112 Exciting DIY Planter Ideas For Inspiration

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Beautiful planters accentuate the beauty of beautiful plants and here are some the most amazing DIY Planter Ideas for inspiration!

If you want to make your plants match well with the pots then here are some awesome DIY Planter Ideas that you can use!

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DIY Planter Ideas

1. Disco Ball Planter

Disco Ball Planter

Create an electrifying mood by using a disco ball planter for your greenery. Striking colors like red and pink provide that sharp contrast for an exciting piece. See the DIY here!

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2. Pretty Lace Flower Pots

Amazing DIY Planter Ideas

Lace up your pots for brilliant Bohemian planter appeal. Learn more about it here!

3. A Unique Log Planter

An exotic woody planter can be made easily using a log. See the DIY here!

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4. Self Irrigating Planter

The next time you enjoy yummy yogurt, save the container to make a savory planter. Learn more here!

5. Broken Pot Planter

Broken Pot Planter

It is possible to use broken pots to make a fairy garden planter. The how-to is here!

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6. DIY Crystal Planters

DIY Crystal Planters

Tap into pure energy by employing gorgeous crystals. The DIY is here!

7. DIY Pot Makeover

Have fun while coloring your pot to create an alluring bright, colorful planter. See the pot makeover here!

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9. DIY Book Planter

DIY Book Planter

Turn your old book into an exciting planter. Visit The Apartment Therapy to see the tutorial!

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10. Rope Wrapped Planter

Rope Wrapped Planter

A rope-wrapped planter brings out a raw, earthy ambiance. Learn more here!

11. Tea Can Planter

Allow attractive vintage tea tin cans to become your next planter. Here’s the how-to!

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12. Pretty Fabric Pots


Beautify your pots with attractive fabric to make exceptionally decorative planters. Learn more here!

13. Recycled Barrel Planter

An old barrel can be recycled to make for a classic container. Click here to see the DIY!

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14. DIY Wooden Box Planter

amazing DIY Planter Idea

Revitalize your wooden box or crate by creating something unique. Visit The Spruce to see more of it!

15. The Rocky Bucket

Use beautiful gems, pebbles, or rocks to transform your planter into an elegant piece. Visit The Censation Girl to see the DIY!

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16. DIY Kintsugi Planters

Broken ceramics can be brought to life by using a restorative technique for creative kintsugi planters. Learn more here!

17. DO-It-Yourself Gilded Pots

Make an enviable planter by using striking gold accents. The more of it is here!

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18. DIY Birdcage Planter

DIY Birdcage Planter

A birdcage planter allows for the unrivaled display of your plants; and making it is pretty simple. See the DIY here!

19. DIY Cement Planters

For that sturdy industrial feel, a cement planter is something you ought to try. Click here to see the DIY!

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20. DIY Mosaic Pot

There is nothing more artistic like a mosaic flower pot. View the project here!

21. Crushed Tin Can Planters

One of the most striking DIY Planter Ideas from this list. A simple action of crushing old tin cans and spray painting them can create a unique planter style. The how-to is here!

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22. Faceted Gem Flower Pots

Take planter patterns to a whole new level this way. Click here to see the project!

23. A Vintage Typewriter Planter

Before trashing that old typewriter, or anything that can contain soil, think creatively. It can be an asset in your garden. Here’s more of it!

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24. DIY Pram Planter

DIY Pram Planter

A vintage pram makes for a one-of-a-kind planter that is a piece of art. The DIY is here!

25. Gold Leaf Terracotta Planters

Adding a gold leaf is all it takes to transform your pot. Learn more here!

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26. Floppy Disk Planter

If you have some old floppy disks around, why not make them planters. The DIY is here!

27. Nail Polish Marbled DIY Planters

Use your nail polish at home to add wonderful planter designs as desired. See more of it here!

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28. DIY High Heel Planters

Immortalize your high heels by making fabulous eye-catching planters. The more of it is here!

29. Mason Jar Wall Planter

Mason jar wall planters are easy to make and highly attractive. Not Just A Housewife has a tutorial on it!

30. DIY Face Planters

Have fun and go wild with happy face planters. The how-to is here!

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31. DIY Vertical Fence Planter

DIY Vertical Fence Planter

Make an assortment of planters and hang them on your fence for great decor. The whole idea is available here!

32. Monochromatic Planter

Unlock the marvels of monochrome and enjoy the difference. More information is here!

33. DIY Wine Bottle Planters

DIY Wine Bottle Planters

If you love your wine, create a planter using up-cycled wine bottles and hang them. Learn more here!

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34. Coffee Bag Planter

Use good old coffee bags to make an invigorating unique planter. See more of it here!

