18 (FREE) DIY Crochet Plant Hanger Patterns

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If you love growing plants, and if you love CROCHETING, this post is made for you. Find out the 18 DIY Crochet Plant Hanger Patterns for [FREE]!

1. Macrame Cord Straps


Use macrame cord to make a crochet plant hanger. Even if you are not introduced to crocheting, you can learn the simple chain stitch. The tutorial is available here!

2. Crochet Plant Holder

Combine crochet doily and embroidery floss to create this pretty (or prettiest) plant holder for your mini succulent pot. Follow this tutorial to make one for yourself.

3. Crochet Planter Sack

Crochet Planter Sack

Use your crocheting skills to DIY a planter sack for your plants! Follow the directions here.

4. Free Crochet Hanging Basket Pattern

Give your ordinary indoor pot a decorative touch by creating a crochet basket. Find the free crochet plant hanger pattern at Repeat Crafter Me!

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5. Crochet Planter Hanger

Crochet Planter Hanger

Make a beautiful turquoise (or any of your favorite color) crochet plant holder by doing a few slip stitches. Get the tutorial here.

6. Autumn Leaves Crochet Plant Hanger

This multipurpose mason jar hanger has 8 crochet leaves in different shades of autumn. You can use this as a candle holder, plant holder, your choice! We found the idea here.

7. Shells Plant Hanger

Shells Plant Hanger

If you are skillful at crocheting, you will be able to complete this project in a couple of hours. Get the free pattern here.

8. Hanging Window Planter

Simply attach twine or embroidery floss straps to any crochet doily to make a planter hanger out of mini plastic containers. Here is the idea.

9. Cute DIY Plant Hanger

Cute DIY Plant Hanger

Create little plant hangers like this for your porch or balcony garden with this tutorial. It is cute and you can even use it as a coffee snuggy!

10. Keychain Crochet Hanger

Use keychain ring and crochet yarn to complete this simple plant hanger idea. Get the details here.

11. Planter Hanger

All the crochet planters are more or less the same except the patterns and techniques! Play with the patterns to create your unique hanger. The instructions are here.

12. Crochet Pot Holder

Make this beautiful crochet pot holder for your plants. To hang it, attach twine to the top of the holder. Find the crochet plant hanger free pattern here.

13. Crochet Plant Hanger

Crochet Plant Hanger

Make this crochet plant hanger for yourself using cotton yarn and crochet hooks. Follow the pattern here.

14. Macrame Inspired Crochet Plants Hangers

This project is surely similar to many of the DIYs above. However, you can use your creativity to make it more different. Watch the tutorial video here.

15. Crochet Plant Hanger

Grow your favorite plants in a pot that has been covered with pretty crochet patterns. The directions are here.

16. Easy Crochet Plant Hanger

This crochet planter hanger is very basic and easy to complete. We found the project here.

17. Houseplant Clipping Plant Hanger

Upcycle cute little glass jars to give a more pretty and effective touch to your porch or garden. The tutorial is here to follow.

18. Finger Knit Hanging Plant Holder

Finger Knit Hanging Plant Holder

With all of these crochet planter hanger ideas, you can actually create an amazing crochet hanger garden, indoor or outdoor! The DIY for this idea is available here.

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  1. These are great! I’m newer to gardening and have found I have a green thumb. I also have lots of cats… so I can’t have any plants in my house because they eat them all! These should solve my dilemma. Now they will be occupied all day trying to figure out how to eat them while hanging!


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