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Repurpose Old Chandeliers Into Stunning DIY Chandelier Planters | 9 Ideas

Repurpose old chandeliers into stunning DIY Chandelier Planters to hang your favorite plants uniquely!

1. Polish Chandelier Planter

This stunning polish chandelier planter (Pajaki planter) is undoubtedly the best DIY chandelier planter project in this list. Find the step by step tutorial at The House that Lars Built!

2. Outdoor Plant Chandelier

Visit While They Snooze to learn how an old and unused chandelier was transformed into a beautiful outdoor plant chandelier.

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3. Old Chandelier Flower Planter

Rescue an old chandelier and transform it into an incredible flower planter. Find the tutorial here.

4.  DIY Tea Cup Chandelier Planter

Instead of terracotta pots, add a dab of creativity by using Teacups as planters! Watch the video tutorial here.

5. Candelabra Flower Planter

Upcycle ceiling fan shades to create a magical candelabra flower planter. You can display it on the front porch or entrance of your home! We found the idea here.

6. DIY Hanging Plant Chandelier

For this amazing DIY, plant succulents (or use the faux plants) in glass globes and hang them by strings or twine on the pot rack. Once completed, this can be an excellent centerpiece for your dining table. Watch the tutorial here.

7. Chandelier Planter

Add interest to your balcony, patio or porch with a chandelier planter like this. Get an old chandelier, restore it as a planter and plant your favorite flowering plants in it.

8. Decorative Chandelier Planter

Create a decorative chandelier planter from an unused chandelier (which you can get from thrift stores or yard sales), terracotta pots, saucers and other general supplies. Get the instructions here.

9. DIY Chandelier Planter

The steps of this DIY is quite the same as above. Although, you can add your creativity to make it different! The idea is here.

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  1. The one with teacups is my favorite! This would be cute under a deck also! Now I’m going to have to head to Habitat and find an old chandelier!

  2. Habitat for Humanity is the best pkace to get old chandaluers! They always have a goid selection and fir ubder $20! Im doing 3 now! Love it ao much!


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