35. Flower Pot Centerpiece

 DIY Planter Ideas

Enrich your flower pot by adding a tasteful candle for a delightful centerpiece. Learn more here!

36. DIY Gumboot Planters

Put those cute, colorful gumboots into good use for adorable planters. Here’s more of it!

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37. Gold Lettering Flower Pots

Glitter and white paint can really turn your pot into a creative, stylish piece. The DIY is here!

38. DIY Hat Planter

DIY Hat Planters

Hats of all shapes and designs can become true pieces of art for iconic planters. The DIY is here!

39. Remarkable Painted Can Planter Project

Old paint cans, painted in awesome styles can become remarkable planters at your home. Click here to see this DIY project!

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40. DIY Burlap Planter

A burlap planter is not only chic but is easy to make and very easy on your wallet. See the tutorial here!

41. Used Tire Planter

Old tire painted in all manner of colors make for alluring planters. Learn more here!

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42. DIY Chandelier Planter

There is nothing more spectacular than a colorful up-cycled chandelier, and the plants growing in it makes it more special. See the tutorial here!

43. DIY Hedgehog Planter

A funny hedgehog planter for your garden adds some life. The tutorial is here!

44. DIY Chair Planter Ideas

Old chairs should not be thrown out just yet; make awesome planters. See more old chair planter ideas here!

45. Chalkboard Planter

Turn your pots into versatile chalkboard planters through painting. The how-to is here!

46. Wood Bark Planter

Transform an ordinary pot into a rustic wood planter by gluing on some bark.

47. Collander Planter

Colanders make for excellent planters because they let your plants breathe in addition to being highly stylish and unique.

48. DIY Dinosaurus Planter

You do not have to buy a pricey dino planter because you can create your very own. Here’s how to do this!

49. DIY Aged Planter

If you love vintage flower pots, here is how you can create your own antique planter. The DIY is here!

50. Cute DIY Flowerpots

Consider cute kawaii pot designs and have lots of fun. The more of it is here!

51. DIY Pallet Boat Planter

Add a marine feel to your space by creating boat planters easily as shown. Click here to see the tutorial!

52. Wooden Wheelbarrow Planter

Make a fun wooden wheelbarrow that can be revamped into an exciting planter. Learn more here!

53. DIY Water Trough Planter

Do not dismiss an old metallic water trough; it makes for an excellent planter. Click here to see more.

54. DIY Clothespin Planter

Clothe-pins can be used dynamically to give you an exceptional planter. Click here to see the DIY!

55. Modern Concrete Planter

Modern pavers can be given a new lease on life making them ideal planters. Learn more here!

56. DIY Succulent Frame

For vertical display, framed planters can be an amazing addition. Learn more here!

57. DIY Tuna Can Planter

Old tuna cans can be used to create planters. Learn more here!

58. DIY Concrete Planter

Create concrete planters with a twist for optimal ambiance. The DIY tutorial is here to follow!

59. DIY Pineapple Planter

Employ organic shapes to create a fruity pineapple planter. The step by step tutorial is here!

60. DIY Purse Planter

Your stylish purse or bag can be made into an awesome planter for a brilliant display of plants. The step by step article is here!

61. DIY Brass Planter

Transform a PVC drain cap into a classy chic brass planter. One of the most appealing DIY planter ideas to follow. Learn more here!

62. Sea Shell Planter

Shells can be used to create a thoughtful garden masterpiece and a delightful planter. Learn more here!

63. Cardboard Planter

Use cardboard to make for alluring colorful planters. See more of it here!

64. Vertical Planter

Shoe organizers can be used to create wonderful planters, a great idea for those with limited space. Visit Instructables to learn more!

65. Wood Chevron Planter Box

A chevron wood box is all you need to tap into the wonders of artistic planters. Learn more here!

66. DIY Textured Planter

DIY Textured Planter

Make textured planters using wine corks and tasteful paint colors. Click here to see the DIY project!

67. Milk Carton Planter

A milk carton wrapped in linen will make for a unique piece that will add great decor to your space. The DIY is here!

68. Paint Dripping Planter

Earthenware can be so aesthetically appealing, and dripping some paint can make them look excellent. The more of it is here!

69. Handmade Clay Pots

Using clay, you can make all manner of shapes to create your own creative planters. Here’s more of it!

70. Vertical Tie Planter

It may actually sound absurd, but ties can become planters too. Learn more here!

71. DIY Animal Planter

A plastic container in shape of an animal can be used creatively to grow plants. The DIY is here!

72. DIY Twig Planter

Twigs from your garden can be tailored to create a rustic planter worth your while. See the DIY post here!

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73. DIY Jeans Planter

An old pair of jeans can make for a unique outdoor planter. It is great fun to do as well. See more DIY jeans uses in the garden!

