15 DIY Hanging Plant Stand Ideas

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Here are some amazing DIY Hanging Plant Stand Ideas that will help you add greenery to your home in a limited space.

Short on space? With these DIY Hanging Plant Stand Ideas, you can hang plants wherever you like. And they’re really easy to follow.

22 DIY Corner Plant Stand Ideas for Houseplants

DIY Hanging Plant Stand Ideas

1. Corner Stand for Hanging Plants

DIY Hanging Plant Stand 1

Here’s a lovely idea to turn those bland corners into beautiful green focal points.

2. Repurposed Garment Rack

Diy Repurposed Garment Rack

If you have an old garment rack, you can put it to good use for your plants like this idea.

3. Modern “C” Hanger

DIY Hanging Plant Stand 3

You can find a similar DIY hanger in thrift stores easily. Or put in some work and make one.

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4. Hanging Plant Stand from Clothes Rack

Diy Hanging Plant Stand from Clothes Rack

Not just a clothes rack, you can turn any metal rack into a nice DIY hanging plant stand for your home.

5. Two Tier Stand

DIY Hanging Plant Stand 5

This stand is a sturdy and cheap option. You can use it for pots and hangers alike.

6. Repurpose a Clothes Organizer

Diy repurpose a Clothes Organizer plant hanger

Clothes organizers are very good at organizing and hanging your indoor plants.

7. Coat Rack Turned Hanging Stand

Coat Rack Turned Hanging Stand

Ikea racks make brilliant plant stands. This DIY will come cheap but look expensive.

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8. Bronze Rack

DIY Hanging Plant Stand 8

A coat rack bought from an online store and spray painted in golden color. It doesn’t get any better than this!

9. $12 Ikea Rack

DIY Hanging $12 Ikea Rack Plant Stand 9

No one would ever be able to tell that you got this hanging plant stand for just $12. It makes those macrame hangers look so pretty!

10. Plant Stand from Clothing Rack

Plant Stand from Clothing Rack

Just a simple clothing rack can turn your bedroom into a lush hanging pot garden. Here’s how.

11. A Simple Pipe Stand

DIY Hanging Plant Stand A Simple Pipe Stand

This minimal design will be perfect for corners and corridors. And it looks absolutely stunning. Learn how to make it here.

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12. Wooden Frame for Hanging Baskets

Diy Wooden Frame for Hanging Baskets

All you need are 3 pieces of wood, nails, a hook, and basic tools to make one just like this. Also, this DIY with detailed steps.

13. Outdoor Plant Stand

DIY Hanging Outdoor Plant Stand

This plant stand has a unique appearance that just makes it grand. You should definitely keep it on the porch or the patio. DIY here.

14. Gold Plant Stand

Diy Hanging Gold Plant Stand

Follow this DIY and learn how you can turn metal and spray paint into a nice gold plant stand for hanging pots indoors.

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15. Modern Hanging Planter

Diy Modern Hanging Planter

Making this lovely macrame hanging planter is as easy as 1-2-3. Here’s the DIY to help you get started.

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