIY Upcycled Garden Projects that’ll transform your garden without burning a hole in your pocket!

There’s a common notion that garden scaping requires a lot of bucks. Let’s bust the myth with these Unbelievable DIY Upcycled Garden Projects that can be made by upcycling household articles!

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Unbelievable DIY Upcycled Garden Projects

1. Garden Tool Gate

Start your 2019 gardening goals with these 60+ DIY Upcycled Garden Ideas and repurpose old and unused objects into something useful in the garden! 

Take some inspiration from here to replace your garden gate with this unique entrance using garden tools. Also, these 11 great garden tool repurposing projects.

2. DIY Birdhouse

DIY Birdhouse

Remove the clock apparatus and back panel of a desk clock; fill it with wine corks to create a likable surrounding for the birds to nest. Find a DIY here. Check out more DIY birdhouse ideas.

3. Lantern DIY

Lantern DIY

Dip some twine into a right amount of glue and wrap the cord around a balloon after that. Once it dries, pop the balloon, and you’ll have a brand new Lantern for an outdoor dining setting.

4. DIY Lego Planter

Cut a lego baseplate into desired shapes and proceed to build a planter structure using them. Bright Nest has the detailed step-by-step on it.

5. Garden Trellis

Garden Trellis

If you have some rusted garden tools that you don’t want to use anymore, recycle them to this garden trellis idea. You need to secure wood trims to the back of the tools. Check out more garden trellis ideas.

6. Bicycle Planter DIY

Bicycle Planter DIY

With the necessary gardening supplies, you can easily convert a bicycle into a planter like this. You’ll need baskets, moss, potted plants, grocery bags, metal piece, ribbon, and a bike. More bicycle planters are here!

7. DIY Fire Pit

For this fire pit idea, you don’t need any supplies except old tire rims of a car, truck or tractor, and tools. Visit DIY Joy for the inspiration.

8. Hanging Flower Basket

upcycled garden ideas

To create this expensive-looking inexpensive hanging basket, stick wooden slices in the sequence mentioned here.

9. Lamp Bird Bath

A glass dish and a lamp base are all that you need to set this DIY vintage birdbath in your yard. An excellent source to attract the feathered friend at your doorstep, find it here.

10. Garden Art

Give a bold appeal to usual terracotta pots by designing them with some coats of abstract art using waterproof paints and brush. Get inspiration here. You can see DIY pot designing ideas in this article.

11. Tropical Pallet Living Wall

upcycle gardening project

Complete a living wall DIY, which is easy to execute and maintain and attractive. The list of supplies and tutorial is available here. Find more living wall ideas in this post.

12. Pallet Garden

In our list of upcycled garden projects, this one is so simple–Pallet gardens are one of the most natural growing methods that even beginners can opt for without the hassle. Look for some wood pallets in your nearby store and do something like that here.

13. Coil Spring Candle Holder

This coil spring is not just a unique decor item, but it can hold some postcards and act as a candle holder as well. Take inspiration from here.

14. Steel Drum Chair

upcycle gardens project

Turn an empty steel drum into a worthy DIY chair with a few materials and equipment for your garden, patio or deck. Click here to get the supply list and the video tutorial.

15. Floppy Disk Planter

Arrange some floppy disk from somewhere and recreate those good old memories. Learn to make these floppy disks planters in this post. Check out more creative DIY planter ideas.

16. Chair Back Bird Feeder

This bird feeder is made out of a chair back and pine plywood. See the How-to at The Interior Frugalista.

17. Bunk Bed Wall Shelf

upcycle garden ideas

Repurpose a bunk bed from your garage into this rustic wall shelf in six easy steps. Visit My Repurposed Life for more information.

18. Rope Bottle Vase

These vases are nothing but cheap ordinary glass bottles wrapped with sisal rope for a rustic look. Every detail is available at Brit. See more DIY vase ideas here.

