19 Ways to Display Pink Syngonium (Arrowhead Plant) Indoors

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If you want to grow a colorful indoor plant that is easy to keep and has a soft color tone — Pink Syngonium ticks all the boxes!

Also known as “Arrowhead vine” due to the erratic arrowhead-like shape of its leaves, Syngonium is a famous houseplant, and these Pink Syngonium Pictures in this post will make you realize why.

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Ways to Display Pink Syngonium Indoors

1. A Vivid and Lush Specimen in a Corner

Pink Syngonium 1

The beautiful pink leaves of the arrowhead plant go amazingly well anywhere in the house, especially in a corner.

2. Two’s Company

Kara Riley

If you want to make the pink leaf stand out, keep it simple with a clear glass jar filled with water. No distractions!

3. A Stubby Bowl Full of Pink Delight!

Pink Syngonium 3

You can also go with a vintage planter to display your pink syngoniums. The silver hue will go beautifully with the antique sheen.

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4. Pink Syngonium By a Mirror


Go with a tabletop decor with a lovely pot, and place it right beside a mirror to reflect its beauty!

5. In a Blur Perforated Basket

Pink Syngonium 5

A matching blue pot will contrast really well with the soft pink hue of the plant.

6. Floating Shelf Display


Keep a tiny pink Syngonium on a floating shelf anywhere in the house, and it will lighten up that space with its pretty pink leaves.

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7. In a Bottle

Pink Syngonium 7

Repurpose an old bottle into a beautiful small pot for your syngonium. You can go with a vase, too.

8. Plant Stand Centerpiece


Add a bit of pink to the green and yellow foliage on your plant stand or shelf with the pink syngonium. It will become a nice focal point.

9. Wicker Basket Stand for Syngonium

Pink Syngonium 9

If you don’t have a wicker basket, you can also go with a simple wooden stand and a pot. Throw in some trinkets.

10. Pink Syngoniums in Mini Vases


Who said you needed a lush plant for a brilliant display? Grab a few vases and cuttings like this idea.

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11. In a Large Contrasting Planter

Pink Syngonium 11

A pink plant in a white planter is a must-have combo! You can also add in a wandering dude in a vase!

12. Pink All Around


Turn any corner of your home a fantastic pink by pairing your pink syngoniums with other pink plants. Polka dot plants, Caladiums, and New Zealand flax are good options.

13. In a Face Shaped Pot

Pink Syngonium 13

Arrange all your favorite pots on a tabletop. You should pick pots of varying heights, shapes, and styles for a colorful display.

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14. Pink Syngonium on Coffee Table


Have a chill space where you unwind often? Turn it into a pink Syngonium and cactus display like this idea.

15. Hanging Delight!

Pink Syngonium 15

Pick a nice place, a hanging planter, and a couple of hooks, and hang those beautiful pink-leafed syngoniums.

16. On a Repurposed Table

Enjoy the true color and allure of your pink syngoniums by placing them outside in the sun. You can repurpose an old table or find a good place to keep them.

17. Pink Arrowhead Macrame Hanger

Pink Syngonium 17

You can never go wrong with macrame hangers, especially when displaying pink arrowhead plants.

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18. A Kokedama Beauty!

A kokedama ball with a pink Syngonium will definitely steal all the attention in your indoor garden display.

19. A Welcoming Entrance Plant

Pink Syngonium 19

The pink foliage can be a contrasting addition to the front of the house, where it will pair well with other variegated plants.

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