25 DIY Garden Projects Made Out Of Junk Items

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It’s unbelievable to know that how many cool things you can make out of junk. These 25 DIY Garden Projects will make you believe this!

1. Bottle Cap Flower

These faux flowers can pop the spring enthusiasm in your garden for sure! Get some bottle caps, pliers, can lid, wire, and bamboo skewers, and take inspiration from here.

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2. Patio Chair Planter

Use the old iron chairs as planters by placing pots on the sitting section. For all the details on how to make one, click here.

3. Drawer Planter

Upcycle old drawers and some wooden boards to complete this drawer planter project for your porch or patio. Get more of it at Beyond The Picket Fence.

4. Ironing Board Lady

Transform a monotonous ironing board into this innovative and interesting garden art lady! Add a roasting pan to display some extra decoration or plants. Visit the Empress Of Dirt for this unique project.

5. Garden Tool Trellis

You can easily build this garden trellis for climbers with some old garden tools, jute twine, and scrap wood. Get the instructions at Hometalk.

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6. Washtub Planter

Old washtubs can be transformed like the way you see in the picture above. Get more details here.

7. Junk Decor

Visit Hometalk to get inspiration from Dana’s junk decor in her garden. This post will give you a lot of ideas on how to use old, rusty objects.

8. Vintage Kiddie Gym Swing Planter

This wooden kiddie gym swing is repurposed using a galvanized bucket, create an unexpected spot for displaying plants. Visit Organized Clutter to learn more.

9. Shovel Head Garden Art

If you have a spare old shovel in your store, you must create this garden art. Make a pattern on the head of the shovel with a stencil and stick it in your garden. Much better if it’s flanked by other vintage objects. Carlene from Organized Clutter did it.

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10. Cabinet Door Frame

Position old and rusty hardware onto a distressed cabinet door to imitate this wall art. Place some junk items near the cabinet door to style up your entryway. Click here for the tutorial. See more old door uses in the garden here.

Check out our article on DIYs to turn old plant cabinets into plant homes here

11. Vintage Planter

Cleverly transform a chicken feeder and a galvanized pail into aesthetic vintage planters! This too, comes from the Organized Clutter. Check out her website for more fun ideas.

12. Drawer Planter DIY

Display a repurposed drawer as a planter and garden table in your yard with faucets as the knobs. This post also features a wine box tutorial. Learn how to do it here.

13. Milk Can House Number Displayer

Spray paint the milk can with black, and make your house numbers on it with some white acrylic paint. Probably one the simplest and easiest DIY garden projects to make out of junk in this list.

14. Succulent Chair

Replace the chair seat with this chicken wire and coco liner basket to hold your succulent chair garden. We found the idea here.

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15. Toolbox Planter

Make toolboxes into cool flower planters like this. Clean the inside of the toolbox and fill it with soil and flowers. How easy, one of the cool things to make out of junk.

16. Amazing Shutter Planter

Attach wire basket to a shutter that has been sanded and painted over a few times with different colors. Try this DIY for yourself here.

17. Teapot Fountain

Decide a spot in your yard where you would love to display this huge masterpiece to flaunt your creativity. Look how Julee S made this teapot fountain at Hometalk.

Check out many DIY water fountain ideas in our post here.

18. Silverware Wind Chime

This idea comes from your kitchen–make a windchime with silverware and colander for your garden. Get the idea here.

19. Teapot Garden Feature

Catch the attention of every guest by displaying a whimsical and stylish garden feature. You’ll need garden stakes, teapot, cup and saucer, crystal prism, and a few other supplies to get started. The directions are here.

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20. Kettle Herb Garden

Plant a container herb garden in tea kettles to redo this one of the coolest DIY garden projects. We found the idea here.

21. Dragonfly Garden Decor

Bend and cut wires of a whisk to create a dragonfly and adjust it into your pot using wire skewers. If you find it interesting enough, visit Pretty Handy Girl.

22. Garden Art Mushrooms

Spray paint a few bowls with the visuals of a mushroom and fix them to some logs. That’s all you need to do for this project.

23. Turn a Chandelier into a Bird Feeder or Planter

If you’ve got an old chandelier, turn it into a bird feeder or planter. The bird feeder DIY is here. To make a chandelier planter, click here.

24. DIY Flower Art

Make a bottle cap flower art with the help of a tutorial available at Crafts by Amanda. Also, check out 7 more flower art ideas from recycled materials here.

25. Tin Can Herb Planters

Don’t get rid of old tin cans. Instead of that, use them in your garden. Try this tin can herb planter project here.

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