16 Really Fun DIY Teapot Ideas For The Gardeners

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Get inspired by these 16 DIY Teapot Ideas to use old and cracked teapots to create great garden features and planters.

1. DIY Teapot Wind Chimes

For this easy wind chime DIY, the supplies will come from your kitchen: a teapot, small plate, serving and a few teaspoons. For the directions, click here. Also, check out these wind chime ideas.

2. Teapot Fountain DIY

Teapot Fountain DIY

Install a colossal teapot fountain unit in your garden with the instructions available at Hometalk.  If surrounded by flowers and plants, it’ll double up its beauty.

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3. Teapot Pouring Gems

One of the coolest DIY teapot ideas for the garden.

Let a vintage teapot pour gems into your garden instead of hot tea with this easy tutorial. You need an old iron stand, nuts, bolts, and a teapot.

4. Teapot Vertical Planters

Teapot Vertical Planters

To create this vertical teapot planter, you’ll need to drill drainage holes in the bottom of several teapots and hang them as shown in the picture. Also, check out these Vertical Garden Ideas.

5. Teapot Bird Bath

Glue pots and saucers from your kitchen in the series shown here to replicate this bird bath project. Be sure to use a strong adhesive to prevent any threat of the pieces falling.

6. Teapot Birdfeeder

Teapot Birdfeeder

Glue a teapot horizontally to a saucer and hang the whole piece to a tea branch using metal chain. Visit DIY Inspired to know more. Learn how to turn an Old Chandelier into a Bird Feeder.

7. Tea Pot Garden Art

Upcycle old teapots and dishes that you no more use in DIYing this decorative feature in your yard. You can visit Hometalk for the instructions.

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8. Vintage Tea Pot Planters

Combine an old teapot and plants to make an unusual pair of planters for your lawn or indoor decor. The idea is available at Crafts Post.

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9. DIY Tea Pot Fairy Garden

DIY Tea Pot Fairy Garden

Craft a native fairy garden housed in a large teapot using fairy ornaments, moss, succulents, and paper towels. Learn the steps in detail at Rural Mom.

10. DIY Tea Pot Lights

beautiful diy teapot idea--A teapot light feature

This DIY on The Navage Path shows you how to convert a basic teapot into this magical garden art. Solar Led String lights, teapot, shepherd’s hook, wire, glue, washer, and wire cutter are some of the supplies you’ll need.

11. Teapot Garden Feature

Get inspired by these 16 DIY Teapot Ideas to use old and cracked teapots to create great garden features and planters.

This teapot garden feature is inexpensive, adds a charming appeal to your yard, and a great recycling project. We found the project here.

12. Teapot Tabletop Centerpiece

teapot decor idea

You can use colorful teapots as tabletop centerpieces. Just plant something in them you like and put them on display.

13. Tea Pot and Tea Cup Garden Stake

Making this teapot and teacup garden stake is super easy, the instructions are here.

14. DIY Teapot Birdhouse

diy teapot ideas--Create a birdhouse

One of the easiest DIY teapot ideas is to use it as a birdhouse. Hang it somewhere in your garden or yard. Click here for the tutorial. Check out these Bird House Ideas as well.

15. Teapot Herb Planter

Teapot Herb Planter

Get a large teapot from a thrift store, drill drainage holes in the bottom and fill it with rich potting mix and plant a herb. Get the details Grillo Designs!

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16. Indoor Teapot Planter

If you’ve got a cracked or unused teapot, don’t get rid of it. Use it as an indoor planter, check out this DIY post. Also, check out these book planter ideas.

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