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If you have empty wine bottles in your home, these DIY Wine Bottle Ideas for the garden will interest you for sure!

Check out some awesome DIY Wine Bottle Ideas for home and yard that will surely tempt you to save the empty bottles from now on!

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DIY Wine Bottle Ideas

1. Wine Bottle Craft Rainbow Lanterns

Cut wine bottles to the size you want and paint them with mod podge sheer colors to make attractive candle stands for patio railings. Details are here.

2. Peacock from Wine Bottles

using wine bottles in the garden 8How about using different colored wine bottles and making a peacock figure with the help of wires!

3. Wine Bottles in the Garden as Hanging Decoration

using wine bottles in the gardenSpray paint old wine bottles and hang them in the garden from trees to make a fantastic display of modern art!

4. Wine Bottle Edging

diy wine bottle ideas_wine bottle edging

Empty wine bottles can be used for edging and borders. That’ll look so attractive and unique. It’s simple too. A DIY article is available on Mother Earth News

5. Wine Bottle Upside-down Planter

using wine bottles in the garden 21

Use wine bottles to grow low-maintenance trailing plants upside down. A tutorial is here.

6. DIY Bird Feeder

using wine bottles in the garden 20

Make your space more bird-friendly by adding a bird feeder. You can check out a detailed DIY post on Rebecca’s bird garden.

7. Wine Bottles in the Garden for Privacy

wine bottle uses

A decorative privacy screen. It is really a great idea to use old wine bottles in the garden for this purpose. The screening is in the form of a tree and adds great color accents to the outdoor area.

8. Raised Bed Made of Wine Bottles

using wine bottles in the garden 3

A raised bed is the most popular and useful item to have in the garden, and if it is made of wine bottles, it becomes more than useful. Such a raised may not be as functional as conventional raised beds, but it will look decorative. See a tutorial here.

9. Growing Succulents in Wine Bottle

wine bottle succulent planterYou’ll need to cut the wine bottle from the side to fill the soil in it. Small succulents and cacti are perfect for this.

10. Wine Bottle Terrarium

wine bottle Terrarium

This is not very tricky. Just follow this tutorial to make it yourself.

11. Wine Bottle Filled Gabion

wine bottles in garden 4

Gabions are usually filled with stones but what about filling them with bottles?

12. Self Watering Planter

wine bottles in garden 2

The terracotta stakes are fitted with a wine bottle that is full of water and stuck in the plant’s soil. As the terracotta absorbs the water, it will slowly leak it into the soil and keep the plant’s roots moist. See more of it on apartment therapy.

13. Tiki Torch from Wine Bottle

wine bottles in garden 3

You can make torches for the garden out of wine bottles and create an atmosphere of tranquility. A tutorial is available on design sponge.

14. Water Fountain

wine bottles in garden 5

A bottle fountain is a cool idea to implement. Here’s one tutorial.

15. Wine Bottle Plant Marker

wine bottle uses

Make this to mark your plants and decorate your garden.

16. Wine Bottle Vase

wine bottle vase

There are so many wine bottle uses, and one of them is this. DIY this wine bottle vase and decorate the corner of your home. You can also tuck the cut flowers in the bottle without cutting it.

17. Hummingbird Feeder

wine bottles in garden

Little pollinators will love sipping from this upcycled feeder. You’ll need a wine, beer, or vinegar bottle for this project. A simple tutorial is available on Birds and Bloom magazine’s website.

18. Garden Path from Wine Bottles

wine bottles in garden 6

With the bottoms of wine bottles up, you can design attractive garden paths. You can either cut the bottles from the bottom and then plant them or thrust the entire bottle into the ground. Select bottles of the same color and design.

19. Wine Bottle Candle Holder

using wine bottles in the garden 5

Use wine bottles as a candle holder to illuminate your garden and home. The dripping wax on the bottles will bring a warm and romantic touch to the atmosphere.

20. Wine Bottles in the Garden as Raised Bed

using wine bottles in the garden 6

Building raised beds from empty wine bottles is one of the most interesting wine bottle ideas. The border of colored glass lined in a particular shape will look like a work of art, more beautiful and glimmery when the sun will shine on them.

21. Tree from Empty Wine Bottles

using wine bottles in the garden 7

Make a super amazing focal point for your garden by turning empty wine bottles into a decorative tree. Learn how to do this on Wikihow.

22. Self-Watering Pot

self watering planter

Make this simple self-watering pot from wine bottles. You can grow small plants, herbs in it on a windowsill.

23. Wine Bottle Wind Chime

using wine bottles in the garden 9

You can check out two helpful tutorials on ilovetocreate and homegrown.org for help on this DIY project.

24. Modern Herb Garden From Recycled Wine Bottles

This modern herb garden utilizes wine bottles and a length of ¼” copper tubing. The entire DIY project can be done for less than $30!

25. Ballard Wine Bottles

Transform the look of your old wine bottles using twine, modge podge, glue gun, glue sticks, bottles, scissors, corks, a little beachy floral, and sand. Details are here.

26. Wine Bottle Chandelier

using wine bottles in the garden 13

Hang empty wine bottles upside down and stick candles in them to make a wine chandelier!

27. Wine Bottle Candle Holder

using wine bottles in the garden 15Cut wine bottle in hand and use it as a candle holder. It will look awesome in all corners of the garden.

28. Garden Lantern

using wine bottles in the garden 16This wine bottle lantern can be placed over a stick in the yard, simple and easy to make, you can find its tutorial here.

29. Wine Bottle Water Feature

wine bottles in garden 7Stack up different wine bottles and make a water connection in 2-3 of them to make an interesting water feature.

30. Wine Bottles Raised Garden


Instead of using wood or any other material on the sides, you can use wine bottles to add a lot of appeal to the garden!

31. Wine Bottle as Hanging Pots


Strap wine bottles on a wooden plank and hang them on the sidewalls to grow different plants.

32. Wine Bottle Garden Curtain

How about making a wine bottle wall for the garden and use it as a ‘curtain’ to differentiate one section from another! Details are here.

33. Flatten Wine Bottles

Also known as bottle-slumping, it serves as personalized wall art, colorful spoon rests, and elegant serving plates. Click here for details.

34. Frosted Wine Bottle

All you need is an empty wine bottle, rubbing alcohol, lint-free cloth, and frosted glass paint in turquoise and white for this DIY.

35. DIY Wine Bottle Shelf

Here’s a good-looking wine bottle shelf that you can make using wooden boards and empty bottles.

36. DIY Wine Bottle Chair

This can be a wonderful addition to your garden or poolside. All you need is a metal rod structure and lots of wine bottles!

37. DIY Wine Bottle Lamp

Here’s a detailed video on how you can make hanging wine glass bulb holders!

38. Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Using a pine furring strip, luan plywood, hose clamp, and wine bottle, you can easily make this one for your garden.

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