55 Best DIY Birdhouse Ideas With Plans and Tutorials

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Discover the Best DIY Birdhouse Ideas With Plans and Tutorials to create beautiful havens so birds and feathery friends bless your garden!

Welcome to a world of chirping delights! If you’re a nature lover and want to bring the joy of birds into your backyard, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to dive into the Best DIY Birdhouse Ideas With Plans and Tutorials! Let’s create cozy havens for our feathered friends together!

Best DIY Birdhouse Ideas With Plans and Tutorials

1. DIY Winecork Birdhouse

Birdhouse Ideas With Plans

This wine cork birdhouse is decorative, a great DIY project to follow. Watch the tutorial video here!

2. Flower Pot Birdhouse

Birdhouse Ideas With Plans 2

This double-duty birdhouse can be a planter as well, making it one of the top choices in our DIY Birdhouse Ideas. Check out the tutorial in the Idea room!

3. Nesting Shelf DIY Birdhouse

Diy Birdhouse Ideas

Transform an old galvanized bucket into a stylish birdhouse, which you can hang anywhere. Check out the DIY tutorial here!

4. Rustic Clay Birdhouse

diy Birdhouse Ideas 2

This natural clay birdhouse is not so durable outside, but it’s a nice DIY project if you want to keep it indoors as a decorative object. The tutorial is here for one of the easiest rustic birdhouse ideas.

5. Bird-Shaped Birdhouse

Birdhouse Ideas With Plans 3

Bird-shaped birdhouse for birds, isn’t it interesting? The step-by-step instructions are available here!

6. DIY Green Roof Birdhouse

Birdhouse Ideas With Plans 3

This green roof birdhouse is easy to make and supports the ecosystem as well. You can grow grass, succulents, or some other plants on it. Check out the tutorial here for one this easy DIY birdhouse ideas.

7. Cowboy Boot Birdhouse

Cowboy Boot Birdhouse

Make use of an old cowboy boot and showcase your creativity by making this Weird-looking Birdhouse, a quirky one out of DIY Birdhouse Ideas for sure. The tutorial is here!

8. DIY Mod Podge Birdhouses

DIY Mod Podge Birdhouses

Make fabric-covered designer birdhouses for your yard following the tutorial available here!

9. DIY Clay Pot Birdhouse

DIY Clay Pot Birdhouse

If small birds visit your garden, this DIY clay pot birdhouse idea is suitable for you. Apart from making an entrance hole in this, the idea here is perfect to follow if you’re looking for a hand painted birdhouse painting ideas.

10. One Board DIY Birdhouse

One Board DIY Birdhouse

This simple DIY birdhouse is made from a single pine board and requires only a few tools to assemble. Learn more here!

11. DIY Birdhouse with Planter

DIY Birdhouse with Planter

Easy to build, this birdhouse and planter is an excellent idea for the front porch, patio, or balcony. Check out the tutorial here!

12. License Plate Birdhouse

License Plate Birdhouse

This license plate birdhouse is a creative DIY idea to follow for a DIY birdhouse painting ideas. You’ll need some pieces of plywood, paint, an old license plate, and a few other materials to build this.

13. DIY Birdhouse

DIY Birdhouse

This is a very basic birdhouse building tutorial; you can build it for just $2-5, and even a newbie DIYer can try this. It is definitely an easy one of our DIY Birdhouse Ideas collection.

14. Peanut Butter Jar Birdhouse

Peanut Butter Jar Birdhouse

That jar of peanut butter (or something similar to that) is reusable. Create a birdhouse out of it in just 5 easy steps; check it out here.

15. Bluebird Birdhouse

Bluebird Birdhouse

If you want to attract bluebirds for nesting, this bluebird birdhouse plan at the DIY Dreamer is worth looking at!

16. Greek Temple-Inspired Birdhouse

Greek Temple-Inspired Birdhouse

You don’t need to be very skillful in carpentry to create this Greek Temple Resembling Bird House; just a few steps to complete it. See the tutorial here!

17. Milk Jug Birdhouse

Milk Jug Birdhouse

Your recycled milk jugs can shelter the birds as their nests. The step-by-step tutorial is available at the Instructables!

