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With these Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens, you’ll have the best Plant Arrangements for spring, summer, fall, and winter!

Discover inspiring Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens! Design stunning containers with a mix of colorful flowers, lush greenery, and textured foliage to elevate the beauty of your outdoor space with Potted Plant Arrangement Ideas.

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Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens

1. Silver & Purple Container Garden

Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens 1

Perfect container garden arrangement if you’re looking for full sun plant combination ideas for container gardens. These plants can tolerate warm weather easily. In this arrangement, Dusty Miller is used as a thriller, Petunia as a filler, and Dichondra as a spiller!

Plant Combination: Dusty Miller, Purple Petunia, and Silver Falls Dichondra

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2. Lush Cottage Charm

A great container arrangement for the spring and summer (year-round in warm climates). Keep the containers in full sun to partial shade. With the Queen Mum Agapanthus as a thriller, White Lantana as a filler, and Rosemary as a spiller, this one is truly captivating!

Plant Combination: Queen Mum Agapanthus, Weeping White Lantana, and Trailing Rosemary

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3. Symmetrical Show

Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens 3

What a beautiful container planting recipe for shady space. You can keep these plants indoors or outdoors in a spot that doesn’t receive direct intense sunlight all day long. The bird’s nest fern is used as a thriller, begonia as a filler, and ivy as a spiller.

Plant Combination: Japanese Bird Nest Fern, Begonia, and Ivy

4. Spring Porch Makeover

Looking for the best plant combination ideas for container gardens? Awash with the warm, pastel shades of summer, this container garden idea will make your guests feel special the moment they set foot in your home. After all, you can never go wrong with a combination of daffodils and hyacinths. Find the directions here.

Plant Combination: 30-35 picked daffodils, 30-40 clipped forsythia branches, 3 pots of hyacinths

5. Pretty Winter Container

You don’t have to water these! And you can place them anywhere in the landscape because light requirements do not matter. This one uses cuttings of dogwood, some holly, and berries to exude a Christmasy feel. Watch this Garden Answer video for more details!

Plant Combination: False Cypress tree, Arborvitae, Red Dogwood, Winterberry Holly, Gold Winterberry

6. Tropical Majesty

Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens 7

With its boldly variegated foliage, Colocasia is a pretty showstopper in any container, either alone or mixed in with others. Here, it’s paired with moisture-loving Papyrus and soft trailing canna for an extra color boost. This arrangement is a must for creating tropical vibes.

Plant Combination: Papyrus, Canna, Colocasia esculenta

7. Antique Bowl Turned Succulent Planter

Forgo flower power and harness the majesty of succulents and miniature palms with this surreal container garden that plays up cool textures to perfection. Add some decorative pebbles to the combination for the ultimate appeal. Watch the tutorial video here.

Plant Combination: Echeveria Contempo, Three Cacti, Portulaca mix, Sedum, Sempervivum, Echeveria ‘Gray Red,’ Echeveria ‘Violet Green,’ Agava striata

8. Winter Window Baskets

Here is a great way to make your window baskets look pretty and festive during the holiday season, using stuff out of your own yard. Super easy to maintain and pretty to boot, this container gets bonus points for being extra roomy. Find the details here!

Plant Combination: Red-Osier Dogwood, Winterberry Holly, Gold Winterberry, Arborvitae, False Cypress

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9. Dark Window Flower Box

Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens 11

Apt for North or East-facing windows, this flower box has dark colors of Coleus and the light ones of Million Bells. This one is easy to maintain and will spruce up your windows, earning it a place among house plant combination ideas.

Plant Combination: Coleus, Million Bells, Vinca, Asparagus Fern

10. Flower Pot for Shade

Pastel shades of pink, violet, and peach come together in one of the most elegant plant combination ideas for container gardens. The flowering plants will look great all season and don’t require much maintenance! Read the full post at An Oregon Cottage.

Plant Combination: Upright Fuschia (White, Pink, or Red), Impatiens, Vinca minor, and Lobelia

11. Orange Surprise

Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens 13

This container combination is perfect if you want to plant something bold and warm following the Thriller-Spiller-Filler technique. If you’re been searching for full sun plant combination ideas for container gardens, this is the one for you.

Plant Combination: Gazania, Dichondra, Mexican Feather Grass

12. Edible Beauty

If a simple container herb garden is too dull for your liking, take inspiration from this DIY. Mix up the green tones of herbs with striking colors of annuals such as pansies or petunias. Place the arrangement in a sunny spot to get these culinary herbs growing rapidly with flowers in planters ideas.

