30 Best Plants for Kitchen Windowsill Ideas

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Have a limited space but love growing plants? Uncover these 30 best plants for windowsill ideas for the kitchen in this post.

Utilize the open space of a window in your cooking place and add some useful plants like herbs, houseplants, and microgreens. If you like the idea, take inspiration from below.

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Plants for Windowsill


Have an unlimited fresh supply of your favorite herbs by growing them on a sunny windowsill. 

1. Herbs by the Sink

Pictures of Houseplants on Kitchen Windowsill

Herbs right by your kitchen sink, you can wash and use fresh while cooking.

2. Basil and Microgreen in Glass

Glass bowls and mason jars can be useful when it comes to growing microgreens and propagating herb cuttings. Here’s more of it!

3. Perfect Spot for a Windowsill Planter

Pictures of Houseplants on Kitchen Windowsill 2

You can place a wide windowsill planter to grow your favorite herbs or a houseplant.

4. Edible Garden on a Windowsill


An edible garden like this on a windowsill is desirable but it’s only possible if you have a sunny window.

5. Different Herbs in Pots


All the culinary herbs, even a wasabi too!

6. Mini Herb Pot by a Kitchen Window


Kitchen windowsill is a perfect spot to place a herb pot like this.

7. Herbs with Other Plants on the Window


A little droopy basil and chives with other houseplants.


Grow flowers to add a dash of colors to your kitchen windows. If you have a sunny windowsill, the options are endless! 

8. Orchid Windowsill

Plants for Windowsill (Orchids)

if you love orchids, go for a setup like this.

9. Windowsill Flower Garden


If you have a big windowsill, keep windowsill planters to grow flowers like daffodils, amaryllis, marigolds, and herbs.

10. Pink on Window

Pictures of Houseplants on Kitchen Windowsill 4

Grow flowers in shades of pink, orange, and red to make your cheerful.

11. Flowers by the Kitchen Window


You’ll be lucky if you have a tall window like this, and if you have–use it!

12. Cut Flowers for Colors


Cut flowers can always beautify the space.

Edible Plants

Grow edible plants and enjoy a fresh harvest right at your kitchen window!

13. Potted Lemon Plant


Check out how the shelf is arranged to accommodate more plants.

14. Tomato Plants on a Kitchen Windowsill

Pictures of Houseplants on Kitchen Windowsill 12

A windowsill is also a perfect space to propagate new plants from seeds.


Trailing plants add a bit of drama and greenery to a kitchen windowsill and fill up space nicely.

15. Large Kitchen Window with Vines and Other Plants


Which one is your favorite in this? Share in the comments.

16. Vines in Hanging Baskets

Pictures of Houseplants on Kitchen Windowsill 13

A windowsill is also a nice place to suspend several hanging baskets.


Pothos, philodendron, and a spider plant together on a windowsill.

18. Trailing String of Pearls in a Metal Planter

Pictures of Houseplants on Kitchen Windowsill 14

It can be a perfect spot for trailing succulents as well.


Houseplants bring a dash of greenery and appeal to an empty kitchen windowsill.

19. Plants in Tin Bucket


20. One Plant Showstopper

Pictures of Houseplants on Kitchen Windowsill 15

You can have just one plant as a centerpiece as well–just like this umbrella plant.

21. Mini Garden on a Windowsill


The combination of tall and small plants is making it more interesting.

22. Wheatgrass, Microgreens and a Flowering Kalanchoe

Pictures of Houseplants on Kitchen Windowsill 16

Windowsill is a perfect spot to grow wheatgrass for its juice.

23. How About a Fern


Ferns are good plants for a windowsill, too.

24. Hanging Plants Over the Kitchen Counter


You can create a hanging indoor garden like this on a windowsill and save space.

25. Fake Plants

If nothing works, just keep a few fake plants for some greenery.


Easy-to-grow succulents are great for a sunny kitchen windowsill!

26. Succulents and Other Plants


Succulents don’t take much space, so it’s a good idea to grow them.

27. Succulent Collection

Pictures of Houseplants on Kitchen Windowsill 17

Make your windowsill a dedicated space for your succulent collection.

28. Colorful Succulents in Cute Small Pots


Follow this idea–you can either have the fake ones or the real ones.

29. In Terracotta Pots

Have a look at the Most Common Snake Plant Varieties here

How cute! Isn’t it?

30. Succulents in a Cool Succulent Pot Holder


You can check out more succulent ideas here.

Which one of these Kitchen Window Plant Ideas did you like most? Share in the comments!

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