6 Plants That Look Like Asparagus Fern

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Ming Fern has soft-feathery leaves, Lace Fern has lacy foliage with small white flowers, and Sprenger's Asparagus grows upward with conical stems. These all look like the Asparagus fern. Foxtail and Maidenhair ferns resemble it too. So does Ming Aralia.

Plants That Look Like Asparagus Fern have such a close similarity that they will surprise you! Let’s look at these doppelgangers!Plants Look Like Asparagus Fern 1

Asparagus ferns are like the show stoppers – have them anywhere in the house and they will command attention! However, there are its look alikes that can give serious competition to its feathery, light foliage!

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Plants That Look Like Asparagus Fern

1. Ming Fern

 Asparagus Fern like plants 2

Botanical Name: Asparagus macowanii

The Ming Fern has a soft and feathery appearance with fine-textured leaves, just like the plant in question. However, the Asparagus fern is less dense than this one.

2. Lace Fern Plant

 Asparagus Fern like plants 3
Pistils Nursery

Botanical Name: Asparagus retrofractus

The Lace Fern plant looks a lot like the lacy foliage of the Asparagus fern with its needle-like leaves and airy structure. It also grows small, white flowers.

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3. Sprenger’s Asparagus

Plants Look Like Asparagus Fern 4

Botanical Name: Asparagus aethiopicus

The foliage of Sprenger’s Asparagus have feathery appearance, thanks to its fine needle leaves. Unlike asparagus fern, its stems grow upwards and have a conical shape.

4. Foxtail Fern

 Like Asparagus Fern plants 5

Botanical Name: Asparagus densiflorus

The individual stems of this fern look like a fox’s tail full of soft and delicate leaves. Its a lot like asparagus fern, but with an ‘erect’ twist!

5. Maidenhair Fern

Plants That Look Like Asparagus Fern 6

Botanical Name: Adiantum

The ‘flowy’ growth habit of this one matches that of the Asparagus fern, but this one is a tad more spectacular, all due to the size of its individual leaves!

6. Ming Aralia

 Asparagus Fern like plants 7

Botanical Name: Polyscias fruticosa

Ming Aralia has a bushy and compact growth like the Asparagus fern but can be recognized by its variegated hue yellow and green.

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