Plant Combination: Rosemary, Parsley, Pansies

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13. Container Garden of Rich Colors

Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens 15

A stunning container garden featuring a vibrant array of rich-colored plants, including Euphorbia for contrasting textures, two Burgundy Petunias for a burst of deep red hues, and a striking Ti plant as a focal point, creating a captivating and harmonious display.

Plant Combination: 3 Euphorbia, 2 Burgundy Petunia. 1 Ti plant

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14. Classic Spring Palette

Soft, feminine shades of pink, purple, and white enhance the appeal of this beautiful plant arrangement. The caladiums are incredibly easy to grow, while the begonia plants are sure to put up their brightest show for you during the warm weather. The detailed post is here.

Plant Combination: White Queen Caladiums, Variegated Creeping Fig, Whopper Begonia

15. Colorful Shade Container Garden

Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens 17

This mesmerizing explosion of colors is a must for anyone looking to add visual interest and variety to the garden, and this recipe has low maintenance plant combination ideas for container gardens — a Rose Bush, Dracaena, and Campanula.

Plant Combination: Rose, Dracaena, Campanula, Variegated Ivy

16. Spring Centerpiece

When it comes to color and texture, it’s impossible to beat a combination of petunias, angelonia, and creeping jenny. Just one downside, though: These annuals don’t last beyond October, so make the most of them while they are there! The detailed recipe is here.

Plant Combination: Creeping Jenny, Petunia, Scaveloa, Angelonia, and Rudbeckia

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17. Fern ‘n’ Flowers

Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens 19

This idea embodies the whole “stuff and shove” concept! Visually compatible plants of similar texture and contrasting colors are packed together to put up an eye-catchy display of plant combination ideas for container gardens. Your only motto is to ensure you fill all the empty spots, even if you end up shoving!

Plant Combination: Boston Fern, Hydrangea, Hyacinth, Begonia, Ivy, Fittonia, Tulips, Maiden Hair Fern

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18. Fiery Orange Veggies

Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens 21

Looking for indoor plant combination ideas? This one here features large and luscious peppers that offer an ornamental look. Complementing the fiery red tones further is the creeping Jenny that cascades over the sides of the pot, giving the arrangement a softer look.

Plant Combination: Peppers, Angelonia, Celosia, Creeping Jenny

19. Stylish Shade Garden

This multi-colored container garden has Hostas and stylish spikes that add dimension to plant combination ideas for container gardens. Heuchera, Spikes, and Hostas will look great in the fall. While the Torenia may wither due to temperature drop, you can always swap it with pumpkins or gourds.

Plant Combination: Variegated Spike, Autumn Frost Hosta, Blackberry Ice Heuchera, Violet Torenia

20. Butterfly Magnet Container Garden

Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens 23Bronze-colored grasses like Toffee Twist Carex rub shoulders with plum-colored Oxalis foliage to exude a metallic appeal. At the same time, Snow Princess cascades down gracefully along the sides, adding dimension and character to the pot. Here’s the DIY video.

Plant Combination: Toffee Twist Carex, Whee Hotsa, Oxalis, Snow Princess Alyssum

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21. DIY Outdoor Decor

Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens 25

Want to add some visual appeal and character with plant combination ideas for container gardens? How about this assortment of Alyssum, Begonia, and Lamiums? Bring the texture game higher with English Ivy as the spiller. Learn more about it here.

Plant Combination: Begonia, asparagus fern, Alyssum, Lamium, English Ivy

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22. Butterfly Magnet Pot

Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens 27

Invite butterflies to your outdoor space, and pack the container to the brim with bright, colorful flowering plants that steal the show. Don’t forget to use a galvanized planter to house the combination!

Plant Combination: White Calibrachoa, Verbena, Butterfly Bush

23. Box of Herbs

Give an old wooden crate a new life by stuffing it with eye-catchy herbs such as tricolor sage and alpine strawberries. Place it in a spot where it’s easy to snip off a few and watch them grow before your eyes!

Plant Combination: 3 Tricolor Sage, 4 Alpine Strawberries

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24. Washtub of Herbs

Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens 29

Searching for plant combination ideas for full sun for your favorite herbs? Use an old washtub or a sink to copy this herb garden idea. Place it on a plant stand to keep off the four-legged critters in a spot that receives the right amount of sunlight.

Plant Combination: Cilantro, Oregano, Lamb’s ears, Spearmint, Thyme, Parsley, Prostrate, or Trailing Rosemary.

25. Fall Shade Planter

Coleus contrasts the glossy green foliage of Hakonechloa wonderfully, while Purple Cabbage negates the need for decorative fall picks in this one. Chrysanthemums add a hint of summer vibe, while the loose willow branches lend a shabby chic charm. Tutorial here.

