14 Fabulous Upcycled Indoor Garden Ideas

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Want to grow an indoor garden from upcycled items at your home? Learn about these 14 Indoor Garden Ideas!

1. Magnetic Cork Garden

Magnet Cork Garden

These cork planters are so cool to look at and great for planting succulents and other tiny plants. You can use them to decorate your home! Make these eye-catching magnetic planter and attach them to your fridge or other metallic objects. Check out the tutorial on snapguide.

2. Rusty Toy Truck Planter

toy truck indoor garden

If you have got an old rusty toy create this planter. You can plant succulents and other small indoor plants in a toy truck and keep that in a spot where it’ll receive some bright light, a windowsill would be perfect. It’s a lovely way to upcycle old toys!

3. Rustic Metal Succulent Garden

Rustic Matel Succulant Garden

You can grow plants in many things and a rustic metal planter box is one of the nicest indoor gardening ideas to try. Plant some good-looking houseplants or succulents and keep that planter box on a tabletop. It’ll look great!

4. Self Watering Soda Bottle Planter

Self Watering Soda Bottle Planter

This is a great DIY project for beginners and only requires minimal supplies. A soda bottle self-watering planter like this can be a boon for the gardeners who forget to water their plants. Here is the tutorial.

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5. Tea Cup Herb Garden


Grow a herb garden in vintage teacups that you no longer use. Not only it will look good but this way you will be able to  grow your own herbs. Learn more about this at TheBowerbirdstories

6. Pallet Herb Garden

indoor garden

Make a hanging Indoor Vertical Garden with recycled pallets. Besides this, there are so many other things you can do with pallets, read our post to find out more. See the tutorial at beersnbeans.

7. Hanging Vertical Herb Garden


Small, painted cans are perfect for growing herbs. Paint them in whatever colors suit your style. Via: Upcycledstuff

8. Mason Jar Planter

Mason Jar Planter

You can grow plants in mason jars. A succulent, a herb or any other indoor plant that don’t grow much would be perfect. See more about mason jar planters!

9. Vintage Tea Pots & Pitcher Indoor Planters

vintage tea pot garden

This is such an unorthodox way to repurpose those old beautiful pieces, it’ll make a real statement in your home and kitchen. More on it here.

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10. Clothespin Planters


These clothespin planters are a unique way to display your herb collection or other plants and repurpose old wooden clothespins. Get the instructions here.

11. Chalkboard Planting Pots for Indoor Garden

Chalkboard Planter

Make these adorable labels on your indoor garden and give your old pots a new look. This is really a quick and simple project and doesn’t require any skill. You can easily make these cute chalkboard labels on old jars, crates, and storage boxes. Here is the tutorial.

12. DIY White Washed Wine Crate Window Box

White Washed Wine Crate, Turned Into A Window Box

If you’re a DIY person, you’ll love making this wooden indoor planter, made from a wine crate. So get ready with your old wine crate and tools. Tutorial here.

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13. Cinder Block Potting Bench for Indoor Garden

Want to grow an indoor garden from upcycled items at your home? Learn about these 14 Indoor Garden Ideas!

All you have to do is to place two cinder blocks at required distance and place the wooden plank on top of them, then repeat the steps to create a multi-level plant holder. Then place the pots on top of wooden planks. You can also secure the wood to the blocks with adhesive for extra stability.

14. Ladder planter


A ladder can be a nice addition to any limited space, on this you can grow a lot of plants. Here’s one of its kind tutorial for you to look at!

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Want to grow an indoor garden from upcycled items at your home? Learn about these 14 Indoor Garden Ideas!

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