15 Best Ideas to Make Plants Look Festive for Holiday Season

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Looking for ways to Make Plants Look Festive for Holiday Season? Here are some spectacular ideas to make them stand out!

There’s nothing like prepping up your garden and green friends for a merry vibe! If you are looking for ways to Make Plants Look Festive for Holiday Season, here are the best ones in tune with the jolly spirit.

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How to Make Plants Look Festive for Holiday Season

1. Use a Pot Wrap

Best Ideas to Make Plants Look Festive for Holiday Season

Simply wrap a bow or fabric around your pots for easy decoration. You can choose festive fabrics or ribbons to match the holiday theme, or you can use burlap. Here’s how to get started.

2. Hang Candy Canes

Hang Candy Canes

Candy canes are nostalgic! You can place these directly in the pot’s soil or hang them as ornaments. Mix different flavors of candy canes, such as peppermint, fruity, or cinnamon, hang them on the pot, and let visitors pick what they like.

3. A Bit of Fun with Holiday Ornaments

Plants Look Festive for Holiday Season 19

Add Christmas ornaments in different shapes, sizes, and colors to the indoor plants of your choice – a monstera with split leaves would look great with them! You can also nestle them among the branches.

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4. Spruce Pots Up with Sweater

Spruce Pots Up with Sweater

You can repurpose your old sweaters and give your plant pots a snug fit. Find a few in vibrant colors and cut them to fit the pot. Experiment with different textures and see how pretty your plant looks.

5. Cover Pots with a Wrapping Paper

Plants Look Festive for Holiday Season 5

You can also use wrapping paper with holiday prints to wrap your pots and make them look like gifts. The classic brown or red paper will work well. You can add a festive touch with ribbons or gift tags as well.

6. Hang String Lights

Plants Look Festive for Holiday Hang String Lights

Need a solution that won’t go out of style? String Lights! Just be gentle to avoid damaging the plants. Also, go for LEDs, as they don’t heat. And opt for battery-operated lights for convenience and safety.

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7. Woven Cover and Ornaments

Plants Look Festive for Holiday Season 7

All you need is a woven cover for your plant pot and a few ornaments to create a festive indoor focal point with minimal work. You can go for holiday-inspired patterns or colors.

8. Accessorizing Your Plants with Santa Hats

Accessorizing Your Plants with Santa Hats

For a nice touch, accessorize your plants with fun items like Santa Hats. These little ornaments are easy to make and will take your plants to the next level.

9. Santa Claus Pot Wrap

Santa Claus Pot Wrap holiday season

If you don’t want much hassle, you can go with printed wrapping papers like this one. Just cut it to suit the pot size and use tape to make a unique cover for the pot. This DIY method creates unique and personalized covers for your indoor greenery.

10. Festive Plant Toppers

Plants Look Festive for Holiday Season Festive Plant Toppers

Want to make your plants stand out and look festive? Go for miniature reindeer horns on small plants like cacti, and turn them into festive centerpieces.

11. Burlap Wrapped Pots

Burlap Wrapped Pots

Create pretty burlap-wrapped pots for Christmas for a rustic look. This decor adds texture and warmth to your holiday season. Want to learn how to make these wraps? This DIY will help you out.

12. Take Help from Santa’s Reindeers

Take Help from Santa's Reindeers

A great way to create unique festive decor that will catch everyone’s eye are these reindeer decorations. Hang them over the indoor plant of your choice!

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13. Tiny Christmas FigurinesTiny Christmas Figurines

Never underestimate the charm of a tiny little figurine. Next time you go shopping, pick some classic holiday characters like Santa Claus, snowmen or Christmas trees. They’re pretty, cheap, and attractive.

14. Gingerbread Man Plant Hanger

Gingerbread Man Plant Hanger


How can you skip the gingerbread man when it comes to festive decor? It looks so cute hanging on the side of the pot.

15. Include Holiday Plants Like Poinsettias

Include Holiday Plants Like Poinsettias

Last but definitely not least – the festive season is always incomplete without a poinsettia, which needs no decoration, as it looks so grand! Simply keep it anywhere you like in a matching pot, and it will stand out!

16. Wrap a Ribbon!

Wrap a Ribbon

A chequered red ribbon wrapped around a pot, followed by some Christmas balls on the floor or around it, is a cool decor idea you can NEVER go wrong with!

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