19. Hanging Herb Baskets

garden upcycle ideas

Grow herbs vertically with some lamp shades, pots, jewelry wire, and spray paint. See the details here.

20. Mobile Container Garden

Drill drainage holes at the base of trash cans and attach casters as required to recreate this mobile container garden. You can get the planting instructions at HGTV. More mobile container garden ideas are waiting for you here.

21. Sifter Wind Chime

Find a vintage flour sifter and combine it with some spoons and other materials to DIY this mindblowing wind chime for your garden. We found the idea here.

22. Tin Can Fence Garden

Spruce up a boring fence in your yard with this inexpensive DIY, secure some tin can planters and you are good to go. For a more attractive appeal, you can paint the tin cans into vibrant colors. Find more amazing DIY fence decoration ideas here.

23. Golf To Garden Caddy

Move your garden tools into a golf caddy that’s no longer usable; it makes the job of carrying the tools easy! We found the idea here.

24. Hanging Bird Bath

garden upcycle project

Hang a glass lid with metal chains from a tree that has a suitable surrounding for the birds to get attracted. Know the steps in detail here.

25. Bed To Bench

Start your 2019 gardening goals with these 60+ DIY Upcycled Garden Projects and repurpose old and unused objects into something useful in the garden! 

Transform a broken bed frame into a garden bench with this well-explained tutorial. It might seem difficult at first sight, but even beginners can give this a try.

26. Tea Light Candles

Line up these beeswax candle on a table to make your outdoor dining bright and memorable. These candles are easy to make, and the supplies are easy to find too, find more here. Also, check out these outdoor lantern ideas.

27. Bird Feeder DIY

diy upcycled garden ideas

Fit and secure two pot lids into a rod and hang the piece to a hook hanger, simple! Get it in detail here.

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28. Toy Horse Sculpture

diy upcycled garden projects

This horse sculpture can be a great masterpiece in your garden, or wherever kept. You need to lather a toy horse’s hair with plaster of Paris and spray paint the sculpture.

29. Recycled Bird Feeder

Recycled Bird Feeder

If you’re looking for a way to upcycle kitchen utensils in a fun way, you are probably at the right stop. The tutorial is on At The Picket Fence. Learn many more ways to use kitchen utensils in the garden here.

31. DIY Drawer Planter

This drawer planter can give you a lot of vertical space. It is made using two drawers, wooden boards, and some paint. See the how-to at Beyond The Picket Fence.

32. Wooden Shoe Planter

Start your 2019 gardening goals with these 60+ DIY Upcycled Garden Projects and repurpose old and unused objects into something useful in the garden! 

These wooden shoe planter can be a great centerpiece with minimal efforts involved. Just plant your flowers in a wooden dutch shoe and hang it on a vertical wooden plank.

33. Coffee Mug Suet Feeder

Coffee mug and a suet cake can get you a handmade DIY suet feeder in no time. Fill a mug with suet cake with tree sticks and hang the cup on a tree branch!

34. Solar Light Chandelier

Remove the stakes from solar lights and fasten them to each top of an outdoor candle chandelier–An easy and quick way to transform a candelabra into a solar light chandelier. See more chandelier ideas here.

35. DIY Herb Garden Seedling Starter

Germinating seeds in muffin paper is a great DIY to try; it’s easy and inexpensive as well. See the DIY post at Sadie Season Goods. Get acquainted with some of the best seed starting hacks here.

36. Bird Nesting

Recycle bed springs from an old bed to help out the birds in the making of their nest. Hang a spring outdoors with bird nesting materials; it’s here. Position it near a bird feeder or bird bath to grab their attention towards it.

37. Vintage Faucet Planter DIY

upcycle ideas

Attach a faucet to a galvanized bucket, that’s all to imitate this idea. Add flowering plants and keep it in your front porch for a vintage effect.

