19 Best DIY Garden Ideas Using Kitchen Items & Utensils

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Discover the Best DIY Garden Ideas Using Kitchen Items & Utensils from this interesting post.

Instead of trashing old kitchen items or utensils like; tea cups, saucepan, forks, and teapots make a smart use of these things in your garden. For inspiration check this post on Best DIY Garden Ideas Using Kitchen Item & Utensils.

1. Fairy Garden

kitchen fairy garden

Fairy gardens are in trend, if you a have a barrel or a big planter and some unused kitchen utensils like ricers, pots, a scoop, pot lids, and a muffin tin you can make this. It is simple to make this vintage fairy garden, check out the tutorial here.

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2. Teapot Fountain


The use of a rustic looking teapot adds a completely new dimension to the garden. You can also do something like this, making a teapot water fountain like this can give your garden a new focal point. Here is the tutorial.

3. Funnels as garden containers

funnel planter

Using vintage funnels as garden containers is an interesting way to put the old funnels into use. Before doing this, clean the funnel from inside, properly. Line metal funnels with screen, or rocks so that you will have drainage but still the water and soil will be retained. Learn how to make these in this post.

4. Teapot Bird Feeder


An old teapot will make a really cute birdfeeder. Just attach the teapot to a tree or any sturdy support. You can also make it a birdhouse. As a feeder, it works nicely and is a unique idea to implement.

5. Garden Art Mushrooms from bowls


One of the coolest DIY garden ideas. You can use metal bowls to make these cute mushrooms. Read more about this project here.

6. Repurposed Silverware Wind Chime

wind chime

Turn kitchen utensils into a quirky wind chime. Gather five to seven pieces of flatware — the more mismatched, the more bizarre look and personality your chime will have. Just be sure to have at least one longer, larger piece to act as a pendulum. Here is the tutorial.

7. Owl Garden art

owl garden art

This owl garden art is a perfect example of making the most of what you have and they’re so cute. Make this junk metal garden art owl from cheese grater and metal lids, bottle caps, etc. Here is more on it.

8. Teapot Garden Feature


Making this whimsical garden teapot feature is easier than you think. Although, this garden feature is made with new teapot, cup, saucer and a spoon, it can also be made with old utensils. Check out the detailed tutorial.

9. Kitchen Utensil Herb Garden

metal boiler

Give a Second Life to your old metal boiler or other kitchen utensils as a planter for your kitchen herb garden. More on it here.

10. Muffin Tin Seed Starter

muffintin seed starter

Muffin tins are great for starting your seeds in because they are most likely something you already have on hand in your kitchen, or you can purchase disposable ones very inexpensively. To start seeds, line your muffin tin as usual, fill in the soil and plant your seeds as usual. Learn more on it here.

11. Frying Pan Birdbath


Have an unused lamp and a frying pan? Use it to create a birdbath. See the more of it here.

12. Dragonfly Garden Decor using a Wire Whisk

Dragonfly Garden Decor using a Wire Whisk

If you have an old whisk you can make dragonfly garden art out of it. Here is the tutorial.

13. Colander Planter


Fab idea. Use a colander to make a cool looking hanging planter out of it. You don’t need to make drainage holes as there are so many in it already. Read this tutorial to learn how to make it.

14. Tea Cup Herb Garden

tea cup herb garden

Grow a herb garden in vintage teacups that you no longer use. Not only it will look good but this way you will be able to grow your own herbs. Read more at TheBowerbirdstories.

15. DIY Kitchen Utensil Garden Art Flower


This project uses garden art flowers made from old plates and dishes, kitchen utensils, and a few other supplies. For instructions on how to make these flowers, see this post.

16. Repurpose Old Pots And Pans as Succulent Planters

succulent planter

Don’t toss those old pots and pans, turn them into succulent planters.

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17. Make plant markers with old spoons

spoon planter marker

It is easy to convert your old spoons into pretty plant markers in the garden. You can either paint them without flatting or flatten them with a hammer and then paint. Here is the tutorial.

18. Soda Can Planter

soda can planter

Empty cans must not be thrown away, there are many creative ideas on the web– Just like this one. You can spray paint them and use to put cut flowers or herbs or to grow some plants. See this amazing YouTube video to learn how to do this.

19. Hanging Herb Garden from Coffee/Tea Cups


If you want a little herb garden within easy reach for some fresh herbs at the time of cooking try this idea.

20. Totem Garden Idea


Make this totem art using old tea set, figurine, and bowl in your garden.

21. Bundt Pan Bird Feeder

This easy activity can be fun project in your garden, check the DIY here.

22. Colander Art in the Garden

Give a makeover to old chandelier by using decorative items for this eye-catching look. See the tutorial here.

23. Lazy Susan Garden Mirror

Make a garden mirror using an old lazy susan, it has a frame for weather protection.

24. Cuttings in Mason Jars

Fill unused mason jars with non-chlorinated water and grow the cuttings of your favorite houseplants in it. Read about indoor plants that grow in water here.

25. Cake Pan Flower In the Garden

This garden art coneflower can be made up from metal pie plate and cake pan, you can set it next to real coneflowers in your garden. Check the tutorial here.

26. Stove Top Daisy Flower For Garden


Use old stove top coil or hob, curtain, rod, and a wire hanging basket for this easy fun project, see the details here.

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If you have unused kitchen items or old utensils, for example: Tea mug, saucepan etc. do not rush to throw them away-- BEFORE DOING ANYTHING look at these DIY garden ideas from kitchen items and utensils.

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