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19 Best DIY Indoor Garden Decoration Ideas

Growing plants indoors can make your home look lively and lavish and if you too love that– Must see our 19 best DIY indoor garden decoration ideas!

If you too love indoor gardening (like we do!), learn about the arrangement ideas, DIY tricks and how you can maximize your planting space available indoors in this article.

1. Use Wall Mounted Storage to Keep Pots

Source: Ikea.com

The space between windows can also be prime real estate for growing, just like this one in the picture above. You can use wall mounted storage to keep the pots to decorate your home with plants.

2. DIY Pegboard Planter


This DIY pegboard planter project is simple, inexpensive, and easy to follow. If you want to see the step by step tutorial, visit brePURPOSED!

3. DIY Ladder Planter/Ladder Shelf

Ladder planter creates a lot of space for keeping plants.
Ladder planter creates a lot of space for keeping plants.

If you have got an old ladder, use it to keep pots in it. It can be made into an astonishing pot holder, perfect for growing indoor plants. A step by step tutorial is available on our site!

4. DIY Succulent Frame or Succulent Wall Planter

Succulent Green Wall with an Old Frame

A DIY succulent frame or succulent wall planter is a great way to add a whim to your interior without spending a lot of money on materials you can make this. Here is the tutorial to follow.

5. Mason Jar Ideas

Upcycle mason jars and grow herbs and flower in them.
Upcycle mason jars can used to grow herbs. Here are some DIY ideas.

Mason jar can become adorable small pots and can be used to grow plants and herbs indoors. There are myriads of ideas available on the web to look for inspiration, you can look at one of our posts for more ideas!

6. Indoor Chair Planter

succulent chiar planter

Not only outdoors, if you’ve got an old chair create an indoor chair planter and grow succulents or indoor plants on it to add a dramatic touch to your rooms. See more chair planter ideas!

7. Indoor Zen or Japanese Garden


An indoor Japanese or Zen garden can be a beautiful addition to your home when combined with a water feature, flowers of cool colors, stones, or succulents, a great way to add “calmness” to your home. You can also make a mini succulent zen garden in a pot, check out the tutorial here.

8. Flowering Houseplants


Decorate your indoor garden with flowering houseplants. They can add a bright touch to your home, growing them is similar to other indoor plants. Check out our article on best flowering houseplants here.

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9. Use Plant Stands


Plant stand can not only increase your indoor planting space but also look elegant and decorate your home. The best thing about them is that you can also DIY them easily, here are some ideas.

10. Succulent Bookend

DIY Succulent Bookend

Prop up your favorite reads with this easy-to-make mini garden. Succulents are easy to grow. They add a welcome pop of greenery to any book collection when planted in clear vases filled with pretty river stones. See more of it here.

11. Hanging Coconut Planter


Use coconut shells after eating to create this super cute hanging indoor garden. This project is unique, still simple and doesn’t require much. Check out the tutorial here.

12. Sea Shell Planter


Sea-shell planters are creative ways to show off plants. You can tuck smaller succulents and use them as a centerpiece of your home. Check out these ideas!

13. Use Utility Cart to Hold Pots


Utility cart can be found in stores easily, it has many uses and one of them is this, especially if you’re short of space. Use it to hold planters.

14. Create an Indoor Fairy Garden

DIY Fairy Garden Ideas 6

This well-planned fairy garden that resembles a gnome village (or many more other fairy garden ideas here) is looking amazing with colorful mushrooms, walkway, tiny houses, and banners.

15. Make a Succulent Dish Garden

Succulent in tray

Plant succulents in a dish and place it on the table top. It will make the focal point of the room. A complete DIY article on how to make a succulent dish garden is available here.

16. Plant Stand Room Dividers

Ikea plant stand (Socker series)
Ikea plant stand (Socker series)

Plant stands can be used as room dividers, keeping cut beautiful cut flowers, herbs, and small plants. This way you’ll be able to maximize your growing space and create a division in a room too!

17. Keep a Plant Stand Near Window


Why just keep plants on a windowsill, let the plants use the sunlight comes from the windows by keeping a plant stand like this.

18. Teacup Herb Garden


Grow a herb garden in vintage teacups that you no longer use. Not only it will look good but this way you will be able to  grow your own herbs. If you want to make a teacup planter too, here is the tutorial.

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19. DIY Mosaic Pots


Take some of your old clay pots and turn them into astonishing mosaic pots. It’s easy! You’ll need a terracotta pot, vase filler chips or alternatively use pot shard or broken tile pieces. You’ll also need glue and spray paint. The first step is to paint the pot in your favorite color and leave it to dry. Once done, lie the pot and glue the chips or shards one by one. See more mosaic ideas!

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Growing plants indoors can make your home look lively and lavish and if you too love that-- Must see our 19 best DIY indoor garden decoration ideas!


  1. All of the ideas in this post are awesome! I love succulents, and there ideas are perfect for them.

    I especially love the succulent dish garden and succulent bookends. I’d never thought of either of those, so I’m excited to try them out.

    Do you have any favorites from these?


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