18. Purple Martin Birdhouse

Purple Martin Birdhouse

Looking for birdhouse gourd painting ideas? This Purple Martin Gourd Birdhouse idea is a fruitful investment as they help in controlling insects; however, if purple martins are not found in your area, this birdhouse can surely attract other birds.

19. Coffee Can Birdhouse

Coffee Can Birdhouse

Don’t stop now, you’re not even halfway into the best DIY Birdhouse Ideas. You can make a birdhouse out of anything, and this DIY Coffe Can Birdhouse idea is not different either!

20. Milk Carton BirdhouseMilk Carton Birdhouse

Another Birdhouse design idea with the milk carton involves young kids and asking them to complete this project. Here’s more of it!

21. Cloth DIY BirdhouseCloth DIY Birdhouse

This Cloth DIY Birdhouse project at the Bird&Blooms is suitable for small birds like wrens and chickadees.

22. DIY Church BirdhouseDIY Church Birdhouse

Build a Church Birdhouse with a metal roof following this free tutorial; click here to open the PDF!

23. Log Cabin Birdhouse

Log Cabin Birdhouse

Create this log cabin birdhouse in your garden for the birds. Click here to see the project!

24. DIY Grapevine Balls for Nesting Birds

DIY Grapevine Balls for Nesting Birds

This doesn’t look like your usual birdhouse, but something practical to attract nesting birds in your garden. Visit Bird&Blooms to learn more!

25. Milk Carton Birdhouse

Milk Carton Birdhouse

Must you have milk cartons or juice cartons? Instead of throwing them away, recycle them to create this Birdhouse+Birdfeeder!

26. Colorful Birdhouse

Colorful Birdhouse

Looking for Halloween birdhouse ideas? This colorful DIY birdhouse project here is so fun to follow; you can decorate the birdhouse using your favorite colors and give it a dark and scary look.

27. DIY Birdhouse Gourd

DIY Birdhouse Gourd

Another of the best birdhouse gourd painting ideas is this one. If you’re growing gourds, try making DIY Birdhouses like this out of them. The tutorial is here!

28. Plastic Bottle Birdhouse

Plastic Bottle Birdhouse

You can create this birdhouse using a plastic bottle and hang it on your balcony; a nice project to try with your kids. The tutorial is available here in Portuguese, which you can translate into English easily.

29. Birdhouse Mounting IdeaBirdhouse Mounting Idea

Looking for a hanging birdhouse for the porch or high trees that is perfect to mount? Here’s the DIY to end your search.

30. Birdhouse of Twigs and MossBirdhouse of Twigs and Moss

Trying to add a rustic feel? Follow this DIY to create an amazing and effortless birdhouse out of twigs and moss with one of the easiest DIY Birdhouse Ideas.

31. DIY Wooden BirdhouseDIY Wooden Birdhouse

This amazing DIY Birdhouse is among the best birdhouse post ideas that will spruce up your garden with its magnificent look. Check it out here.

32. Teapot BirdhouseTeapot Birdhouse

Why not upcycle an old teapot into a new home for birds and lighten up your garden? Check out the DIY here.

33. Penny-Roof BirdhousePenny-Roof Birdhouse

Want the best of all birdhouse roof ideas? Take some pennies and create a penny-studded birdhouse that any bird would love to reside in! Here is the DIY tutorial.

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34. Plywood Birdhouse IdeaPlywood Birdhouse Idea

Create this sturdy and tall plywood birdhouse for the garden, and the birds will never stop nesting there. Check it out here.

35. DIY Stone BirdhouseDIY Stone Birdhouse

Have a flagstone floor and want a matching birdhouse? Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to make a stone birdhouse.

36. Modern Hanging BirdhouseModern Hanging Birdhouse

With a light tone and plenty of space, this modern birdhouse is one of the best DIY birdhouse hanging ideas for your feathery friends. Learn how to make it here.

37. Decorated BirdhouseDecorated Birdhouse

Follow this quick and easy tutorial to learn how you can create a stunning masterpiece that will house birds and also add a touch of beauty to the garden.

