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16 Must See DIY Yarn Craft Ideas For Home & Garden

Utilize your leftover colorful yarn by completing one of these 16 DIY Yarn Craft Ideas for home and garden!

1. DIY String Chandelier

Pretty up your outdoor sitting area in the garden with these DIY string chandeliers. Get the How-to here.

2. DIY Yarn Wreath

Complete this super easy yarn project, make a wreath for your front door or mantle in simple steps available here.

3. DIY Colorful Yarn Balls

Create chaos of bold colors in your home and garden with these yarn balls. View the DIY article here.

4. Plant Yarn Bombing

Yarn bombing is the best way to color up your houseplants without spending much! We found this DIY yarn craft idea at knitsforlife.

5. Yarn Bombing Blooms

This time add exhilaration to faux or fresh flowers using the technique of “Yarn Bombing.” This can be a great gift idea as well! Click here for the steps.

6. Yarn Bombing

Here we are listing another yarn bombing DIY project! Get the inspiration from here.

7. Yarn Chandelier Lampshade Globe

What is fancier than a yarn ball? Yarn chandelier or a lampshade! Learn how to create this by following the steps in the video here.

8. DIY Yarn Ball Ornaments

This time, add vibrancy to your Christmas tree with these yarn ball ornaments. Get the tutorial here.

9. Yard Yarn Decoration

A fun DIY idea for Easter! Transport your guests to the days of childhood with this yarn decor eggs with candy. The directions are here.

10. DIY Hanging Moss Ball Planter

This stylish hanging moss ball planter is inexpensive and easy to make! Find the instructions here.

11. Yarn Ball Wreath

This Halloween wreath DIY is enough to add character and interest to your spooky Halloween decor. See more Halloween wreath ideas at the BHG.

12. Pom Pom Garland

This DIY yarn project is perfect if you want to add a decorative touch to your home on special occasions. Get the details here.

13. Tire Swing Yarn Bomb

This tire swing surely attracts the eyeballs once it starts to swing. This yarn bombing project is available at Curious Pebbles.

14. Tree Sweater

Modify your garden with this colorful yarn bombing project. It inspires you to create beautiful sweaters for the trees. Follow the DIY here.

15. Large Plant Holder

A plant holder for your balcony garden. Get the free crochet pattern here.

16. Succulent Stacker

Cozy up your indoor garden with this wearable succulent stacker. Understand the steps and free pattern at Left in Knots.



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