18 Best Places for a Peace Lily Plant in the House

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Here are the most innovative Places to Keep a Peace Lily in the House to enhance the plants’ and rooms’ beauty!

Discovering the spots to keep a peace lily in the house can transform your interior into an oasis of tranquility! In this article, we’ll unveil the best locations to showcase your peace lily, ensuring it thrives and brings its soothing presence to your daily life.

Best Places to Keep a Peace Lily

1. In the Bedroom

Places to Keep a Peace Lily in the House 1

Create a serene atmosphere in your bedroom by positioning a Peace Lily on or near your bedside table. Benefits of peace lily inside the house are many and its gentle presence can contribute to a peaceful night’s sleep.

2. On the Work Desk

Introduce a calming element to your workspace by adding a Peace Lily to or near to your work desk. Enjoy the plant’s air-purifying qualities while you work.

3. In the Bathroom

Places to Keep a Peace Lily in the House 3

Bring a touch of nature to your bathroom by placing its pot on the floor or on a stool. Its resilience thrives in the humidity of the bathroom environment.

4. In a Corner Nook

Transform a forgotten corner into a lush oasis by adding this plant. Opt for a large planter for this peace lily decor.

5. On a Reading Book Table

Places to Keep a Peace Lily in the House 5

Another best place for a peace lily plant is on the table. Also, add a reading light to highlight both your books and the plant.

6. In the Kitchen

Add a splash of greenery to your kitchen by placing a Peace Lily. It complements countertop herbs and spices while thriving in the kitchen’s ambient light.

7. On a Wall Shelf

Places to Keep a Peace Lily in the House 7

Create a visually striking display by lining your wall shelf with Peace Lilies. An elegant way to add a natural appeal for sure!

8. Peace Lily Decor on the Stairs

Adorn your stairs with a Peace Lily – choosing contrasting planters is an excellent idea to make the plant more appealing.

9. Near a Bright Window

Places to Keep a Peace Lily in the House 9

Place your Peace Lily close to a bright window to benefit from indirect sunlight, adding a touch of lush greenery to your living space.

10. Make a Pair Near a Recessed Wall

Enhance the aesthetics of your living room’s recessed wall by keeping a pair of peace lilies there!

11. Right Next to a Couch

Places to Keep a Peace Lily in the House 11

Right next to a couch is the best place for a peace lily plant in a small house to make a statement!

12. Peace Lily Feng Shui Placement

A peace lily feng shui placement like this with other plants in a balcony can transform the space into a zen corner.

13. As a Living Room Table Centerpiece

Make a statement on your dining or coffee table by featuring a Peace Lily as a centerpiece. Opt for a wide planter for added stability.

14. By a Large Window

Adorn your tall window with a large peace lily—its towering appearance will make a statement in a spacious room.

15. Group them Below the Stairs

Placing multiple peace lilies below the empty space of the stairs is a good idea to use the space!

16. Peace Lily Decor Beside a Mirror

Pair your Peace Lily with a mirror to amplify its beauty. Go for a large container to make a bold statement.

17. In a Hanging Basket

Places to Keep a Peace Lily in the House 17

One of the best place for peace lily plant is any corner of the room and you can showcase it there using a hanging basket!

18. By the Side Wall

Adding a peace lily in a stubby plant stand next to a narrow wall section is a simple approach that always goes right.

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