Plant Combination: Rheum, Purple Cabbage, Hakenochloa, Coleus, ‘Scarlet Curls’ Willow Branches, Mum

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26. Mix of Veggies and HerbsPlant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens 31

Create a delightful herbs and veggies mix with one of the best plant combination ideas for container gardens. Pair attractive purple-flowered eggplants with ornamental peppers and vibrant orange geraniums. For a softer touch, let golden creeping Jenny spill over the sides of the pot.

Plant Combination: Eggplant, Orange Geranium, Ornamental Pepper, Golden Creeping Jenny

27. Simple Vibrance with Candy Colors

On the search for potted plant arrangement ideas? The vibrant hues of red and delicate white of this idea will create a harmonious display, while their compact growth habits ensure a delightful and eye-catching arrangement for any outdoor space.

Plant Combination: ‘Red Fox Peppy Red’ petunia, ‘Empress Flair Red’ verbena and ‘Yolo White’ Sweet Alyssum

28. Minimalistic Beauty

Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens 33

Featuring a tall, striking purple salvia as the thriller, complemented by Persian shield plants as fillers and adorned with the delicate beauty of lobelia as the spiller. These low-maintenance plant combination ideas guarantee a lush and visually captivating planter.

Plant Combination: Purple Salvia, Persian Shield, Lobelia

29. Container with a Colorful Blast

Looking for potted plant arrangement ideas? Go with a container garden bursting with a kaleidoscope of colors and textures, where bold flax, vibrant foliage, captivating fuchsia, and cascading elements come together to create a visual feast for the eyes.

Plant Combination: ‘Lineatum’ New Zealand flax, Coleus, Gartenmeister Bonstedt’ fuschia, ‘Goldilocks’ Creeping Jenny

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30. Beauty with White

Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens 31

Create a stunning container garden with a mix of beautiful white flowers and trailing plants. Combine elegant blooms, delicate charm, and silvery touches for an enchanting and balanced display.

Plant Combination: Sun Parasol White Mandevilla, Mezoo, ‘Silver Falls’ Dichondra, Lobularia ‘Frosty Knight,’ Scaevola ‘Bombay,’ Supertunia white, White geranium, ‘Diamond Frost’ Euphorbia, Dusty Miller ‘Silverdust.’

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31. Succulent Container Garden


Looking for plant combination ideas for container gardens that stand out? Craft a captivating succulent oasis in your container featuring an array of Sedums, Echeverias, and the delightful trailing Mezoo. Witness the slow and steady growth of these succulent plants as they intertwine and thrive.

Plant Combination: Sedums, Echeverias, Trailing Mezoo, Kalanchoe ‘Fantastic,’ Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’

Here is Autumn Joy Sedum Care and Growing Information

32. Grace of Purple and Pink

Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens 33

Embrace a symphony of colors and textures in this enchanting container garden. Indulge in the beauty of a hassle-free container garden thoughtfully curated with a mix of easy-to-care-for plants.

Plant Combination: ‘Divine Lavender’ New Guinea Impatiens, Perilla Magilla, Calibrachoa ‘Double Amethyst,’ Vinca ‘Illumination,’ Persian Shield.

33. A Purple Centerpiece


Create a magical container garden with one of the most amazing potted plant arrangement ideas where soft purple flowers bloom with silver-green foliage, making it a unique and charming display that brings wonder and joy to any space.

Plant Combination: Torenia ‘Purple Moon’, ‘Silver Carpet’ Lambs Ear.

34. Stone Container with Coleus and Elephant Ear

Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens 35

Pair the majestic ‘Black Magic’ Elephant Ear and ‘Black Dragon’ coleus, both known for their dramatic foliage, with the alluring Persian shield and Purple Heart Wandering Jew, boasting vibrant colors and contrasting textures. This thoughtfully curated plant combination idea promises a visually captivating display.

Plant Combination: ‘Black Magic’ Elephant Ear, Persian shield, Purple Heart Wandering Jew, and ‘Black Dragon’ Coleus.

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35. Mixed Vegetable and Floral Garden

A delightful fusion of nature’s bounty, combining a vibrant assortment of fresh vegetables and colorful blossoms in one convenient and visually appealing planter. Enjoy the convenience of growing your own vegetables alongside the beauty of blooming flowers, all within the confines of a single charming garden container.

Plant Combination: Artichoke, Kale, Light pink Verbena, Dichondra ‘Silver Falls,’ White Petunia

36. Beauty of Yellow and White

Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens 37

Behold the beauty of yellow and white in this captivating container garden. Everyone will admire the splendid blooms of the Durango Dahlia and the delicate charm of White Ivy and Geraniums.

