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20 DIY Closed Terrarium Ideas | How to Make a Closed Terrarium

Small and covered Terrariums are great for decoration and gardening in tight spaces! Here are some low-maintenance DIY Closed Terrarium Ideas!

Plants bring a new lease of life indoors. If you are running low on space but still want to grow them, these DIY Closed Terrarium Ideas are going to be a perfect choice. They not only serve as ornamental pieces but also allow you to grow plants in a creative and fun way!

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DIY Closed Terrarium Ideas!

1. Terrarium Basics

DIY Closed Terrarium Ideas

Grow your favorite plants in a container to have a green space in your house. There is no limitation as to what you can use as a container. It can be anything glass with a lid! Visit  Nerdy With Children to see the detailed article.

2. Glass Jar Terrarium

Have a heritage glass jar? This closed terrarium idea could be an ornamental add-on to your indoor garden. Follow this DIY to know more.

3. Beautiful DIY Terrarium

DIY Closed Terrarium Ideas 2

For a closed terrarium, you should choose plants that like moist and humid surrounding. Get a closed container, pebbles, activated charcoal, and plants and follow here.

4. Terrarium Guide

Click here to seek through a detailed article for maintaining a terrarium; open or close! This guide has everything in detail you need to know before DIYing a terrarium.

5. DIY Closed Terrarium

DIY Closed Terrarium Ideas 3

Containers change but the steps remain the same for creating a terrarium. Experiment with the decoration using fairy ornaments or other little figurines! The tutorial is here.

6. How-to Terrarium

This basic DIY tutorial teaches you to create a terrarium in containers with a lid.

7. Basics of Closed Terrariums

DIY Closed Terrarium Ideas 4

Learn the basics of creating and perpetuating a closed terrarium with this guide by Instructables.

8. Bottle Terrarium

Glass bottles filled with plants can be a beguiling centerpiece or a gift favor! Watch this tutorial for more information.

9. Easy DIY Closed Terrarium

DIY Closed Terrarium Ideas 5

DIY this closed terrarium with this article here. You can use it as a centerpiece near your entryway. It’s easy and fun to do.

10. Concrete Tree Slice

Use a mariner’s lamp and DIY a concrete base to create a closed terrarium with a unique touch. Although the idea is to put a pot and succulent, you can advance it to be a terrarium instead.

11. DIY Terrarium Necklace

DIY Closed Terrarium Ideas 6

Find a mini terrarium necklace in your nearest local store and get doing this artistic DIY. Once you have all the supplies ready, it’s absolutely easy to recreate this idea.

12. Coffee Pot Terrarium

This tiny terrarium gives the visual illusion of an ocean in a nutshell. All you need to have is a coffee pot, air plants, white sand, moss, river rocks, and decoration. Find it here.

13. Mason Jar Succulent

DIY Closed Terrarium Ideas 7

Transform mason jars into terrarium gardens. The blogger has used faux succulents but you can use the real ones for an open terrarium and other plants for closed ones. Put on the lid of the mason jar for a closed vessel terrarium. Get the How-to here.

14.  Light Bulb Terrarium


This light bulb terrarium is not just eco-friendly but easy too. Pair plants of different colors and texture to make it even more appealing. The tutorial is here.

15. DIY Terrarium Christmas Ornament

DIY Closed Terrarium Ideas 8

Don’t let that Christmas glass ornament orb sit idle in the box! Use it creatively to grow moss and small twigs. Once completed, you can hang it anywhere and let people admire your creation!

16. DIY Terrarium Place Holder

Another DIY to grow moss in a Clear Glass Ornament and then putting it on a mason jar’s lid, using the latter as a stand. To enhance its look further, you can also put crepe paper flowers.

17. Green Glass Jar Planter

DIY Closed Terrarium Ideas 9

Using a medium-sized, green glass jar, you can grow pilea and different colored fittonia plants. Fill the jar with pebbles at the bottom to add to the look.

18. Mini Tree Inside Jars

Planting mini artificial trees inside a glass jar with moss can be a great tabletop idea! Being artificial, the trees are never going to require any maintenance while the moss’s easy to care nature will ensure it keeps on looking lush green!

19. Small Lightbulb Terrarium

DIY Closed Terrarium Ideas 10

Want to craft something interesting? If you love machinery and like the industrial look of things, then this minimalistic DIY is for you! You can easily grow moss, bean sprouts, or forget-me-nots in it.

20. DIY Square Bottle Terrarium

Great to put on deck or patio railings, these Square Bottle Terrariums are fun to make. Fill the jars with small rocks and pebbles to weigh them down and put your favorite succulents inside! It can also be a great nature center project for kids.


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