38. Vertical Herb Garden

Look how Sarah from Sadie Seasongoods repurpose a shower caddy to bring her a new vertical garden at no cost. Directly Spray paint a shower caddy and place in your plants, that’s all. Also, check out these vertical gardening ideas for inspiration.

39. Potting Bench

Make your planting experience less chaotic with this potting bench with wire mesh at its head to hold your tools. Take a look here.

40. Herb Planter Wagon

upcycled Herb Planter Wagon

An old wagon successfully turned into a garden planter at here. You can plant anything ranging from herbs to flowering plants. Make things out of junk items with the help of this DIY post.

41. Wood Logs Ceramics Stool

Reuse wood logs from any dead tree to form a table base with ceramic tile pieces mosaic art as the seating base. Try to understand it at Recycl Art. Learn more great mosaic ideas with the tutorial here.

42. Steel Magnolias

Spray paint the wheels of an old bicycle, support them with a wooden or steel rod and dig them in a suitable place in your garden. For the leaves, you can either shape wire or cut out paper leaves.

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43. Chair Planter

upcycle ideas for garden

A broken chair cleverly upcycled to be a planter with necessary materials and in less time. Find the details at My Repurposed Life.

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44. Shoe Planter

Pot your plants into mini containers and fit the planters into a pair of old shoes or boots. Place them indoors or outdoors–it doesn’t matter as far as your plants are growing healthy.

45. Herb Drying Rack

Dry your herbs on a hanging photo frame with window screen as the bottom, easy enough to execute. Get the tutorial here.

46. Tire Planter

Support a tire’s one end with a wooden base and legs and wrap the whole piece with thick rope using hot glue. Read it in detail at Addicted2DIY.

47. Plastic Bag Flower Pot

Cut plastic bag strips in a zig-zag fashion and crochet them in the pattern available here. The more colorful your plastic bag is, the more vibrant your planter will be.

48. DIY Outdoor Seating

Combine a dozen cinder blocks with four pieces of lumber to set this cozy outdoor seating in your garden. Look how Lena Sekine describes the tutorial.

49. Branch Hook

Wrap yarn strips to a white painted thick branch to recreate this incredible color block hook project. Since it’s easy, you can involve your kids in the making of this. Check out these yarn craft ideas for your home and garden.

50. Portable Fire Pit

If by any chance you happen to have a shopping cart, you can give this firepit DIY a shot. Be sure to use a cart with a chrome finish and not one of those with powder coat finish. These portable firepit ideas here are awesome.

51. Floor Lamp Solar Lights

Remove the wiring from an old floor lamp; replace it with solar lights to manufacture outdoor lighting for your yard. Access the steps here.

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52. DIY Hose Reel

Take out a rim of an old tire, polish and paint it with enough spray paint. Click here for more details.

53. Wire Hanger Garden Fencing

This DIY is not as difficult as it might appear in the image, you only need some hangers, glue, wire, wire cutter, and nose pliers. Click here for the instructions.

54. Pipe Garden Planter

Recycle the environmentally damaging PVC pipe into making a brand new planter in no time. Be sure not to grow food items in it such as herbs. Take inspiration from Urban Gardens Web.

55. Mini Plant Hanger

Indoor gardens must be attractive enough to fetch you plentiful appreciations and motivation. DIY this mini macrame plant hanger to grow plants indoors with macrame cord, terracotta pot, and plants. More macrame plant hanger ideas are here.

56. DIY Herb Markers

Convert a bunch of such shoe stretchers as plant markers to label your herbs and plants. It’s a fun way to keep yourself handy with the names of your plants. More plant marker ideas are here.

57. Suitcase Table

Fasten four wooden legs onto the base of an old vintage suitcase; let it dry, and it’s ready! You can keep the suitcase table indoors or use it as a planting table in your garden, depends on you!

58. DIY Wine Glass Planters

Wine Glass upcycle garden idea

Make these super adorable wine glass planters for tabletop decorations. The idea is relatively easy and cheap, you can find it here. Don’t forget to check out more wine glasses ideas in this post.

