26 DIY Seed Starting Hacks To Make Planting Seeds Cheaper

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Here are some really interesting Interesting DIY Seed Starting Hacks that you can easily use to start new plants at your home!

Want to grow new plants without a fuss? Check out these amazing DIY Seed Starting Hacks that will help you save a lot of time and money!

Here’s how you can use vinegar to improve seed germination

DIY Seed Starting Hacks

1. DIY Lemon Rind Pot

DIY Seed Starting Hacks

All you have to do is scrape out the pulp of lemon, fill them with potting soil and then add a couple of seeds you would like to plant. Here’s a helpful tutorial video and step-by-step article available!

2. Paper Pulp Seed Starters

Use paper pulp for making homemade seed starters to recycle your junk mail and worn-out papercraft lying around. If you want to learn how to do this, click here!

3. Eggshell Pots

DIY Seed Starting Hacks 2

Eggshells have all the features to double up as perfect seed starters. They are organic, perfectly sized, portable, and biodegradable. Learn how to plant seeds using eggshells here!

4. DIY Newspaper Seed-Starter Pots

DIY Seed Starting Hacks 4

Just pick a few old newspapers and use them as holding pots for starting your seeds. These are biodegradable, eco-friendly. See the tutorial on HGTV.

Check out more newspaper pot ideas here

5. Toilet Paper Roll Pots

DIY Seed Starting Hacks 3

Pull the cardboard and place the plant in the soil, or just unfurl the bottom and let the cardboard disintegrate on its own. Here’s an excellent post on it!

6. K-Cup Coffee Containers


Those little K-Cup coffee containers can act as the perfect first home for seedlings. Just empty out the coffee grounds and use the cups as seed starters. See the detailed article here!

7. DIY Heat Mat

DIY Seed Starting Hacks 4

Most plants need a constant soil temperature between 70-80 F (21-26 C) for optimal growth. Using store-bought seed heat mats is a nice idea, but they are pretty expensive. So how about a homemade heat mat? This step-by-step DIY post is here to help you!

8. DIY Greenhouse Tote

Seed-Starting-Hacks 2

A greenhouse doesn’t have to be a large glass-walled room with warm air and potted plants. Make a quick one by following the details here!

9. Pre-Sprout Your Seeds

DIY Seed Starting Hacks 5

Use a plastic tray and moist paper towels. It eliminates wait time and accelerates the rate of germination in the process. Check out the informative post on Grow a Good Life to learn more.

10. DIY Seed Tape

Use seed tape if you’re looking for an easy way to space out your seeds when sowing. Click here to see the DIY post!

11. DIY Soil Blocks

DIY Seed Starting Hacks 6

Make an economical homemade version with a PVC pipe segment and an iron rod for packing the soil tightly. Here is a tutorial for it and one more here!

12. DIY Seed Starting Mix

Making your own seed-starting mix is a great way to save money improve the germination rate. Visit Get Busy Gardening to check out the seed mix recipes.

13. Make a Greenhouse

DIY Seed Starting Hacks 7

Here’s a great DIY to make a little greenhouse using clear or translucent plastic containers and speed up the germination process.

14. Start Seeds in Egg Carton

Do not throw away the empty egg cartons and use them cleverly to start seeds. For details, click here.

15. Mini Greenhouses from Milk Jugs

DIY Seed Starting Hacks 8

All you need is an empty 1 gallon or 1/2 gallon plastic milk jug to make your own mini greenhouse indoors! Click here for the DIY.

16. Muffin Tins To Start Seeds

Muffin tins act as great seed starters. They have individual cups where you can fill the soil and sow seeds.

17. Strawberry Carton Mini Greenhouse

DIY Seed Starting Hacks 9

Do not throw away the strawberry carton, as you can put it to good use and make a greenhouse out of it. Click here to know how!

18. Seed Starter from an Ice Cube Tray


Ice cube tray, with its little individual sections, can be an amazing seed starting kit. Click here to learn how to use it.

19. Self-Watering Seed Starter Pots


DIY Seed Starting Hacks 10

All you need is 2-liter bottles, potting soil, seeds, thick string, or yarn, along with a few other supplies to make this one.

20. Start Seedlings in Yogurt Cups

Small yogurt cups can be quite useful to start the seeds of your favorite herbs and grow them on a kitchen windowsill.

21. Starting Seeds in Canning Jars

DIY Seed Starting Hacks 11

Here’s a cool DIY that you can take help from to start your seeds easily in canning and other jars.

22. Seed Starter with Recycled Materials

You can make little seed starters with the help of cardboard boxes. It is easy and also saves a lot of time and money!

23. Recycled Takeout Container Planter

This is also a great DIY to start seeds or grow tiny succulents in takeout containers. Click here for details.

24. Ice-Cream Cone Seed Starter

Some ice cream cones, seeds, and soil are all you need for this easy-to-make and fun DIY!

25. DIY Heat Mat

If you live in a cold climate with a lower than average growing season, then this DIY heat mat will help you a lot to start seeds. Watch the video here.

26. Seed Germination System

Here’s a great seed germination system using a Tupperware plastic box and a heat mat. Watch this video for more details.

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