42 Types of Radish Varieties for Containers and Gardens

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Looking for the Best Radish Varieties? We’ve got you covered with the most scrumptious Types of Radishes For Containers you can grow easily.

Here are different types of radishes you can grow! From vibrant colors like black, white, red, pink, and green and amazing taste for your palette, these types of radishes with pictures will leave you in awe.

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Types of Radishes For Containers

1. Watermelon Radish

Types of Radishes 1

Days to Harvest: 50-60 days

Watermelon radish is slightly sweeter and less peppery than other different types of radishes. Outside, it is between beige and white and a little green. But as the name promises, inside, its color recalls a watermelon, with a white border around the bright pink.

2. French Breakfast Radish

Days to Harvest: 25-30 days

The French Breakfast radish is red, more elongated than round radishes, and with a white rounded tip. It’s mildly acrid and has a pleasant crispy taste. It is one of the early maturing varieties among all types of radishes.

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3. Pink Radish

Types of Radishes 3

Days to Harvest: 30-35 days

Wondering how many different types of radishes are there? The answer could take a while if we start with pink ones. The radish varieties are known for their beautiful pink skin color and have a rounded or slightly elongated shape.

4. Malaga Violet

best radish varieties

Days to Harvest: 30-40 days

If other types of radishes are too spicy for you, their sweet and mild taste with a very earthy flavor will attract you. This Polish variety has a round shape and a unique deep purple color.

5. White Hailstone Radish

Types of Radishes 5

Days to Harvest: 30-40 days

White outside and inside, it’s one of the best-tasting radishes– The firm flesh is mildly pungent, crispy, and juicy. Make sure you leave a space of around 3-4 inches for each seedling to grow.

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6. Zlata Radish

radish varieties for gardeners

Days to Harvest: 30 days

This unusual yellow radish has a brown-yellow, oval-shaped skin that makes it look like a small potato. It has a strong, spicy, radish-like flavor. The plant has small, tender leaves, perfect for salads and other green recipes.

7. Cherry Belle

Types of Radishes 7

Days to Harvest: 23-27 days

These round types of radishes are one of the most common among gardeners. The taste is crispy, sweet, and pungent, good for salads.

8. Daikon White Radish

20 types of radishes

Days to Harvest: 60 days

This large size white radish can be 14 inches long. It has a nice, delicate, and crisp flavor with a slight sweetness. You’ll need to provide at least 4 inches of spacing to grow them.

9. White Icicle

Types of Radishes 9

Days to Harvest: 30-40 days

Don’t stop to think how many types of radishes are there; we’re not even halfway through. The radish white icicle has a cylindrical 5-6 inches-long root, similar to daikon. It tastes best when picked young and can be eaten alone or used in salads and recipes.

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10. Round Black Radish

Days to Harvest: 50-60 days

Growing black types of radishes can be really fun as they look different and taste unique. The shape of the round variety is spherical, but the flesh is creamy white, and the flavor is strong and pungent as compared to red and white radish cultivars.

11. Chinese Rose

Types of Radishes 11

Days to Harvest: 35-45 days

The Chinese Rose radish has a special place on the radish varieties list with an elongated shape; it’s purple-red on the outside and white with pink veins on the inside. Particularly resistant to lower temperatures, it develops early, even in autumn.

12. Horseradish

Days to Harvest: 140-160 days

If you are looking for types of radishes that won’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth, horseradish is the one for you. Although it’s the roots that are sold in the market, the greens are also edible.

Fun Fact: Ever wondered, “Is horseradish a type of radish?” Yes, horseradish is related to radishes, but is not the same as the typical radish varieties you might find in a garden. Horseradish (Armoracia rusticana) belongs to the Brassicaceae family, which also includes radishes, but it is a distinct species with its own unique characteristics.

