25 Clever Houseplants in Mason Jar Ideas

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Have a look at some of the most beautiful Houseplants in Mason Jar Ideas that will surely tempt you to grow them like this as well!

Check out this listicle to get an idea of how you can also grow your favorite plants, like herbs and succulents, in cute mason jars!

Here are the best plants you can grow in jars and bottles 

How to Water Plants in Mason Jars?

When watering plants in mason jars, which typically lack drainage holes, it’s essential to exercise extreme caution. Only add a minimal amount of water, ensuring it doesn’t accumulate at the bottom. Check the moisture level of the soil carefully by feeling it with your fingers, or use a moisture meter and water sparingly only when it feels almost dry to the touch.

To prevent overwatering, consider using specialized tools like a watering syringe or a turkey baster to deliver water directly to the root zone without water pooling at the jar’s bottom. These tools enable you to add water gradually and with control, ensuring the soil remains moist but not waterlogged.

Houseplants in Mason Jars Ideas

1. Herbs in Mason Jars

Small shallow-root herbs, starter plants, or cuttings can easily be grown in mason jars.

2. English Ivy in a Small Mason Jar

You can easily grow an English ivy in water in a mason jar. Learn how to do this here!

3. Wandering Jew in a Mini Jar

The very famous inch plant is a perfect choice for growing in water. We have a detailed DIY post on it here.

4. Chinese Money Plant in a Tall Mason Jar


Ever wondered this very famous good luck plant can be grown in mason jars too in both soil and water.

5. Flowers in Colorful Mason Jars


Small flowering herbs and annuals are good for this purpose.

6. Handmade Mason Jar Macrame Wall Hanger


DIY a macrame plant holder following one of these tutorials here for your plant in a mason jar.

7. The Green Trio!


You can even decorate the mason jars with ropes.

8. Hanging Mason Jars with Trailing Plants


Good idea to showcase plant cuttings and pups planted recently.

9. Succulents in Hanging Mason Jars and Parcel String


The ability to survive in dry soil and shallow roots make them a perfect contender for planting in a mason jar.

10. Succulent in Mason Jar Wrapped with a Jute String

Doing this can make your mason jar planter more beautiful.

11. Mason Jar Succulent Planters


Always grow small succulents in mason jars as they don’t take up much space.

12. Philodendron in Small Mason Jar

Heart leaf Philos are perfect for this purpose. Check out more philodendron growing ideas here.

13. Succulent in a Mini Mason Jar

The Jade plant becomes a nice mason jar plant. You can even gift it!

14. Coleus Cutting in a Mason Jar


For a colorful addition, try propagating coleus in mason jars.

15. Snake Plant

You can even grow a snake plant in water.

16. Herbs in Water


Check out the list of herbs that can grow in water here.

17. Herbs in Tall Mason Jars


Always use big mason jars to grow herbs.

18. A Green Delight!


Growing a plant in water in a mason jar saves from worrying about root rot and water logging.

19. Large Foliage Plant


Big foliage plants, like some smaller varieties of alocasias, can be grown in mason jars too. Here’s more about it!

20. English Ivy Hanging Mason Jar Planters for Front Door


Discover more front-door plant ideas here.

21. Mason Jar Planters on a Wooden Board


That is a neat idea if you want to copy.

22. Succulent Mason Jar Planters with Terra Cotta Saucers


Saucers making them more appealing.

23. Variegated Plant in a Mason Jar with Pebbles

Variegated plants look good in mason jars. Discover more such plants here.

24. Pothos in a Glass Jar

Pothos is probably the number one houseplant to do this; you can learn more about it here.

25. Spider Plant in a Tall Mason Jar


Spider plant pups can be planted in water in mason jars. Here are some more spider plant ideas worth checking out!

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