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Take a look at these stunning DIY Garden Lantern Ideas that will add life, festiveness, and warmth to your space in the night.

Lanterns are an exquisite piece of decor that lightens up every space they dwell in. So we’ve brought you some stunning DIY Garden Lantern Ideas to vamp up your favorite spot in the yard!

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DIY Garden Lantern Ideas

1. DIY Hanging Jar Lantern

Hang a bunch of these lanterns on your patio or balcony to enjoy the warm summer nights. The steps are simple and available at A Cultivated Nest!

2. DIY Rustic Wood Lantern

With some carpentry skills involved, this DIY lantern project can add warmth to your sitting area. The tutorial is here.

3. Knotted Hanging Lantern

Knotted Hanging Lantern

Make this knotted hanging candle for a rustic decoration using twine and glass jar. It looks great against the backdrop of plants. Check out the tutorial at Martha Stewart.

4. Mason Jar Lantern with Beaded Handle

Mason Jar Lantern with Beaded Handle

This beaded handle lantern is colorful and attractive, a fun project to complete with your kids! Learn more here.

5. DIY Solar Lights

DIY Solar Lights

Combine glass jars, glass frost paint, and small solar lights to complete this inexpensive and eco-friendly DIY project. View the instructions here.

6. DIY Rope Lanterns

Create this beach style rope lantern in no time using twine, rope, hot glue, and a few more supplies. We found the idea at Made In A Day.

7. Fabric Lantern

It’s super easy! Enhance the look of ordinary paper lanterns just by gluing your choice of fabrics together on them. For more details, click here.

8. DIY Rustic Lantern

Another rustic lantern idea, which is not much different from our DIY number two. The article is here!

9. Wax Paper Lanterns

Create pretty candle lanterns by tracing real flowers and greenery on the wax paper. We found the idea here.

10. Nature Inspired Lanterns

Nature Inspired Lanterns

Make these nature-inspired lanterns out of common things available in your yard like twigs, leaves, pine needles, etc. The eHow.com has a detailed tutorial on it.

11. Mason Jar Tiki Torches

Mason Jar Tiki Torches

This 5-minutes DIY can be done using citronella torch fuel, wick, and mason jar! Get the detailed tutorial here.

12. Fairy Lantern

These fairy lanterns can spark up your imagination in the night. Keep them in the garden, or in the kid’s room. Visit eHow for the DIY.

13. Outdoor Cube Lanterns

Outdoor Cube Lanterns

Use dowel rods and other materials to create these colorful cube lanterns. Perfect for any outdoor decoration! The tutorial is available at Homedit.

14. Tin Lantern

This upcycled low written tin can lantern craft is perfect for creating a romantic setting around you in the night. Check out the tutorial here.

15. Ice Lanterns

One of the gorgeous garden lantern ideas. These magical and swirly ice candles are perfect for making any holiday decor special! This DIY is available at Craftiments.

16. Paper Bag Lanterns

Paper bag lanterns are one of the most basic DIY outdoor lanterns that you can create in no time! Find the required steps here.

17. Paper Flower Lanterns

Paper Flower Lanterns

Grab a few mini paper lanterns and decorate them with splendid mini paper flowers and laces. Visit Studio DIY for the tutorial.

18. Frosted Garden Lanterns

This lantern idea is different from all the others on this list. It’s super easy yet super amazing! You just need to use frosted glass spray to complete this project. The trick is here.

19. Polka Dot DIY Garden Lanterns

Polka dots and mason jars are all the rage these days. Combine them in this project to create polka dot DIY garden lanterns. Visit The Sway for the steps.

20. Outdoor Lantern DIY

If you’re a macrame fanatic, don’t miss this DIY outdoor lantern idea! The tutorial is here.

21. DIY Hemp Lantern

DIY Hemp Lantern

Twines, balloons, glue, and string lights are all you need to create lanterns like these! The instructions are here.

22. DIY Floral Lantern

Use paper lanterns and paper flowers to recreate the project above! They look great during wedding festivities or birthday parties. Here’s the tutorial.

23. Faux Metal Star Lanterns

Faux Metal Star Lanterns

On A Piece of Rainbow, learn how to make faux metal star lanterns using paper cutouts.

24. Outdoor Tuna Can Lantern

Employ tuna cans, spray paints, and a few other materials are required to create this contemporary lantern for your garden! Click here for the tutorial.

25. Cafe String Lights from Birthday Party Hats

This DIY is just a three-step project that you can complete with your kids as well! You will need birthday hats, string lights, and scissors. Click here for the tutorial.

26. Cupcake Lanterns

Cupcake Lanterns

This is a short-term project but a cute one. Make these cupcake liner lights by following the instructions here.