Plant Combination: Durango Dahlia, White Ivy, Geranium, Yellow Petunia, Bidens ferulifolia ‘Bidy Gonzales’

37. Tropical Container Garden

With its vibrant foliage, bold textures, and dazzling blooms, this container garden brings the enchanting allure of the tropics right to your doorstep, making it one of the most amazing plant combination ideas for container gardens.

Plant Combination: Banana, Colues, Hibiscus, Asparagus Fern, Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’, White Verbena, Purple Petunia

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38. Herb Container Garden Idea

Still on the search for plant combination ideas for container gardens? This thoughtful combination offers a perfect mix of culinary and ornamental herbs, creating a charming and practical garden that brings both taste and visual appeal right to your home.

Plant Combination: Rosemary, Garlic Chives, Helichrysum petiolare

39. Foliage Layers

Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens 41
Deb Wiley

Step into a world of foliage layers with this mesmerizing container garden. As the graceful Sweet Potato Vine cascades down, the garden comes alive with a tapestry of textures and hues, offering a breathtaking display of different leaves.

Plant Combination: Colocasia, Croton, Coleus “Strawberry Drop,” Sweet Potato Vine

40. Easy Care Garden

Create an effortless and easy-care garden with a harmonious blend of Canna, Dahlia, Salvia, Ipomoea, Zinnia, Osteospermum, Verbena, Petunia, and Calibrachoa. Watch as these hardy and low-maintenance plants flourish and bloom, offering the best of flowers in planter idea.

Plant Combination: Canna, Dahlia, Salvia, Ipomoea, Zinnia, Osteospermum, Verbena, Petunia, Calibrachoa

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41. Simplicity of Hydrangea and Lobelia

Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens 43

Looking for potted plant arrangement ideas? Allow Hydrangea’s elegant beauty and Lobelia’s delicate charm to come together in perfect harmony, creating a tranquil and visually pleasing garden that celebrates the effortless grace of these two classic blooms.

Plant Combination: Hydrangea, Lobelia

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42. Porch Container Garden of Blooms

The vibrant Snapdragon, the silvery elegance of Salvia argentea, and the soft pink Petunia make this a perfect porch planter. Sedum and Lamb’s ear add a touch of succulent allure, earning it a place among the best potted plant arrangement ideas in the list.

Plant Combination: Snapdragon, Salvia argentea, Petunia, Sedum, Lamb’s ear

43. Woven Basket PairPlant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens 45

Adorn your outdoor space with a touch of timeless charm using this lovely woven basket pair. These woven baskets bring together a harmonious combination of beauty and sophistication with Hydrangea, Rose, and Boxwood.

Plant Combination: Hydrangea, Rose, Boxwood

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44. Red and Violet

Step into a world of red and violet beauty with this mesmerizing garden combination of flowers in planter ideas. Delight in the striking Geraniums, the enchanting hues of Petunia, and the delicate allure of Lobelia.

Plant Combination: Geraniums, Petunia, Lobelia

45. Garden Column Mini Garden

Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens 47

With the striking red Mandevilla, charming pink Calibrachoa, and cascading Sweet Potato Vine, this mini garden adds a touch of elegance and vibrancy to any outdoor or indoor setting, creating a captivating focal point that’s sure to impress.

Plant Combination: Red Mandevilla, Pink Calibrachoa, Sweet Potato Vine

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46. Vibrant Blooms Plant Mix

Experience colors with this exquisite blend of eye-catching flowers, creating one of the top choices on our list of plant combination ideas for container gardens. A spot with morning sun and afternoon shade will work well for maintaining these colorful blooms and lush foliage.

Plant Combination: Red Mandevilla, Orange Calibrachoa, Variegated Geraniums, Pink Petunia

47. A Symphony of Colors

Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens 49

Looking for flowers in planters ideas? Discover a breathtaking container garden that harmoniously blends ornamental grass, vibrant blooms, and lush foliage. This captivating arrangement of colors and textures will transform your outdoor space.

Plant Combination: Fountain Grass, ‘Phloxy Lady Purple Sky’ Phlox, ‘Electric Lime’ Coleus, Petunia, Lysimachia ‘Goldilocks’

48. Succulent and Floral Combo


Discover the serene simplicity of this easy-care container duo, perfect for any plant lover. The robust and resilient Snake Plant gracefully pairs with the cheerful Yellow Snapdragon to create one of the prettiest plant combination ideas for container gardens.

Plant Combination: Snake Plant, Yellow Snapdragon

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