15 New Year Indoor Gardening Resolutions for Every Plant Grower

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From planting veggies and adding seasonal garden color schemes to colorful foliage, vertical gardening, and going organic - make 2024 fun and green with these New Year indoor gardening resolutions.

These New Year Indoor Gardening Resolutions will make your growing plants at home more fun and interesting!

Starting 2024 with these new year indoor gardening resolutions is going to up your plant-growing game and will set a positive tone for the entire year.

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 New Year Indoor Gardening Resolutions

1. Try Growing More Vegetables Indoors

Indoor Gardening Resolutions 1

Growing new vegetables inside your home for 2024 will open up a range of possibilities – the biggest being allowing for year-round cultivation, no matter what the external weather conditions are!

The ones you must definitely try growing this year are – Microgreens – as they’re perfect for growing more in small spaces.

Also, go for herbs like basil, chives, and parsley – they only need a windowsill with ample sunlight. If you’ve got a sunny windowsill or balcony, try tomatoes, radishes, bell peppers, and spinach, and many more.

2. Add More Color Indoors

Indoor Gardening Resolutions 2

The presence of vibrant plants can significantly boost your interior’s aesthetic appeal, by adding a splash of color, creating a more inviting and lively environment!

Go for different plants that have a range of colors on the foliage and make this new year fill your home with natural hues!

3. Grow More Indoor Flowers

Adding flowering houseplants to your indoor plant collection is a must-do thing in 2024! Peace Lily, a symbol of tranquility and purity, can be a good choice.

You can also go for African Violet, as it stands for loyalty and devotion, adding a touch of warmth to any space. For those seeking a dash of class, Begonia, symbolizing caution and individuality, will stand out with its leaf shapes and colors.

Adding an Orchid is something you can never go wrong with, as it signifies luxury, making an elegant statement. If you love warm colors, grow clivia and geraniums.

Before you choose any flower, do not forget to know its meaning and symbolism to make it a personal pick for the room!

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4. Add a Tree to Your Indoor Plant Collection

Indoor Gardening Resolutions 4

Why must you add an indoor tree to the living or bedroom this year? Well, for a variety of reasons! Firstly, having an indoor tree will create a huge statement in your room.

The presence of a big tree indoors creates a positive impact, creating a calming, serene atmosphere. This connection to nature can boost your mood, reduce stress, and enhance your overall well-being.

5. Try Different Houseplant Combinations

Indoor Gardening Resolutions 5

Growing one single type/s of plant/s can make the room appear boring. How about you come up with different plant combinations like – Monstera Deliciosa and Snake Plant or Pothos and Spider Plant? How about you pair an Arrowhead plant with poinsettias like shown in the picture above?!

You can also go for Rubber Plant and Peace Lily or simply succulents of different colors. All of these plants are really easy to look after.

6. Start an Indoor Grow Room

Indoor Gardening Resolutions 6

In 2024, you should definitely start an indoor grow room – a separate space to grow plants indoors. All you need is a small room, a couple of containers on the shelves, a large window for sunlight (or grow lights), and a mini irrigation system.

All this will give you a controlled enviroment to grow herbs and other seeds without worrying about the weather outside.

7. Plan Your Purchases Wisely

Indoor Gardening Resolutions 7

Avoid the temptation of buying plants and materials too early or without researching. By selecting specimens that are appropriate for your climate and soil type, you reduce waste and increase the likelihood of plant survival and health.

Additionally, proper research before buying anything for the garden can lead to more eco-friendly choices, such as opting for native plants that require less water and maintenance.

Buy from local nurseries to support community businesses and reduce carbon emissions related to transportation.

Grab a pen and paper and make a list of what you need. Cross out the stuff you can repurpose or do without, and cut back on unnecessary expenses.

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8. Go Organic and Re-Use

Go with the trend of sustainable living. When you repurpose items such as old pots, mason jars, plastic bottles, teacups, or containers to grow plants or herbs, you are essentially giving them a new life, which can be incredibly satisfying. Not to mention – it’s also cost-effective!

This approach can also be really creative, encouraging you to find innovative ways to turn everyday items into beautiful plant homes.

9. Experiment with New Plant Varieties

If you love exotic plants, experimenting with new plant varieties should be your top gardening resolution! Growing new varieties also supports biodiversity and challenges your gardening skills, pushing you to adapt and learn.

Note: Do your research, as introducing non-native species requires caution, as they can sometimes become invasive or harm native plant and animal life.

10. Keep an Indoor Garden Journal

Indoor Gardening Resolutions 10

Keeping an indoor garden journal in 2024 will allow you to track your plants’ growth and needs, adapting care routines accordingly. It will also help you to tailor your fertilizing and watering approach toward different plants more precisely.
A journal helps you develop a deeper connection with the indoor garden, turning gardening into a mindful, reflective activity.

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11. Try Your Hand at Vertical Gardening

This innovative approach will help you transform a tiny room into a green haven! It is also a great alternative to add greenery to spaces that have limited room to grow plants, like the smallest balconies, patios, or indoor areas with a big open window.

The vertical element creates a visually appealing and soothing environment. From decorative flowers to edible herbs – the possibilities are endless!

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12. Add Plants for Teas and Aromatherapy

Plants such as chamomile, mint, rosemary, and lavender are a must-have for a healthy cup of tea. The good news is – you can easily grow them in a small space like a sunny windowsill! So why skip this resolution in 2024?

13. Create an Indoor Plant Sanctuary

Indoor Gardening Resolutions 14

A cozy plant sanctuary right inside your home is a perfect way to enjoy the perks of nature. If you have a well-lit spot in your home, it will be all you need!

Now, go for plants that do well indoors, like ferns, philodendrons, pothos, rubber trees, or figs. Once done, you can also add some flowering plants like Kalanchoe to the mix!

Arranging your plants at different heights using stands or shelves can add depth and interest to your sanctuary. Remember to leave some space to ensure proper air circulation.

Finally, personalize the space with accessories like comfortable seating or soft lighting to create a serene and inviting atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of your indoor oasis.

14. Take Time to Relax in a Cozy Plant Room

Indoor Gardening Resolutions 11

Adding pastel colors and textures along with different plant species can enhance the room’s aesthetic appeal. The room’s layout should be thoughtfully designed to create a seamless blend of greenery and a space to relax, giving you ample time to dwell with your green friends!

Do not forget to add additional touches like soft lighting, gentle scents, and soothing sounds – all these can elevate the sensory experience!

15. Get a Plant Tattoo!Indoor Gardening Resolutions 15

Last but definitely not least is getting a plant or flower tattoo to proclaim your love for nature! The colors and shapes of plants and flowers offer endless possibilities for creative expression!

Whether you’re planting veggies, adding new colors, or hanging out with indoor trees, 2024 is your year! Keep it fun, try new things, and don’t forget to share what you learn with pals. Happy gardening!

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