25 Garden Fence Decoration Ideas To Follow

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You can beautify your garden by customizing your yard fences with the help of these amazing Garden Fence Decoration Ideas!

You are fortunate if you have a garden, but what to do if you have a simple and boring fence and you have no idea to customize it? Well, this won’t puzzle you anymore after you see these Garden Fence Decoration Ideas below!

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Garden Fence Decoration Ideas

1. Fence with birdhouses

Garden Fence Ideas

If you would like to decorate a wooden fence, well, ‘what’s better than embellishing it with colorful birdhouses.

2. Paint something

Garden Fence Ideas 2

If you have artistic talent, why not venture yourself to create a painting. A tree like this one in the picture or anything that you can imagine.

3. Vintage style fence

Garden Fence Ideas 3

False window with a frame, furnishings, and some decor items, and the wall comes into life!

4. Beach theme fence

Garden Fence Ideas 4

Love the beach, the sea, and the tropics? Want to bring them to your garden? Do something like this.

5. Explosion of colorful butterflies

Garden Fence Ideas 5

If you are particularly skilled in origami, here is how to use it to decorate the fence. However, the only downside would be the rain!

6. Murals on the wall

Garden Fence Ideas 6

And to the delight of children, here is a great idea to give a little ‘color’ to your wall. If you are skilled enough in drawing, you can also take a cue from the famous Disney characters.

7. Cans on the fence

Garden Fence Ideas 7

That’s a creative idea: reuse some old cans, paint them in an appropriate color and hang them on the fence wall to grow plants.

8. Hanging boot garden on the fence

Garden Fence Ideas 8

Here’s another great but bizarre way to adorn the garden fences.

9. Grow plants vertically

verticle garden fence decoration gardeninggonewild
via: gardeninggonewild

Have you ever thought about taking advantage of the vertical space of the fences? Here’s an idea!

10. Decorations from wrought iron

Garden Fence Ideas 10

Another great way to decorate your garden fence.

11. Create a vertical garden

Garden Fence Ideas 11

More useful if you’ve got a small garden. You can grow many plants in such wooden boxes.

12. Bottles to draw attention

Garden Fence Ideas 12

A unique idea, though complicated one!

13. Shadow boxes to keep pots

verticle garden in fence

Hang shadow boxes on the fence to place the pots. Read more of it on Sunset.

14. Orange Floral Decoration

You can use ready-made flower cutouts and hang them on the fence for a fantastic display of colors.

15. Strings of Lights

A simple string light can turn a boring fence into a visual delight in the evening.

16. Rustic Outdoor Storage with Wooden Crates

Here’s an awesome DIY that serves both beauty and purpose. Add open storage to your yard or garden with wooden crates grouped and installed along a fence.

17. Bulbs and Plant Stand

How about growing small plants like herbs on a wooden shelf hanged on the fence and highlighting it with bulbs? Sounds interesting? Click here.

18. Make a Hanging Fence Garden

Hang wooden boxes on the fence and label them according to the plants you will grow. Details are here.

19. Scribble a Quote

Sometimes, just scribbling a unique quote can add a lot of character and meaning to the fence. Try it!

20. Hang Mirrors

Hanging reflective mirrors on the fence will reflect greenery around, which will also make your garden appear bigger than it actually is.

21. An Outdoor Chalkboard

If you have kids at your home, hanging an outdoor chalkboard right on the fence will ensure they have an amazing time outdoors while adding an appeal to the wall.

22. Recycled Patio Fence

You always have an option to recycle old parts and things to repurpose them into something interesting for your fence. Take an idea from here.

23. A Succulent Fence!


You can make sections on a wooden fence to create an amazing display of living succulents. This is not an easy task, though!

24. Tiered Sucuclents Fence


A tiered succulent vertical garden will add a lot of appeal to the fence.

25. Wine Bottle Charm

How about getting so many used wine bottles and hang them on the fence to create an unimaginable display like this?

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  1. I use a patch of my fence for a vertical garden but it’s quite dull and lifeless. I’m definitely going to use some of these ideas to liven it up a bit! The cans and bottles are genius!

  2. I love the idea of decorating a wood fence with colorful bird houses. My sister bought a new house with a huge garden, and she’s looking for unique ideas to help brighten up the area. Something like this would be ideal because it would add a lot of colors and it would make a plain wood fence look unique.

  3. I would LOVE to find good ideas for living where it is HOT in the short summers and COLD in the winters, at 4,000 ft elv. hopefully, Opal

  4. I personally liked your first recommendation where I could fill in the fence with colorful bird house decors to make the backyard garden come alive. At the moment, mine’s dull because I don’t have much time yet to fix this area of my home yet. I’m doing it one step at a time so I would probably start buying decors first, starting with the bird houses. Once everything is set, it will be easier for me to clean and put them all together where they should be.

  5. Thanks for going over some ideas for decorating a fence. You mentioned possibly embellishing it with birdhouses. I’m kind of curious to see if others have done this with functional birdhouses, especially if it could attract a lot of birds to their yard.

  6. I’m curious as to what you used to hang the bird houses flush with the fence. I haven’t heard from anyone with any ideas

    • They probably we’re hung with either a wire strung thru the inside of the birdhouse and tightened around the fence post or by an attached picture frame hanger

  7. Your idea of painting a wooden fence with different kinds of pictures and art really caught my attention. My teenage kids are very creative and skilled with art, so something like this could really help us get a unique design for our backyard project. I’ll start looking around for fence contractors that can help me get a wooden fence so I can have my kids paint whatever they want on it.

  8. I’d like to see some of the people that commented here if they did any of the projects The rod iron also I Didn’t see any directions

    Thank you

  9. I would be careful with the mirror idea. Birds fly into them and can be hurt or die. Talking from personal experience!!🥺


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