38. Bluebird Bird House DIYBluebird Bird House DIY

A little bit of old barn wood and a bit of elbow grease is all it takes to create these minimalistic bluebird birdhouses. Here’s the DIY.

39. Redwood BirdhouseRedwood Birdhouse

Want a Christmas birdhouse idea? Why didn’t you just say so? Check out this DIY to create one out of amazing redwood for one of the most amazing Christmas birdhouse ideas.

40. Log Cabin Birdhouse DIYLog Cabin Birdhouse DIY

Want a lush home for your birds to match the one you live in? Learn how to make a log cabin birdhouse here.

41. Modern BirdhouseModern Birdhouse

With a simple and elegant look that will turn heads, this modern birdhouse DIY is definitely one to try. Check it out here.

42. Birdhouse with LampsBirdhouse with Lamps

Look how cute and unique this little birdhouse looks with those tiny lamps at the entrance. Here is the DIY to create unique birdhouse ideas with lamps.

43. Double Birdhouse with Planter DIYDouble Birdhouse with Planter DIY

Still looking for your favorite in the DIY Birdhouse Ideas? This lovely idea with birdhouses on either side and a small planter for your favorite foliage is definitely one to try. Learn how to make it here.

44. Wren BirdhouseWren Birdhouse

Here’s another quick and easy DIY birdhouse idea that you can complete this weekend. Check it out here.

45. Birdhouse for ChickadeesBirdhouse for Chickadees

Love chickadees in your garden? Follow this DIY to create the perfect birdhouse for them.

46. Teapot BirdhouseTeapot Birdhouse

Here’s another teapot birdhouse idea paired with a teacup creating the perfect birdhouse and bird feeder combo. Learn how to make it here.

47. PVC Pipe BirdhousePVC Pipe Birdhouse

With the versatility of PVC pipes, this one comes as no surprise, making it the cheapest of DIY Birdhouse Ideas. Here is the DIY to create an amazing PVC pipe birdhouse perfect for little birds.

48. Multi-Unit BirdhouseMulti-Unit Birdhouse

Have tons of birds frequenting your backyard? Give all of them a permanent home with this multi-unit birdhouse idea. Check it out here.

49. Scrap Wood BirdhouseScrap Wood Birdhouse

Have any scrap wood lying in your house? Put it to good use and construct one for the birds too. They’ll love you for it. Here is the DIY.

50. DIY Birdhouse HangerDIY Birdhouse Hanger

Looking for a unique birdhouse that everyone will look at and go, “Whoa?” Learn how to make it here.

51. Craft Stick Birdhouse IdeaCraft Stick Birdhouse Idea

Did you know you could create a birdhouse using only craft sticks? Check out how here.

52. Toilet Paper Roll BirdhouseToilet Paper Roll Birdhouse

Here is an amazing and cheap birdhouse for those who don’t want a pricey project. Learn how to create a toilet paper roll birdhouse easily here.

53. DIY Bamboo BirdhouseDIY Bamboo Birdhouse

A sturdy, beautiful, and easy birdhouse idea, this bamboo birdhouse will house amazing birds through the years. Here is the DIY.

54. Shoebox BirdhouseShoebox Birdhouse

Turn your shoeboxes into amazing birdhouses instead of throwing them away by following this easy DIY. Not just shoeboxes, you can make birdhouses with any cartons or boxes you have, making it a versatile one of our DIY Birdhouse Ideas collection.

55. Birdhouse with Number PlateBirdhouse with Number Plate

An old number plate and some pieces of wood are all you need to create a birdhouse for your backyard. Here is the DIY.

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  1. I liked your concept of the wine cork birdhouse. I have been wanting to do something with a wooden box one of my wines come in. Maybe I should see what I can do to make a winery birdhouse and see how the birds enjoy it.

    • Watch your birds to see who is waiting for 5:00PM to start looking for food. That is the bird looking for a box of wine.

  2. i really liked your article about the 28 best diy birdhouses. i just wanted to say that this is a great post and thanks for sharing these ideas with us! one of my favorites was the nesting shelf DIY birdhouse because it’s aesthetically pleasing and will last forever.


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