23 Most Amazing Macrame Plant Hangers DIY Ideas

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Macrame plant hangers are becoming popular, they’re a stylish way to create hanging planters out of ordinary pots!

1. Carousel Buttons Macrame Plant Hanger

Carousel Buttons Macrame Plant Hanger

This is a good option for anyone that has some basic knowledge of typical macrame knots. You can grace it with welded rings and beads. Find the pattern at Craftsy!

2. Macrame-Made Plant Hanger

Macrame-Made Plant Hanger

Create this lovely plant hanger out of an ordinary clothesline following the tutorial available at Lowes!

3. Macrame Plant Holder Pattern

Macrame Plant Holder Pattern

If you want to design awe-inspiring macramé hangers, then this is one of the best DIY tutorials available here!

4. Cool Plant Hangers

If you need no introduction to the macramé art, this is definitely a plant hanger that you will find almost effortless to make. Click here to see the free pattern!

5. Two Tier Macrame Plant Hanger DIY

This 2 tier macrame plant holder is, of course, a little difficult but you can try. Here’s the free pattern!

6. Gorgeous Twine Plant Hanger

Twine Plant Hanger

Accomplished through simple knots, this is a beautiful and easy to make plant hanger. It features beautiful patterns, and you can further make it more appealing by utilizing precious bead accents. Learn more here!

7. Rope Potted Macrame Hangers

Rope Potted Macrame Hangers

Give simple ornamental knots to either white or red ropes and macrame this exceptionally easy hanger. This macrame plant hanger DIY is not only stylishly designed but can also hold large pots.

8. Splendid Neon Plant Hanger

If you want to add a small splash of Neon to your home, follow this idea available here!

9. Easy to Make Macrame Plant Hangers

An easy to understand DIY article to understand how to make a macrame plant holder is here!

10. Simple-to-craft Plant Hangers

You can even involve and teach your kid to create this beautiful plant holder; the tutorial is here.

11. Macrame Plant Holder Hanging Garden

Macrame Plant Holder Hanging Garden

Build by using both a simple rope and typical embroidery floss; you can create amazing hanging gardens. The step by step tutorial is here!

12. Amazing Succulent Macrame Plant Hanger

This is a stunning plant hanger that has been built using a unique rope (black cotton). It’s a good option for any dedicated beginner and presents a wonderful way to juggle your creative ideas. Learn more here!

13. Creative Leather Macrame Hanger

Creative Leather Macrame Hanger

Instead of ropes, try using leather to create this plant hanger. The tutorial is here!

14. DIY Micro Hanger

DIY Micro Hanger

It comprises beautiful and careful knitting, and you can get a full tutorial on how to build it here!

15. Precious Succulent Mini Macrame Egg Plant Hangers

Something quirky, use of eggshells as pots – and which have been beautifully and uniquely painted. What’s more, the twine basket is simple to weave and clone. Find more here!

16. Modern Handmade Plant Hanger

Modern Handmade Plant Hanger

Established by giving elegant yet simple knots to a standard (black) paracord, this is another simple-to-weave but mind-blowing macrame plant hanger that you can place in your home. See the tutorial here!

17. Brass Fittings and Rope Plant Hanger


This plant hanger is going to startle your every sense and those who see it. Here’s how to make it!

18. Smartly-designed T-shirt Macramé Plant Hanger

Give yourself the opportunity to spark your creativity into life with this particular plant hanger. It allows you to reuse one of your old T-shirts. View the step by step instructions here!

19. Simple Plant Hanger

Simple Plant Hanger

If knots are slightly puzzling you, you need not worry since this particular macrame hanger pattern is a beginner-friendly option to try.

20. Rustic Rope and Twine Hanger

Rustic Rope and Twine Hanger

Create this rustic yet stunning plant hanger following the tutorial available at the Apartment Therapy!

21. White Plant Hanger (Macrame)

White Plant Hanger

An elegant white macrame hanger that efficiently accommodates large pots and accentuates colorful flowers. Click here to see the tutorial!

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22. Gorgeous Leather Cork and Cord Plant Hanger (Macrame)

Get a bit crafty with some cork and leather cords to clone this wonderful hanger pattern. It’s finished with nice and clever cork fittings and macrame knots to inspire a unique plant hanger. Learn more here!

23. DIY Mason Jar+Twine Macrame Planter

DIY Mason Jar+Twine Macrame Planter

DIY this mason jar hanging planter following this tutorial available here with the step by step instructions!

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Macrame plant hangers are becoming popular, they're a stylish way to create hanging planters out of ordinary pots!

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