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21 Warm DIY Tabletop Fire Bowl (Fire Pit) Ideas For Small Spaces

You can create your own nice little fire pits that are warm, portable and suitable for urban dwellers, following these 21 DIY Tabletop Fire Bowl Ideas!

1. Personal Tabletop Firepit

Visit The Art of Doing Stuff to learn how to make a fire pit that is cheap and perfect for your seating space.

2. DIY Concrete Tiki Torch

On Modern Builds, watch the tutorial of this Concrete Tiki Torch, perfect for your patio or picnic table!

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3. DIY Concrete Fire Bowl Project

 Tabletop Fire Bowl Ideas

This DIY concrete fire bowl project is super easy to complete, even for beginners and a great tabletop decoration idea. Find out the tutorial video here!

4. DIY Tabletop Fire Bowl

DIY Tabletop Fire Bowl

If you’re an apartment dweller and love entertaining outside on your balcony or rooftop, this DIY tabletop fire bowl deserves a try.

5. Easy Portable Fire Pit

 Tabletop Fire Bowl DIY

Bring elements of nature into your tiny urban garden by adding a tabletop water feature and this fire pit. The step by step project is here to follow!

6. DIY Tabletop Firepit

DIY Tabletop Firepit

Get rid of your fireless winter blues with this innovative DIY fire pit idea available on the Instructables!

7. DIY Adirondack Fire Bowl Table

It’s a nice alternative if you don’t have space for a backyard firepit, it fire bowl table fits easily on a deck or small patio. Check out the informative tutorial here!

8. Indoor Glass Bowl Tabletop Fire Pit

Indoor Glass Bowl Tabletop Fire Pit

Make this indoor glass bowl tabletop fire pit with the items you’ve around your home in just 10 minutes following the tutorial here!

9. Tabletop Terracotta Fire Pit

Use a terracotta pot to create this inexpensive, warm tabletop fire pit to enjoy your evenings.

10. DIY Tabletop Fire Bowl

DIY Tabletop Fire Bowl

This mini fire bowl can fit on your smallest of tables and still provides enough heat to roast marshmallows. See the tutorial here!

11. DIY Flower Pot Fire Pit

Your very own fire pit is hiding as an unused, overlooked flower pot somewhere in the corner. Find it out and make use of it to complete this DIY project here!

12. Tabletop S’more Party Idea


If you aren’t sitting around the campfire but still looking for an alternative to have an S’more party, try this idea here!

13. DIY Gel Fire Pit

DIY Gel Fire Pit

This DIY gel fire pit for tabletop can be your next sizzling conversation starter, view the DIY post here!

14. DIY Tiki Torch Bottles

Use your liquor bottles to create these super hit tabletop attractions, following the directions available here!

15. DIY S’mores Roasting Bar

Visit Bloglovin to find out the tutorial for this S’mores roasting bar, perfect for small gatherings!

16. DIY Concrete Firepit

DIY Concrete Firepit

Build your own attractive concrete firepit from scratch following this step by step tutorial available here!

17. Tabletop Fire Pit Bowls

Beautiful, attractive, and colorful, create these tabletop fire bowls following the tutorial here!

18. DIY Flamming Centerpiece

Make a beautiful flaming centerpiece with a galvanized bowl, tempered glass chips, and gel fuel, following the tutorial available at the BHG!

19. Tabletop Firepit Bowl

Tabletop Firepit Bowl

One more tabletop fire pit bowl tutorial that you can create in a garden pot. Visit Hobby Farms to see the how-to!

20. Neat Tabletop Firepit

This tabletop indoor firepit project can be completed in just $20. It’s decorative but functional as well as you can roast marshmallows on it!

21. Cozy DIY Tabletop Firepit

Follow this excellent DIY post on HGTV to learn how to create this cozy and portable tabletop firepit!

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You can create your own nice little fire pits that are warm, portable and suitable for urban dwellers, following these 21 DIY Tabletop Fire Bowl Ideas!


  1. I mean, who doesn’t love sitting around a fire? right?! If you re like me and want to watch a flickering flame without a lot of heat or the hassle of burning logs, then this easy tabletop fire pit bowl project is for you.

  2. I was looking for more of an actual “mini fire”. Like a real fire. These are all cute, but they’re all just basically candles! I want more flames, ya know?


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