Sherin Woods

Sherin Woods is a passionate DIY enthusiast with a special focus on garden design and home improvement. Based in California, Sherin thrives on creating visually appealing and functional spaces both inside and outside her home.


  • Passionate about DIY and garden design
  • Knowledgeable in sustainable gardening practices
  • Has a devoted following on Pinterest for sharing innovative ideas
  • Committed to eco-friendly and budget-friendly solutions


Sherin has years of hands-on experience with DIY projects ranging from simple home improvements to complex garden designs. She loves experimenting with various materials and techniques, always aiming for sustainable and eco-friendly results.

She has also been a featured guest on several DIY webinars and podcasts, sharing her expert advice and innovative project ideas. In addition, Sherin has contributed articles to leading home and garden magazines, broadening her impact and sharing her expertise with a wider audience.

A Word From Sherin Woods

“For me, DIY is not just about creativity; it’s also about responsibility. Making the best use of available resources and reusing materials not only satisfies my creative itch but also contributes to a sustainable lifestyle.”


Sherin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, which informs her commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly DIY solutions. She continually updates her skills through workshops and online courses, keeping her at the forefront of DIY trends and best practices.


  • DIY Project Planning and Execution
  • Garden Design and Sustainability
  • Written and Spoken Content Creation