13. Early Scarlet Globe

Types of Radishes 13

Days to Harvest: 25 days

You’ll be hard-pressed to find easier or faster harvesting types of radishes than this one. This globe-shaped variety comes under round radishes. The outer surface is exotic scarlet red with crisp white flesh on the inside.

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14. Helios

Days to Harvest: 25-30 days

Named after the Greek god of the sun, Helios is another round radish variety. This small-sized plump radish grows to about 2-3 inches and is bright yellow. Unlike most other types of radishes, they are sweet tasting and go great with salads.

15. Easter Egg Radish

Types of Radishes 15

Days to Harvest: 22-50 days

Commonly sold under this name because of the shape resembling easter eggs, these types of radishes to grow are available in an array of white, pink, red, purple, and lavender colors. To avoid them from turning hard and bitter, harvest them when they reach a size of one inch in diameter.

16. Lady Slipper

Days to Harvest: 25-30 days

Wondering what type of vegetable is a radish? A beautiful one! This variety gets this unique name because the shape somewhat resembles slippers. The bright and shiny pink color of this radish appeals to the eyes. The inner flesh is white, crispy, and sweet, which appeals to the tastebuds and makes it the sweetest radish.

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17. Long Scarlet Radish

Types of Radishes 17

Days to Harvest: 45-50 days

As the name suggests, this radish is quite a long tapered root and can reach a length of 18 centimeters. The scarlet red roots and inner white flesh possess a flavor that is not spicy or pungent but mild and sweet.

18. Long Black Spanish

Days to Harvest: 60-70 days

These are other types of radishes that are black, but instead of being round, their black root can be around 9 inches in length. Despite the difference in shape, the flavor and nutrition value remains the same in both round and long varieties.

19. Cherriette Radish

Types of Radishes 19

Days to Harvest: 25-30 days

It’s a hybrid radish, which, unlike its other companions, does well in warm weather. The smooth and shiny red roots are rounded with a diameter of two inches when mature. Whether it’s bunching or pithing, this sweetest radish holds well.

20. Plum Purple

Days to Harvest: 25-30 days

The color of these types of radishes ranges from purple to burgundy. Growing up to one to two inches in diameter, the sweet, crispy flesh is a treat to both eyes and tongue. Because of the vibrant color, it can be used for dressing buttered toast or crackers.

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21. Purple Ninja Radish

Days to Harvest: 30-35 days

Purple Ninja are striking types of radishes with their deep purple skin and vibrant white flesh. They have a mild, sweet flavor with a hint of spiciness, making them a colorful addition to your dishes.

22. Green Meat Radish

Days to Harvest: 45-50 days

The Green Meat radish is unique with its pale green skin and sweet, juicy flesh. It offers a refreshing flavor, somewhere between a cucumber and a radish, making it a delightful surprise in salads.

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23. White Globe Radish

Days to Harvest: 35-45 days

As the name suggests, the Crunchy White Globe radish is known for its satisfying crunch. It features a round shape, white skin, and a mildly spicy taste, making it an excellent choice for snacking.

24. Red Ball Radish

Days to Harvest: 25-30 days

Red Ball types of radishes are small, round, and bright red. They have a sharp, peppery flavor and a crisp texture, making them a classic choice for salads and garnishes.

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25. Salad Rose

Days to Harvest: 25-35 days

The Salad Rose radish, originally from Russia, is a mild, long, and slender radish variety that excels in salads. It features a subtle spice that adds character without overwhelming the taste buds.

26. Pink Beauty

Days to Harvest: 22-30 days

Among the different types of radishes, these 1-inch, rosy-skinned radishes are perfect for snacking, slicing into salads or sandwiches, and pickling or fermenting. They offer uniformity and reliability in your garden.

27. Pink Summercicle

Days to Harvest: 40 days

The Pink Summercicle radish boasts a mild, sweet flavor with a touch of spice. These oblong, pink radishes can reach up to 5 inches in length and are best grown in spring or fall.

