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Check out the Best Upcycled Trellis Ideas for Garden and use them to train climbing plants with ease. You can also use them on a patio and balcony!

These Trellis Ideas for Garden are perfect for trailing plants! Use them to decorate any part of your yard stylishly!

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Cool Trellis Ideas for Garden

1. Wagon Wheel

 Trellis Ideas for Garden

Follow this idea if you want no work trellis. All you need is to find a wagon wheel.

2. Bamboo Trellis


Visit OBN to check out the step-by-step tutorial on a DIY bamboo trellis.

3. Bicycle Wheel Trellis

 Trellis Ideas for Garden 2

For making a trellis-like structure as depicted in the image, you’ll need to tie the end of the wheels to each other and two supports.

For the second idea, you will need only one support to tie the center of the wheel.

4. Rustic Trellis

diy rustic trellis

Make rustic-looking trellises out of twigs and branches. See tutorials on One Hundred Dollars A Month and Birds & Blooms.

5. Woven Branches Trellis

garden trellis from branches

Make sturdy woven branches trellises for your garden. Visit Mother Earth News for better insight.

6. Ladder Trellis

ladder trellis

A no work trellis idea to create an attractive trellis. All you need to do is place an old ladder near a vine or climber and train your plants on it.

7. Old Doors as Trellis

old doors as trellis

Use old doors or frames as a trellis to support your plants. A unique idea to follow.

8. Chandelier Trellis

diy chandelier trellis

On Eclecticallyvintage.com, Kelly used an old chandelier to support a morning glory vine. Take a look.

9. Headboard Trellis

headboard trellis

A clever way to reuse old metal headboards and give your garden a rustic look.

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10. Obelisk Trellis

diy trellis

Only 10$ and you can make a trellis-like this. A concise and helpful post is available here.

11. Old Garden Tools Trellis

garden tools trellis

Old garden tools can be used to support plants in the garden. This is a very unique and cool idea to follow.

12. Hanger Trellis

 Trellis Ideas for Garden 88

Sybil Alfano created this great DIY trellis out of an old coat rack. Follow the link to get the instructions.

13. Garden Fence Trellis

garden fence trellis 2

If you have got a few extra wooden garden fences, you can simply make a trellis from them.

14. Crib Trellis

 Trellis Ideas for Garden 29

Such an economical way to obtain a trellis for your garden! Collect crib sides and use them as a trellis to support your plants. This will look unique too. Read more on this here.

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15. Pallet Trellis

small garden trellis ideas

We all know how useful wood pallets are. You can even make a pallet trellis. A tutorial is available on Instructables.

16. Raised Bed and Trellis

 Trellis Ideas for Garden 30

Improve the productivity of your garden with a raised bed like this and an attached trellis. See the step-by-step post here.

17. Window Frame Trellis

window frame trellis

This window frame makes an eye-catching trellis in the garden. To learn how to make this, read the tutorial on BHG.

18. Trellis from Bike Wheels

 Trellis Ideas for Garden 15

Reuse old bike rims and create this simple-looking trellis by following this DIY here.

19. Mattress Springs Trellis

Cool Trellis Designs For Gardens 19

This super easy idea will provide you with a beautiful trellis, lean the mattress springs opposite the fence and connect with zip ties and wire.

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20. Repurposed Clothesline Trellis

 Trellis Ideas for Garden 18

This cost-saving trellis idea is quite easy to make. Use twine to let the plants climb and hang the twine from an old clothesline.

21. Curtain Rod Wall Trellis

Cool Trellis Designs For Gardens 21

Create a cross arrangement of used old curtain rods, and fix it on the outer wall.

22. Metal Umbrella Teepee

 Trellis Ideas for Garden 19

Take a metal patio umbrella, and cut away the fabric. Use it to train trailing plants or flowers.

23. Closet Organizer Trellis

Cool Trellis Designs For Gardens 23

Old metal closet organizers can be used in the garden as a trellis. Train your climbing vines on it.

24. Tree Branch Trellis

 Trellis Ideas for Garden 20

This zero-cost trellis can be a super fun DIY! Get sturdy branches, and create a teepee or a frame to attach twine or chicken wire. Train plants or vegetables on it.

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  1. I have found this gorgeous wagon wheel for sale and I am not sure what to do with it. The garden trellis idea is great and very resourceful. My fiance and I would love to have this as part of our garden decor, thanks!

  2. These upcycled trellis ideas are not only creative but also eco-friendly, providing an opportunity to repurpose old materials and add character to your garden space.


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