59. Vertical Succulent Planter from a Table

This modern vertical succulent planter is made out of IKEA lack table, get the details here. Find more brilliant IKEA hacks in this DIY post.

60. DIY Teapot Light Feature

Unbelievable DIY Upcycled Garden Projects 29

A teapot showering lights in the night, such an interesting DIY project to try. Find more DIY old teapot projects for your garden here.

61. Outdoor Wine Bottle Candle                                                               

Enjoy a cozy dinner with your loved ones with an outdoor wine bottle candle arrangement. You’ll need some wine bottles, the essential oil torch fuel, teflon tape, marbles, and other essentials mentioned here.

62. Chandelier Turned Birdfeeder                                                            Unbelievable DIY Upcycled Garden Projects 30

Turn an old chandelier into a hummingbird feeder. You can simply hang it on your balcony or lawn and attract birdfeeders into the garden. The tutorial is here.

63. DIY Stepping Stones                                                                         

Stepping stones add an elite touch to gardens and what can be better than making one yourself? Here‘s the tutorial.

64. DIY Pallet Bar                                                                                      Unbelievable DIY Upcycled Garden Projects 31

A pallet bar is a garden essential that”ll not just serve as a tray for your drinks but for a breakfast desk too. Get the tutorial here.

65. DIY Cutlery Wind Chime                                                                     

Have you ever tried crafting wind chimes? Try with the upcycled cutleries at home to make one like this.

66. DIY Flowering Log Planter                                                                  Unbelievable DIY Upcycled Garden Projects 32

Make one log planter for your garden, following this tutorial. One of the best and easiest upcycled garden projects you’ll find on this list.



This fairy allotment on a wheelbarrow garden is easy to make and requires mini groundcovers, fairy houses, river pebbles, and other essentials mentioned here.

68. Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

Unbelievable DIY Upcycled Garden Projects 33

Create a dreamy abody for the kids at home with this wheelbarrow fairy garden. It is easy and visually appealing with no heavy investment. Get the tutorial here.

69. Old Drawers into Planters


Get the old drawers, alow table and paint them in your favorite shades, Now this will act as beautiful and unique planters. Get the steps here.

70. Old Chandelier Into This Magical Herb Garden

Unbelievable DIY Upcycled Garden Projects 34

Upcycle an old chandelier into a herb garden by following the tutorial. Paint it in a bright red, yellow, or golden shade.

71. Frog Garden Art


A frog garden art will add some spooky touch to your indoors. You’ll only require some salvages stuff for the DIY.

72. DIY Eggshell Garden

Unbelievable DIY Upcycled Garden Projects 35

Do not dispose the eggshells from your kitchen Instead, store them to grow mini seedlings. The bio-degradable material will keep the roots from transplant shock. Learn more here.

73. Old TV Cabinet Upcycled into Succulent Greenhouse


Turn an old tv cabinet into a vintage succulent greenhouse. Get the details here.

74. Turn Old Windows Into a Gorgeous Garden Greenhouse

Unbelievable DIY Upcycled Garden Projects 36

A mini greenhouse is not just good for plants but a beautiful addition to your garden. Display your favorite varieties here.

75. Alphabetic Pallet Flower Garden


Alphabetic flower gardens can be a classy addition to your yard with colorful blooms. Deck them with Petunias and Impatients to create a bushy appeal. The tutorial is here.

76. Mosaic Succulent Wall Planter


Put the broken crockeries to good use by crafting a unique succulent wall planter following this tutorial.

77. DIY Bird Cage Succulent Garden

Unbelievable DIY Upcycled Garden Projects 37

Do you admire succulents? Create a succulent garden by salvaging an old bird cage. As succulents don’t need a moist medium, a bird cage will do justice to its requirements. Details are here.

78. Raised Garden Bed From Pallets


Put the old pallets to good use by making a raised garden bed and display your favorite flowers and vines in style. Get the details here.


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