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DIY Mosaic projects are really popular these days and here’re a few creative DIY mosaic ideas for the garden to follow.

What a great idea to decorate the garden with a mosaic? Contrary to what you might think most of the mosaic projects here are easy and can be done using recycled materials such as old CDs, shells, pebbles or pieces of tile portions.

1. Tile Topped Stepping Stone for the Garden


Just get some tiles of your favorite color and break them to create the mosaic style stepping stone. See the tutorial on BHG.

2. PVC Pipe Mosaic Planter

PVC Pipe Mosaic Planter

Interesting, creative and inexpensive idea. All you need is a few PVC pipes and tiles, pebbles or shells. See the DIY article here.

3. Pink Mosaic Flamingo Garden Art


On Lucy designs online you can see how she made this creative mosaic themed flamingo garden art.

4. Creative Ladybug

creative ladybug

A unique garden project, your kids will love that too. See the tutorial here.

5. DIY Mosaic Pot

DIY Mosaic Pot

Make a beautiful and decorative mosaic pot. See a tutorial on Birds & Blooms.

6. DIY Mosaic Gazing Ball

DIY Mosaic Gazing Ball

Colors, colors, and colors, a beautiful gazing mosaic ball like this can be a centerpiece of your garden. Read a quick and easy tutorial on HGTV.

7. Mosaic Tile Window Box Planter

Mosaic Tile Window Box Planter

If you aren’t a big fan of all the colors and patterns in mosaic, try making this mosaic tile window box planter. Superb! See this DIY article on Censation girl.

8. Mosaic BirdhouseMosaic Birdhouse

You can make a similar birdhouse for your garden from broken tiles. See the tutorial on Instructables.

9. Old Wheel Mosaic Flower Pot

Old Wheel Mosaic Flower Pot

Turn an old tire rim into a fantastic mosaic planter.

10. Mosaic Tabletop

Mosaic Tabletop

Mosaic tabletop made of sea glass, a bit difficult to make for non-DIYers. The step by step tutorial is available on Instructables.

11. Mosaic garden art

Mosaic garden art

Create this mosaic garden art to make a focal point in the garden or your living room. Check out how to make mosaic garden art.

12. Pebble Mosaic Pathway

mosaic pathway

Make this wonderful and artistic mosaic pathway from stones of different colors. This Spiral Rock Mosaic Path will make a fabulous addition to your backyard. Check out the tutorial here.

13. Teacups and Coffee Mugs Upcycled Into Mosaic Board

Teacups and Coffee Mugs Upcycled Into Mosaic Board

A mosaic board done with half-teacups and coffee mugs to plant succulents and herbs. A nice and unique garden.

14. Mosaic Tree Stump

Mosaic Tree Stump

Make this mosaic tree stump for your garden. You can either sit on them or keep them as a decorative piece.

15. Cinder Block Mosaic Raised Bed

cinder block raised bed

Make this mosaic style cinder block raised bed by reading the tutorial here.

16. Mosaic Chair

mosaic chair

See the tutorial here. According to the author of this blog, this mind blowing mosaic chair is an advanced project and challenging for beginners.

17. DIY Mosaic Terra Cotta Pots


Beautiful and bright mosaic terracotta pots can become extraordinary handmade gifts.

18. Broken China Mosaic Pots


If you have broken china pieces in different colors and patterns, use them to make mosaic pots.

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DIY Mosaic projects are really popular these days and here're a few creative DIY mosaic ideas for garden to follow.

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