27. Grapevine Lighting Balls

Take a look at these 32 DIY Garden Lantern Ideas. These outdoor lanterns can add life, festiveness, and warmth to your space in the night.

This detailed article here has all the information you need to create these grapevine light balls for your garden. It is one of the best Garden Lantern Ideas on this list!

28. Hanging Jar Lanterns

Garden Lantern Ideas 22

An excellent idea for balcony gardeners. Hang these jar lanterns on the railings and give a boost to your balcony garden decorations. Visit Crafty Nest for the tutorial.

29. Canning Jar Lights

DIY Garden Lantern Ideas

Large sized mason jars and light cords are used to create these decorative DIY garden lanterns. Get the directions here.

30. Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

Garden Lantern Ideas 32

These tiki torches provide an appealing modern look to the backyard. Also, it’s a great way to recycle old wine bottles. Head over to Design Sponge for the tutorial.

31. Outdoor Lantern from Clay Pot

Diy Outdoor Lantern from Clay Pot

A clay pot transformed into an outdoor lantern. You can also do this with plastic pots and woven baskets. Visit The Art Of Doing Stuff for the instructions.

32. Twine Wrapped Vase Lantern

Garden Lantern Ideas 41

A flower vase converted into a twine-wrapped lantern. Take inspiration from this video to make one for yourself.

33. Bonus–DIY Moroccan Lantern

DIY Moroccan Lantern

Kate from the Design Sponge created this Moroccan lantern from glass jars.

34. DIY Water Globe Lantern

This DIY water globe lantern will add a luxurious look to your garden at night. Get the tutorial here!

35. Tin Can Lantern

Garden Lantern Ideas 43

Old tin cans, baling wire, pliers, and tea light candles are all you need to mimic this beauty in your garden. Check the details here!

36. Beer Bottle Lights

Upcycle old beer bottles and stuff with Christmas lights to create these beauties. Click here for details!

37. DIY Orb Lantern

Garden Lantern Ideas 44

Try out this 5 minutes craft and lighten up your garden with an orb, mini LED lights, and a few other supplies. Check the details here!

38. Mason Jar Lantern

What can be more entrancing than a DIY mason jar lantern hanging amidst pretty succulents? Click here for the tutorial.

39. Twine Knobbed Garden Lantern

Bring home this simple yet classy DIY lantern and level up the aesthetics of your garden. Click here for details.

40. Upcycled Wheel and Jar Lights

Garden Lantern Ideas 45

An old bike wheel, multi-sized mason jars, fishing hooks, and a string of Christmas lights are the few essentials you’ll need to craft this elegant DIY lantern. Click here for the tutorial!

41. DIY Squashed Can Lantern

Tea lights, spray paint, cans, a metal cutting disc and you are good to transform the abandoned stuff into a DIY garden lantern. Get the details here!

42. DIY Solar Lantern

Garden Lantern Ideas 47

This DIY solar lantern is an amazing trick to give your garden the perfect dreamy vibes this Christmas. Check the details here!

43. Twine Ball Lantern

Book your weekend with this fun and easy project and transform your garden into an Insta-worthy spot. Get the details here!

44. DIY Hanging Firefly Lanterns

Garden Lantern Ideas 48

These DIY firefly lanterns look surreal in the garden corner and set the perfect mood for cozy dates and New Year parties. Click here for details.

45. DIY Wooden Lantern

Plywood scraps, LED lights and a few other supplies are all you need to make this beautiful lantern. Read this and craft one today!

46. DIY Scrap Wood Lantern

Garden Lantern Ideas 49

Vintage Decors never go out of style. Design this DIY scrap wood lantern with scrap pieces, nail gun, wooden screw, baling wire, faux candles, and some adhesives today. Check the details here!

47. DIY Fairy Light Lantern

Arrange a glass terrarium, some white stones, fairy lights, and a faux plant to add a dreamy appeal to your garden with this DIY fairy light lantern. Get the details here!

48. DIY Beach Party Lantern

Garden Lantern Ideas 50

Transform used soda bottles into a gorgeous beach party lantern using scissors, bamboo pole, duck tape, tassels, and a few pretty candles. Get the detailed steps here!

49. Upcycled Plastic Bottle Lantern

Recycle old plastic bottles into a DIY lantern by adding some colors, ornaments, and a faux candle.  Hang them from tree branches at night for some showy appeal. Check the steps here!

50. DIY Watercolor Hanging Lantern

Garden Lantern Ideas

Engage the kiddos in a creativity task to mimic these watercolor lanterns and add a cheery vibe to your garden. Learn the steps here!

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