74. DIY Hand Planter

Those who love quirky themes can create planter hands from some materials for that memorable decor. See more of it here!

75. Hanging Tire Planter

A single hanging old car tire can make for an adorable outdoor planter. The more of it is here!

76. Plastic Bottle Planter

Plastic bottles are highly versatile, and this is just one more unique idea to consider. Click here to see the project!

77. Egg Shell Planter

Egg shells are an Eco-friendly way to create seedling pots. See more of it here!

78. DIY Letter Planter

Celebrate letters by creating letter planters in a thoughtful manner. Here’s the tutorial!

79. Tea Party Theme Garden

Carry a tea party theme by using your cups in your garden planter. Visit the HGTV to learn more!

80. DIY Front Porch Planter

Make a classy gold-dipped front porch planter for an alluring ambiance. The tutorial is here!

81. Wooden Tree Stump Planter

Nothing celebrates nature more than a wooden tree stump planter for your decor. See the DIY project here!

82. DIY Vertical Planter

There are so many Vertical Planter Ideas to follow, and one of them is this– Click here to see the tutorial.

83. DIY Brick Planter Box

DIY Brick Planter Box

Use red bricks make raised beds like brick planters. Here’s the how-to!

84. DIY Hanging Planter

Hanging planters can be an exciting addition to any space and this is a DIY you need to follow to have them.

85. Recycled Tire

Old tires can be shaped into adorable planters as shown here.

86. Chandelier Planter

Consider planting trailing plants in a chandelier for a unique twist.

87. Dresser Planter

If you have an old dresser, transform the outdoors or indoors by creating an incredible planter out of it. Learn more here!

88. Toy Truck Planter

Toy trucks come in different shapes and sizes. Make colorful planters using toys. Click here to see the tutorial!

89. DIY Self Watering Planter

If you have milk jugs, make self-watering planters out of them. Visit Instructables to see the tutorial!

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90. Light Bulb Planter (Vase)

Have a light bulb moment by creating a tasteful hanging planter (actually a vase) as guided here.

91. DIY River Stone Planter

DIY River Stone Planter

Utilize river stones for something stylish, tutorial is available at the Instructables.

92. Basketball Planter

Basketball Planter

An old basketball or anything that contains soil is all you need to grow your plants in.

93. Football Planter

Football Planter

If you prefer soccer, choose football instead of basketball. See many more ideas like this here!

94. Toilet Planter

Toilet Planter idea

Never limit creativity, you can even create a toilet planter. Learn more at Thrifty Fun!

95. Alarm Clock Planter

Use an alarm clock to create a rustic planter that will impress. The more of it is here!

96. Vintage Planter

If you have a vintage radio, turn it into a planter. The tutorial is available here!

97. Keyboard Planter

Keyboard Planter Idea

If you have a discarded keyboard, use it too. Learn more here!

98. CRT Monitor Planter

Those old, ancient CRT monitors are of no use and if you’ve got them, do this.

99. Water Can Planter

Planter Idea diy

An old watering can become a planter too. If you’ve doubts, see the tutorial!

100. DIY Bathtub Planter

A bath tub is yet another idea to consider. There are many ways to make this planter as shown. For more inspiration, click here.

101. Bra Planter

Believe it or not, your old bra can make for a good planter too. This idea is available here!

102. Tiered Raised Garden Bed Planter

This garden bed will look great at the corner of a garden. For details, click here.

103. Ikea Fniss Modern Planter

Get a beautiful black planter from IKEA and grow your favorite ferns in it!

104. Fresh Herb Planter

This planter is easy to make and this way, you can grow plentiful herbs in a limited space. Details are here!

105. Rolling Planter with Fabric

Wrap an upholstery fabric or faux leather around your old pot to give it a completely new look! Details are here.

106. Metallic Geometric Planters


Scrap cardboard and copper contact paper are all you need for this DIY to transform the look of your old pots!

107. Disco Ball Hanging Planter

Add a lot of bling to trailing plants by growing them in this disco ball planter!

108. Hanging Wall Planters

These hanging wall planters are great for succulents and spider plants. Click here to get all the information about making them.

109. Plant Hanger with Ceramic Bowls

All you need are some ceramic bowls, rope, ruler, and wood ring along with few other supplies to make this one easily.

110. 3D Planter

This 3D planter can be a great addition to coffee tables and you can make it easily using polymer clay, clay blade with bake, and bond glue.

111. Braided Tee Planter

Using some old shirts, a flower pot, and a glue gun, you will be able to make this one very easily!

112. 80’s Style Memphis Planter

These colorful Memphis-style planters can instantly add a pop of color to your houseplants! Click here for details.

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