29 DIY LED Grow Light Panels You Can Make At Home

Build your own DIY LED Grow Light Panels at a cheap cost to start seed and grow your plants indoors without sunlight.

LED grow lights consume less energy and produce lower heat. Not only that, they last for a long time as well.

1. Cheap High Power LED Grow Lights

Cheap High Power LED Grow Lights


Build this high power DIY LED lamp to grow light at a cheap cost for your plants. The tutorial is available at Science in Hydroponics.

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2. 15W LED Grow Light Setup in a Tub


Grow your plants in artificial light with the help of this DIY. You can make it easily if you have some basic knowledge about electronics.

3. COB LED Grow Small Light


Learn how to build a small, medium, or large LED grow light in this article.

4. 108W LED Grow Light Panel


Commercial LED grow lights are expensive, but you can make your own unit following this tutorial at Instructables.

5. Homemade LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants

Homemade LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants


Follow this tutorial to build a homemade LED grow light system to grow indoor plants.

6. DIY LED Aquarium Grow Light Hood

This LED light system will not only beautify your aquarium but also support the plants in it. Find out how it was made in the tutorial video.

7. DIY LED Grow Light Project

DIY LED Grow Light Project


If electronic tinkering projects are fun for you, you must try this DIY here.

8. LED Grow Light System for Growing Plants Indoors

LED Grow Light System for Growing Plants Indoors


This LED grow light system with wire shelving, and the timer is perfect for growing small plants and starting seeds indoors

9. LED 5 Band Grow Light


This DIY here talks about the perfect wavelength for growing plants and how to achieve that.

10. How to Make Your Own Grow Lights

This tutorial video has all the steps you need to know to create your own grow lights.

11. Affordable $35 LED Grow Light

Learn to build these cheap, low powered grow lights in this YouTube tutorial.

12. LED Grow Light out of the Junk Bin

Find out how this YouTuber build a homemade LED grow light out of the junk bin and $6.76 in LEDs.

13. DIY LED Lights for Planted Tanks

If you own a planted tank or planning to make one this LED grow light tutorial will help you.

15. DIY 12V LED Grow Light

This LED grow light project requires repurposed items. All the instructions are available in the video.

16. DIY Bright LED Grow Light

With spending anywhere between 400 to 500 dollars, you’ll be able to build this functional grow light system, which is perfect for growing all the small potted plants and seedlings. Get the directions in the video.

17. Plywood Planters & LED Grow Lights

If you’re good at woodworking (or you can hire someone), this skillful Modular Wall Garden project worths a try. It’s a vertical garden and uses LED grow lights.

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18. 4 Feet DIY LED 2×4 Grow Tent Grow Light

This large DIY LED 2×4 grow tent grow light is big enough to contain many container plants. You can grow your herbs and greens in it in winters.

19. DIY Indoor Garden With LED Grow Lights

Grow your plants without sunlight in style in this ultra-modern automated indoor garden with the help of this tutorial.

20. Super Bright DIY LED Light Panel for Less than $30

Find out how this YouTuber build this inexpensive grow light panel using regular LED bulbs for his indoor plants.

21. Colorful LED Grow Light


Making your own LED grow light is a cheaper alternative to buying a new one. Also, this way, you can choose the light spectrum range. Learn more here.

22. Metal Panel LED Grow Light


Here’s another affordable LED grow light project that you can complete in just $100-150. The tutorial is here.

23. DIY Grow Tent LED Grow Light

Build this cheap LED light for growing plants in a grow tent with the help of this DIY tutorial.

24. LED Grow Light With PVC Stand


This DIY PVC grow light stand will become useful when you are starting seeds indoors. The instructions are here.

25. $10 Easy to Make DIY LED Grow Light

For this DIY LED grow light project you don’t need expensive supplies and advance DIY skills and you can make it in just $10. How? Check out in the video!

26. Ohms Ultra 4×4 DIY LED grow light

With this 4×4 LED grow light, you can grow a couple of your indoor plants without sunlight. Find out how it was made in the video.

27. Acrylic LED Grow Light

Learn how to build this clear acrylic grow light in this long step by step video tutorial.

28. DIY Compact LED Grow Light

Learn to make your own compact LED grow light at just 16.5 watts of power in this tutorial here.

29. Controlling DIY LED Grow Lights

Learn how to build a controlling LED grow lights in this live-streamed YouTube video.



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