28. Minowase Summer Cross #3

Days to Harvest: 40-50 days

Minowase Summer Cross #3 radishes are nearly perfect hybrids, known for their uniform size and shape with smooth white skin. They can grow up to 16 inches long and resist mosaic virus, making them one of the most amazing types of radishes.

29. Miyashige

Days to Harvest: 50-60 days

The Miyashige radish is an extra-long Daikon variety, reaching lengths of 12-18 inches. These radishes have white skin and flesh and are traditionally used in sushi when young. Mature radishes are often pickled or cooked in soups and stir-fries.

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30. Rido Red

Days to Harvest: 50-60 days

Rido Red radishes are captivating with their globe-shaped appearance, featuring white skin and reddish-purple flesh at the center. These types of radishes grow into large 4-inch spheres and offer a mildly spicy yet balanced flavor.

31. Sakurajima Mammoth


Days to Harvest: 70- 90 days

The Sakurajima Mammoth radish is known for its massive size, with an average diameter of 10 inches and weights of up to 15 pounds. These radishes offer a sweet, spicy flavor.

32. De 18 Jours

Days to Harvest: 15-20 days

True to its name, the 18-Day Radish is one of the quickest-growing types of radishes, ready for harvest in just 18 days. These small, round, and bright red radishes offer a delightful crispness and a mildly spicy taste.

33. German Giant Radish


Days to Harvest: 30-40 days

The German Giant Radish is known for its impressive size, reaching up to 3 inches in diameter. With red skin and white flesh, it delivers a classic radish flavor with a mild peppery kick.

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34. Zlata Radish

Days to Harvest: 30-40 days

Zlata Radish, originating from Eastern Europe, is prized for its golden-yellow skin and mild, sweet flavor. These globe-shaped radishes are perfect for adding a pop of color to salads.

35. Cherry Belle

Days to Harvest: 22-30 days

Cherry Belle radishes are small, round, and cherry-red in color. These radishes are perfect for gardeners with limited space or for quick, successive plantings throughout the growing season.

36. Sora Radish

Days to Harvest: 30-40 days

Sora Radish is an Asian variety on our types of radishes list, known for its striking black skin and crisp, white flesh. These radishes have a moderately spicy flavor and are often used in Asian dishes, stir-fries, and salads, adding both flavor and visual appeal.

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37. Giant of Sicily

Days to Harvest: 55-60 days

Sicily Giant Radish lives up to its name by producing oversized, round radishes with a bold, peppery flavor. These radishes can grow up to 3 inches in diameter and are perfect for bold salads and hearty sandwiches.

38. Saxa 2

Days to Harvest: 20-25 days

Saxa 2 types of radishes are known for their versatility and quick growth. These radishes are small and round with a mild, crisp texture. Their mild flavor and rapid growth make them a popular choice for both beginner and experienced gardeners.

39. Fire and Ice

Days to Harvest: 25-30 days

Fire and Ice radishes are a unique variety that has a white tip and a red base. They are round and have a crispy texture with a mild, sweet flavor. They are beautiful to look at and are perfect for salads, garnishes, or snacking.

40. Perfectotypes of radishes 40

Days to Harvest: 20-25 days

Perfecto radishes are a hybrid variety that has a bright red color and a round shape. They have a mild, sweet flavor and a smooth texture.

41. Red King

Days to Harvest: 30-40 days

Red King radishes have a bright red color and a round shape, but are longer than perfecto radishes. They have a crispy texture and a slightly spicy flavor. These radishes are about 1-2 inches in diameter. They are perfect Types of radishes for salads, sandwiches, or as a garnish.

43. Yellow Daikontypes of radishes 42

Days to Harvest: 50-60 days

Yellow Daikon radishes have a yellow color and a long, cylindrical shape. They have a sweet flavor and are ready to harvest when they reach a length of 7-8 inches. They are great for pickling, stir-fries, or as a garnish.

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