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These 21 DIY IKEA Hacks will show you how to turn some of the most common Ikea products into plant-related items to use in Garden and Home.

From all the amazing products in your Ikea store, you’re going to search those most that are used in these 21 DIY Ikea Garden Hacks.

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1. Transform Ikea Frosta Stool into Plant Shelves

diy pair cute plant shelves

Cut IKEA Frosta Stool in two, make a hole in the center to fit your pot, and attach the legs to the semi-circle to work as shelf brackets. The steps are here.

2. Make Solar Pathway Lights Using Droppar Jars

ikea garden hacks

Wrap a PVC pipe with solar string lights and encase them in a Droppar jar with the lid on. You now have a modern pathway light that won’t be affected by rain and could be easily moved as needed. To get more details and directions, click here.

3. Leather Belt Hanging Planter

Use old leather belts as a hanger to hold Ikea asker containers and hang them in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom. The website Ikea Hackers has the tutorial.

4. Window Herb Garden

Window Herb Garden

This is a nice Ikea hack to try, perfect for urban apartment dwellers. Use a tension rod to hang your herb pots. Find more about this here.

5. Convert a Lantern into a Terrarium

Create a trendy terrarium of your own by using an IKEA candle lantern like this. The how-to article is here.

6. IKEA Cart Succulent Garden

Convert an adorable Ikea cart into a movable succulent planter with the help of this tutorial here.

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7. Repurpose a Plastic Shopping Bag Holder into a Strawberry Planter

Repurpose an Ikea plastic shopping bag holder into a vertical strawberry planter in minutes. Get the tutorial here

8. Ikea Tradig Made into a Planter

diy ikea hacks

Think out of the box and convert a simple IKEA fruit wire ball into a planter using coconut shell liner and plants. The project is here.

9. Ikea Lack Table Made into an Amazing Vertical Succulent Planter

 IKEA Hacks For Plant Growers

One of the brilliant Ikea garden hacks, a lack table turned into an amazing vertical planter centerpiece. Visit Craftberry Bush for the tutorial.

10. Serving Bowl Made into a Tripod Succulent Planter

 IKEA Hacks For Plant Grower diy

For this, you’ll need a serving bowl from IKEA, wooden peg legs, little hardware, and planting supplies. Fasten the peg legs to the bowl and root in your plants, that’s it. You can also use faux plants if you like. The detailed How-to is here.

11. Modern Ikea Plant Stand

Glue wood plates on top of the Ikea PS Plant Stand to recreate this modern wood plant stand. This is a fantastic way to give your indoor decor a contemporary touch without investing much. We found the idea here.

12. Ikea DRAGAN Box Transformed into a Succulent Planter

One of the simplest IKEA hacks till now, you only have to plant succulents in an Ikea DRAGAN box, and that’s it! To learn more, click here.

13. Vertical Wall Garden

Vertical Wall Garden ikea hacks

That’s a great DIY, cover up the ugly wall of your patio, rooftop or balcony with Ikea wooden panels and hang inexpensive Ikea socker pots. Utilize that vertical space smartly. The step by step tutorial is here.

14. Ikea Wine Bottle Holder Changed into a Herb Garden

This Ikea wine bottle holder herb planter project is already popular, but you can’t miss it when it comes to Ikea plant hacks. Get the detailed tutorial at Curbly.

15. IKEA Rug Planter

For this project, use any fabric or rug you have that fits well into the basket. In her case, she used the Ikea Signe Rug. Check out the tutorial at Liz Marie Blog.

16. DIY a Camping Sink from a Laundry Bag

Make use of a JÄLL laundry bag to design a DIY sink for your next camping adventure. Take inspiration from here.

17. Ikea Basket Turned into a Two-Toned DIY Planter

Such an easy idea, Kathryn from House of Hawkes turned a waterproof woven Ikea basket into a planter for her fiddle leaf fig.

18. DIY Totem Planter

DIY ikea hacks Totem Planter

To make this planter, 4 Ikea bowls are glued and arranged on top of each other. How? Find it out here in this tutorial.

19. Colorful Kitchen Herb Garden

To complete this colorful indoor herb garden project, you’ll need Ikea socker plants pots with stands. A Beautiful Mess has the tutorial.

20. Make an Inexpensive Ikea Lantern a Hanging Planter

ikea hacks

Ikea’s TOPPIG lantern made into a hanging planter. Visit Apartment Therapy to see the steps.

21. Modern Flower Pot from a Ceiling Lamp

ikea garden hacks

An Ikea ceiling lamp made into a modern planter. Get the details here.

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