50+ Gorgeous DIY Flower Vase Ideas You Can Do Easily

Scroll through our 50+ DIY Flower Vase Ideas, select the best ones and try imitating them for your home with the help of tutorials!

1. Wrapped Patterned Vase

Scroll through these 50 DIY Flower Vase Ideas, select your favorites and try imitating them at your home with the help of tutorials!

Cheap ordinary glass vases turned into crafty patterned vases with removable wallpaper and gold foil. How to do this is explained here.

2. Tin Cans Made into a Farmhouse Style Vases

Tin Cans Made into a Farmhouse Style Vases

Wrap and glue birch strips onto a series of tin cans to create farmhouse style vases like these. To make it more fun, you can even carve your initials or any shape on the birch strip. Get the DIY here.

3. Geometric Metallic Shape

Geometric Metallic Shape

Apply strips of gold and silver contact paper over spray painted glass containers to recreate this project of Enthralling Gumption. Indulge your kids into it, and it’s easy too!

4. Disco Ball Vase

How about making this retro style disco ball vase? Visit A Bubbly Life for the instructions.

5. DIY Perfume Vase

easy diy vase you can make at home

For this perfume vase, you only need to fill faux plants (or add cut flowers) into a decorative perfume bottle. How easy!

6. DIY Vase from Tetra Pak

DIY Vase from Tetra Pak

Paint and draw patterns on a Tetra Pak to turn it into a DIY flower vase. A great upcycle project to do this weekend. The how-to is here.

7. Beautiful Patterned Vase

Beautiful Patterned Vase

Adorn a simple vase with designs and patterns of your choice to create a homemade DIY flower vase like this. You’ll need a ceramic vase, adhesive, gold foil paper, a paint brush, and this tutorial to go on.

8. Thrift Store Vase

Thrift Store Vase

With some washi tapes and round stickers, you can easily imitate the DIY project above. Spray paint the vases after applying the tape and once the paint is dry, remove the tape. The how-to is here.

9. Snake Bud Vase

Coil your toy snake into a tin can and heat the center of the can using a heat gun. This idea is very basic if you have got all the supplies ready in hand. Get the details here.

10. Color Block Vase

Color Block Vase

Make these color block vases from just a few items. Get the DIY tutorial at Song Of Style.

11. Spray Paint Marbled Planters and Vases

What are your thoughts on marble prints technique? It’s actually fun and pretty easy to get a marble print on any surface. Get help from this detailed tutorial.

12. Bunny Mini Vases

These cute little mini vases are made out of eggshells, sharpies, washi tapes, and tiny flowers and leaves. A perfect idea to inherit for an Easter decoration.

13. Lampshade Vases

Lampshade Vases

Thoroughly clean and paint a series of spare lampshades to imitate the DIY vases above. You can hang some of them as well to provide vertical interest to your interior.

14. Easter Bunny Vases

Here’s yet another Easter tutorial. This project involves supplies mostly from your kitchen, which you might already have in hand.

15. Painted Glass Bottle Vases

Painted Glass Bottle Vases

Simply pour a few tablespoons of paint into glass bottles and evenly distribute the paint by rolling the bottles around. This is all you need to do to get the DIY done. We found the idea here.

16. Paper Bag Vases

Feel inspired by this interesting craft, which you can make out of paper bags, flowers, and markers. Fold a long paper bag, and click here to read more.

17. Washi 3D Vases

diy vase

If you have a 3D printer handy by your side, you should definitely consider doing this project. You can also order the printed vases online. See how it’s done here.

18. Faceted Vase DIY

Fold and crease a sheet of paper using the techniques of origami to create a paper DIY vase like this. At last, adorn your vase using glitters and other decorative craft materials.

19. Patterned Bud Vases

Patterned Bud Vases

Draw exclusive pattern designs onto a white bud vase using paint pens and fill the vase with flowers. The how-to is here.

20. Acorn Vase

Collect a few acorns from your backyard and start this pretty and effortless acorn vase project. Get the tutorial here.

21. Yarn Vase

Learn how to upcycle a glass bottle into this yarn vase here. Inexpensive and easy to make!

22. Sweater Vases

Take old sweaters and turn them into cozy household vases with the tutorial here.

23. Paint Swirl Vases

Look at this awesome version of paint swirl vases, which will teach you how to turn ordinary glass vessels into something unusual.

