15 Things to do with Holiday Plants After Christmas and New Year

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Are all the festivities over? Knowing what to do with Holiday Plants After Christmas and New Year is essential!

The festive decorations are incomplete without holiday plants like Poinsettias, Christmas cacti, and Norfolk island pines. But what should you do with them once the season is over? Should you discard them with festive decor objects, ornaments, and Christmas trees, or are there things to do with them? Discover below!

15 Best Ideas to Make Plants Look Festive for Holiday Season

Things to do with Holiday Plants After Christmas and New Year

1. Christmas Trees

Holiday Plants After Christmas 1

Christmas trees (like Douglas Fir or Balsam Fir) are the number one festive centerpieces in homes during the holidays. Here is what you can do with them after Christmas:

Post-Holiday Uses:

  • Garden mulch: The needles of Christmas trees make excellent garden mulch. These trees decompose slowly, and add acidity to the soil, which is great to your garden.
  • Bird sanctuary: Place this tree in your garden as a sanctuary for birds. Adding a few bird feeders will make them look nice.
  • DIY coasters: You can slice the trunk into thin discs and create natural eco-friendly coasters.
  • Plant support: Its branches can be used as sturdy supports for other plants in your garden.

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2. Poinsettias

Things to do with Holiday Plants After Christmas and New Year

The lovely red Poinsettias are another Christmas favorite due to their red bracts. You can do many things with them once the holiday season passes.

Post-Holiday Uses

  • Just let it grow: Let the plant grow at its own sweet pace, and it will grow bigger and better for the next holiday season.
  • Gift it: Just pair it up with a few treats and gift it to a friend or family.

Here’s a list of 8 Best Holiday Season Plants to grow from cuttings!

3. AmaryllisThings to do with Holiday Plants

Amaryllis is another pretty Christmas flowering bulb with little use after the season. Well, not anymore!

Post-Holiday Uses

  • Bulb storage: After the bloom fades, remove the dried leaves and store the bulb. This way, you can save it and get it to flower again after 8-12 weeks of dormancy.
  • Floral arrangements: You can dry the Amaryllis flowers and use them in dried flower arrangements or potpourri.
  • Remove the flower stalk: Once the plant has done flowering, simply remove the flower stalk and let it grow. This way, it can be an excellent tabletop or shelf plant in warmer climates.

4. Norfolk Island Pine

Holiday Plants After Christmas 4

Often used as a Christmas tree alternative in warm climates, the Norfolk Island Pine has a delicate pyramid-like shape with soft, needle-like leaves.

Post-holiday uses

  • Tall houseplant: You can keep it indoors as a houseplant. Just care for it and place it in a bright, indirect light spot.
  • Decorative element: You can also decorate it for other occasions.

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5. Christmas Cactus

Things to Do With Holiday Plants in garden
The Spruce / Kara Riley

The Christmas Cactus is a beautiful addition to the Christmas decor. But what do you do with it after the holiday? Here’s what!

Post-Holiday Uses

  • Propagation: You can quickly propagate Christmas Cactus by snipping off a section of the stem and planting it in moist soil. You can make many from one.
  • Year-Round Care: Continue to care for it as a houseplant. With proper care, it can bloom again the following season.

6. Holly

beautiful Things to Do With Holiday Plants

Everyone loves adding Holly for its red berries and glossy green leaves. This is what you can do with this classy Christmas decor.

Post-Holiday uses

  • Decorative wreath: You can use the branches and berries to create decorative wreaths for the next holiday season.
  • Garden accent: You can plant it in your garden to add year-round greenery and attract birds with its berries.

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7. Winterberry

Holiday Plants After Christmas 7

Winterberry is a deciduous holly variety that stands out with its vibrant red berries, making it a festive choice for holiday arrangements.

Post-Holiday uses

  • Bird feeder adornment: You can adorn your bird feeder post-holidays with cut branches of Winterberry.
  • Dried arrangements: You can also preserve the branches by drying them for cool indoor arrangements. Pair these up with pinecones and other dried elements for home decor.

8. Mistletoe

Things to Do With Holiday Plants hanging

Everyone loves mistletoe for its romantic associations during Christmas. The small green leaves and white berries look wonderful. But what about post-Christmas?

Post-Holiday Uses

  • Wildlife attraction: Did you know that mistletoe in the garden can attract birds and beneficial insects?
  • Herbal uses: Some varieties of mistletoe are used in traditional medicine. You should learn about the variety you have and reap the benefits. Be careful, as it is toxic, too.

9. Rosemary and Herbs

Holiday Plants After Christmas time

Rosemary is not only decorative but also aromatic and culinary. It’s shaped like a mini Christmas tree. So, how do you use it after New Year? And other popular Christmas herbs like thyme, sage, and cinnamon?

Post-Holiday uses

  • Kitchen herb garden: Simple! Propagate more clones of these herbs, create a kitchen herb garden outdoors or on your balcony, and use the clippings for cooking!
  • Fragrant houseplants: You can also keep them as indoor plants. The herbs will add aroma, and you’ll harvest fresh sprigs.

10. Cyclamen

Things to Do With Holiday Plants in bucket

Cyclamen’s heart-shaped leaves and delicate flowers are beautiful, and they keep growing till spring.

Post-Holiday uses

  • After-bloom care: Once the flowers fade, reduce the watering to allow the plant to go into the inactive stage in summer. Keep it in a cool place with indirect light.

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More Things to do in Home and Garden After Christmas and New Year

You now know how to make the most of your Christmas plants after the holidays. But did you know there is still a ton of stuff you can do to improve your garden? Here it is!

11. Plant your tree in the garden

Things to Do With Holiday Plants your tree in the garden

If you have a live Christmas tree, you should plant it in your yard. It will come in handy for other holidays or the following Christmas. This sustainable choice will allow your tree to grow, and you can enjoy it for many years.

It’s also a good idea to plant it in a container or plastic bag so that you can dig it out later and its roots won’t spread.

12. Compost and recycle

If your holiday plants are beyond saving, plant their cuttings and turn the rest of their parts into compost.

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13. Gift and share houseplants

Things to Do With Holiday Plants Gift and share houseplants

You can spread the post-holiday joy by gifting your holiday plants to friends and family. Plants make a lovely gift and last long, reminding them of you.

You can also share your healthy plants with hospitals, retirement homes, or community centers and do your part for society.

14. Repurpose plant elements for decor

You don’t have to toss out decorative elements like holly branches, evergreen sprigs, or pinecones just yet. You can easily repurpose these for various crafts and home decor projects.

Why not give these DIY Pinecone Gnomes a try? They’ll look amazing in your home.

15. Host a plant swap meet

Things to Do With Holiday Plants Host a plant swap meet

You can also host a plant swap meet in your neighborhood or town. People would love to come and spend time together. This way, your plants won’t go to waste, and they will find new homes to flourish and you’ll get some new ones in exchange, for example, the snake plants 😃.

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