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28 Cheap & Easy DIY Solar Light Projects For Home & Garden

These DIY Solar Light Projects are inexpensive and easy to follow and can beautify your home and garden at night in no time.

1. Recycled Solar Light Lamp

Transform the old lamp in your store into a classy outdoor element beside the walkway. To see the tutorial, click here!

2. DIY Sun Jar

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

This DIY solar light project requires mason jars, and you’ll find many more DIYs below requiring mason jars. Visit Instructables to see the tutorial.

3. DIY Glowing Orbs

DIY Glowing Orbs

This glowing orbs project is incredible; it can make your outdoor space appear magical in the night. The DIY post is available at The Art of Doing Stuff! They didn’t use solar lights, but you can replace the conventional lights with them.

4. Bottle Tree Art

Bottle Tree Art

Are you looking for the perfect way to add some outdoor accent lighting to your landscape? This Bottle Tree art is one of the trendy ideas for patio and urban gardens this spring. Visit Fresh Patio to learn more!

5. Solar Bottle Tops with Wire LED

Solar Bottle Tops with Wire LED

This solar lantern kit has a bottle top with 3 short LED light strings attached. The kit provides a maximum of 5 hours of solar lighting.  One of its kind of tutorial is available here.

6. DIY Solar Light Chandelier

Image Credit: Garden Therapy

Do this project in no time with a few common materials and then let your imagination run wild in decorating it. Hang it up somewhere where it will catch the light and enjoy watching it shine. Click here to see the tutorial.

7. Solar Jack-o-Lantern Lights

If you love putting candles in pumpkins during Halloween, then this is a great idea. The solar Jack-o-Lantern will charge all day in the sun and automatically turn on once it’s dark. Click here to see the DIY article.

8. DIY Lamp Shade

Make a stunning lamp shade out of twigs that you can find for free and a few other supplies. The step by step tutorial is here! Then once the glue has dried, burst the balloon and slowly pull out the pieces.

9. Make Your Clay Pot Lighthouse Lights

This is a simple leisure project to do with your loved ones. Gather all the basic supplies such as clay pots, solar light, and paint. Visit eBay to see the DIY post.

10. Outdoor Décor with Fairy Lanterns

The concept of using fairy lanterns in your home is hugely exciting. A fairy lantern is a handmade item made with a Mason jar, a fitted handle, and a solar lid. One of its kind of tutorial is here!

11. DIY Outdoor Solar Lighting

Cut old pieces of wood to the desired lengths and bring this easy DIY solar light project to your home. Visit HomeTalk to find more about this idea.

12. Transform Old Mason Jars to Beautiful Solar Lights

Mason jars can be very versatile; we already posted about the DIY Mason Jar Ideas for Garden. This is one of the easiest DIY solar light projects to follow!

13. Repurposed Solar Accent Light

Repurposed accent light is perfect when sitting on the patio or balcony at night. The estimated cost is around 3$; the project uses materials such as glass rocks, a solar path light, and a decorative wide-mouth glass. Learn more at Dollar Store Crafts

14. Turn the Ordinary into Extraordinary; Solar Address Sign

Make use of the old solar light kit and a lantern and your normal home address into something that instantly spruces up your home. Other materials you need include self-adhesive record numbers, an opaque, and shelf liner. Visit The Seasonal Home to see the tutorial.

15. Make DIY Solar Light Chandelier

This DIY solar light chandelier can improve the appearance of your outdoor seating space. The step by step tutorial is available at the Home Jelly!

16. Beach Glass Solar Lights

Make these tiny seaside worlds with just a few materials, then bask in the cool glow as the beach glass comes to life at night. Visit Garden Therapy to see the tutorial.

17. DIY Outdoor Solar Lighting using Rope Solar Light and Rustic Wire

This is a simple project; a path light wrapped in wire and hung with the help of a 15-inch rope. It is also very easy to replace the light when needed since it is held by the spring tension.

18. Solar Light Planter

Allow the color of blossoming plants to come alive at night too by introducing DIY solar light planter. With just a few common materials you can complete this project.

19. Miniature Fairy Solar Jars

If you adore fairy houses, then you are going to love these gorgeous little jars that brighten up in the dark. A helpful tutorial is available here.

20. Repurposed Candleholder Solar Light Centerpiece

An old candleholder, adhesive and solar light is used to make this attractive solar light centerpiece Visit Practips to see the tutorial.

21. Gorgeous and Repurposed Mason Jar Luminaries

Mason jar projects are easy, and you can make perfect lighting centerpieces out of them without spending a lot of money. For this DIY project, you will need a solar jar lid, tea light candles, mason jars, glass gems and hot glue. Visit Mom Spark to see more of it!

22. Decorative Spooky Solar Milk Containers

This DIY project is perfect for Halloween decorations. Turn these milk jugs into scary ghosts that lit up in the dark. Here’s more of it!

23. DIY Solar Light Flower Stand

Make this DIY solar light flower stand from your unused garden supplies. Easy to make and attractive, check out the DIY post at Simply Southern Mom!

24. Rustic Charming Tin Can Solar Lamp

Follow this budget-friendly idea if you want to bring a rustic charm to your space. Hang the tin can lantern from the ceiling or trees. The tutorial is here!

25. DIY Solar Bottle Light

Try this DIY Solar Bottle Light idea to light up the corners of your garden. This cheap project requires plastic bottles. See more of it at Instructables!

26. Frosted Solar Mushroom

Frosted Solar Mushroom

This solar lit garden mushroom can decorate your garden both day and night. To learn how to do this project, click here!

27. DIY Multicolored Mason Jar Solar Lights

Create these beautiful, cute looking multicolored lights in no time from unused mason jars following the tutorial available here.

28. How to Make a Splendid Chandelier using Ball Mason Jars

It is not difficult to make a chandelier like this from ball mason jars. View the step by step tutorial at Instructables.

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These DIY Solar Light Projects are inexpensive and easy to follow and can beautify your home and garden at night in no time.


  1. These solar light projects are great.

    However when everyone is purchasing solar light stakes and removing the stakes only to use the light portion it seems like we are mostly left with recycling the stakes.

    Just a reminder that recycling is not free. It cost $ and resources. It is good only to the point of necessity.

    Purchasing part of a product that is just going to recycling seems unnecessary if not wasteful.

    Have we no sources to purchase just the solar parts and not the stakes?

    If anyone does then please shout that out!

    And please advertise those sources at both the top and bottom of this site.

    Happy lighting and happy creativity can also take pride in smart resourcefulness.

    Just a thoughtful suggestion.

  2. Where I live the lights cost a dollar I didn’t get a plastic stake with them…. but really ….they are so cute gonna suggest daughter look at the ideas for her wedding thanks

  3. When it comes to adding special features to the garden, don’t automatically assume that they’re out of your budget. Garden water features in particular are a very cost effective decorative addition to the garden, and it’s perfectly possible to find a decent water feature, with integrated lighting, for cheap. Water features don’t use much electricity either, and some are solar powered.


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