24. Mercury Glass Centerpiece

homemade diy flower vase ideas

If you are looking for a wedding table decor DIY, this project is probably the right pick for you. These mercury glass centerpieces can accompany a wide variety of themes from rustic, vintage to romantic.

25. Duct Tape Vase

Plastic containers and duct tape are all that you need to create this impressive flower vase. The tutorial is one click away here.

26. Chalk Paint Vase

Cool project to follow if you are looking for a rustic and vintage DIY flower vase ideas –paint clear glass vases with chalk paint and distress them with a kitchen sponge. Learn this in detail here.

27. DIY Glitter Vase

DIY Glitter Vase

With a little mod podge and some glitter; create these adorable mini vases for parties, weddings or any dining setting. The Sweetest Occasion has the details.

28. Textured Clay Vase

You can employ glass containers to make these brilliantly textured vases. You need to have glass paints, puffy paints, and paint brushes. Click here to understand the steps.

29. Metal Screen Vase

Use metal screens, wire cutters, yarn, scissors, gloves, and glass jars to replicate this idea. Check out the instructions at A Beautiful Mess.

30. Painted Vase

Painted Flower Vase

In this DIY vase project, acrylic paint is swooshed onto a glass vase.

31. DIY Gold Gilded Vases

Seeing the image above you probably already understand how it’s done. Expose 1/3 part of the vase, cover the rest with newspaper, making irregular edges and spray paint the exposed part. Check out the step by step tutorial here.

32. Test Tube Hanging Flower Display

Whether this idea belongs in this list or not, we think you must consider this to have an eye catchy hanging centerpiece. One of a kind of tutorial is here.

33. Copper Tape Vase

Copper Tape Vase

This one is one of the simplest in all DIY vases in our list. Just cut strips of copper tape and tape it in any unique pattern, that’s all! We found it here.

34. Topography Vase

Hollow out paper mache letters and fill them with faux flowers and succulents. Find the tutorial at A Kailo Chic Life.

35. Tin Can Vase

Paint and cover regular tin cans with floral ribbons to complete this lovely homemade vase. Click here for instructions.

36. DIY Textured Vase

DIY Textured Vase Learn how a plain vase is changed into this amazing textured vase here.

37. DIY Concrete Vases

Make these exceptional vases out of concrete. Use plastic and glass bottle as molds. The steps are here to follow.

38. DIY Striped Vase

DIY Striped Flower Vase

This striped vase DIY project is super easy to complete. Check out the tutorial at Inspired By This!

39. DIY Branch Vase

diy vase ideas For this DIY vase idea, you’ll need twigs or small branches and an empty tin can. Check out the tutorial here.

40. DIY Copper Vases

Make copper vases from jars and bottles using the copper spray paint following the directions suggested here.

41. Wood Block Vase DIY

Get wood blocks of different sizes and drill 1.5 inches hole in them. Use them as a vase the way suggested here.

42. Globe Flower Vase DIY Globe Flower Vase DIY

This globe flower vase can be a wonderful addition to your kid’s room or your home office. Visit Place of My Taste for the how-to.

43. DIY Pineapple Vase

This pineapple vase is temporary but unique. The steps are here.

44. Faux Marble Vase

Embed the pattern of marble on a vase. How? Check that out in this DIY flower vase tutorial.

45. Geometric Wood Vase

Again a wood block vase project in our list of DIY flower vase ideas but this time with a change, geometric cuts. Find the details here.

46. Jeweled Vase

Decorate a simple dollar store vase with stone embellishments. Glue them, and it’s done, find more here.

47. DIY Teapot Flower Vases

DIY Teapot Flower Vases These teapots can be a great centerpiece, transform them into beautiful flower vases, the tutorial is here.

48. DIY Newspaper Vase

DIY Newspaper Flower Vase

This vase is made out of newspaper rolls, see the how-to here.

49. DIY Wine Cork Vase

You can make really great things out of wine corks. This project is an example. The tutorial is here.

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50. Milk Tin Flower Vase

A watering and a milk tin are made into vases. Find the instructions here!

51. DIY Plaster Flower Vase

The ingredients of this beautiful DIY vase are a balloon, plaster of paris, and paint. Visit the Simply Handmade Studios for the tutorial.

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