Gardens That Move | 22 DIY Mobile Garden Ideas That Are Totally Ingenious

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Create a Moveable Garden that will be totally portable with these 22 DIY Mobile Garden Ideas! Perfect for small space gardeners and those who want to adjust the sun and shade.

1. Wooden Outdoor Planter On Wheels

moving garden

At Tidy Mom, the blogger Jessica shares how she made a wooden outdoor planter on wheels. You can also use it as an indoor planter. Some woodworking and painting are required. But, overall, it’s not that difficult.

2. Edible Moveable Garden

Edible Moveable Garden

This moveable garden was made out of cages, casters, scrap wood, some outdoor fabric, and of course, the edible plants like carrots, radishes, and spinach. You can also do the same, following the tutorial at the Instructables.

3. Mobile Garden For Summer

Mobile Garden For SummerBuilt from offcuts of wood, this DIY mobile garden is perfect for moving your crops to and fro when it’s too much shady or sunny, to other parts of the garden. We found the idea here.

4. Portable Raised Bed Garden

A raised bed that can move, not only that, it has trellises to support vegetables like tomatoes. Make an edible raised bed like this on your patio. Find the PDF of this project here.

5. Planter On Wheels

mobile gardens idea

This planter can become a great addition to your courtyard, balcony or backyard. The steps are not difficult and nicely explained at the Bunnings. Grow vegetables in it or your favorite annuals.

6. Use Planter Caddies

If you’re not making a mobile planter, using planter caddies or wheel trays for large planters can be the option. It’s a smart idea for patio, rooftop, and balcony gardeners.

7. Build A Raised Garden Bed That Moves

Build A Raised Garden Bed That Moves

This raised bed planter is very aesthetic and looks expensive. However, it is made from old shipping pallets. An appealing look is given to it using old shutters. Casters are used to make it moveable.

8. DIY Mobile Garden

DIY Mobile Garden

This project is surely one of the best in this DIY Mobile Garden Ideas list. It requires some DIY and carpentry skills, if you’re not sure, take help of someone with good hands. The tutorial along with a video is available at a Dutch site here, but you can always translate!

9. Moveable Planter For Anywhere

Moveable Planter For Anywhere

The moveable planter like this can be a great asset for adding interest to the dull landscape. Any wooden box or container can be converted into a planter that moves using casters.

10. Rustic Wheelbarrow Garden Planter

A weekend DIY garden project that you can complete on one free day, this rustic wheelbarrow planter is moveable and made out of pallet woods. Watch the tutorial video here!

11. Mobile Elevated Garden Bed

Mobile Elevated Garden Bed

This mobile elevated garden bed can be very productive for growing vegetables in a small space. We found the idea here!

12. Rolling Herb Garden With Plant Markers

A kitchen cart transformed into a rolling herb garden to grow cooking herbs like sage, basil, rosemary, thyme, parsley, and cilantro as well as edible flowers. Find this article at This Little Street.

13. Mobile Veggie Garden

Mobile Veggie Garden

They could not create garden beds for growing vegetables in the sunniest part of their backyard as it was too close to the garage door, so they decided to create a moveable cart vegetable garden. Find the details of this DIY at the Instructables!

14. DIY Mobile Herb Planter

A functional DIY that can be completed in an hour. For this project, an unused wooden box was used, which was converted into a rolling planter to grow herbs. Click here for the tutorial.

15. Bicycle Window Box

The world is full of bizarre ideas, see this one–Bicycle Window Box for a cyclist on the move. Take inspiration from this idea to make yours.

16. S.O.S. Mobile Garden

S.O.S. Mobile Garden

The S.O.S. mobile garden can be made using any discarded shopping cart, suitcase, baby crib, etc.. It’s an excellent way to recycle! Find out more about this at Urban Gardens.

17. DIY Portable Garden

This article from the BHG shares more ideas on portable gardening and some useful information–“You can grow almost anything you would in the ground like green beans, cucumbers, eggplant, peas, corn, and much more in the portable garden.”

18. Moveable Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Moveable Indoor Hydroponic GardenCreate movable indoor hydroponic gardens using Ikea storage boxes. It is a great DIY project for apartment dwellers. Find more of it here.

19. Mobile Container Garden DIY

Mobile Container Garden DIY

Create a portable green space anywhere using galvanized metal trash cans and casters. This is the most suitable mobile garden project for people living in urban spaces. Find the step by step tutorial at the HGTV!

20. Modern Rolling Container

It’s one of the easiest DIY project possible–A rolling planter for your favorite plants. For this, get a galvanized tub and casters of your choice, gather some tools and start working. The steps are available here.

21. Pallet Vegetable Garden That Moves

At Easy Pallet Ideas, find out how the pallets are used to make this functional vegetable garden. You can plant shallow-rooted edibles like greens, radishes, and carrots in it. The best part is you can move it according to your convenience

22. Moveable Urban Greenhouse

Moveable Urban GreenhouseThis urban greenhouse is not only stylish and modern but functional as well. And, movable! It was made by a Danish designer, and the story was nicely covered on Urban Gardens.

22. DIY Oak Whiskey Half Barrel Planter with Casters

This DIY oak whiskey barrel planter will help you grow outdoor plants with ease and protect them from extreme temperatures by moving around the garden. Get the tutorial here.

22. Mobile Raised Bucket Garden

This way, you can easily move those heavy buckets around the garden before heavy rain or frost. Watch the tutorial here.

23. Rolling Planter Box

23. DIY Raised Planter Box Hidden Wheels


24. DIY Moveable Living Garden Wall

25. DIY Make A Portable Garden Bed

26. DIY Wooden Wheelbarrow in the Garden

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