18 DIY Drip Watering Systems for the Garden

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Here are some clever DIY Drip Watering Systems for the Garden that will keep your plants well-hydrated without the fuss of manual watering!

Keep your plants well-hydrated even on the busiest days or while chilling out on vacation with these DIY Drip Watering Systems for the Garden! It will take care of the plant’s moisture needs besides saving excess water consumption.

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DIY Drip Watering Systems for the Garden

1. DIY Drip Liners for the Yard


DIY drip liners are suitable for large gardens as the pipes can spread through a vast area and set a well-planned watering system. Get the details here.

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2. Drip Irrigation Project using PVC Pipes


PVC pipes are a budget-friendly option and are highly effective for their slow dripping yet deep watering feature. Learn more here.

3. Plastic Bottle Self-Watering Setup

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This plastic bottle self-watering setup will help you create a full-fledged drip watering system using the best out of waste. Details are here.

4. DIY Drip Irrigation for Potted Plants


Install this easy drip irrigation system for garden pots using some irrigation tubing, hose connectors, hose plugs, garden timers, and other supplies mentioned in the tutorial.

5. Drip Irrigation System for Raised Beds


Perfect for raised beds—this drip irrigation system will help you create a moist bed for your vegetable garden while you are away. Get the details here.

6. DIY Garden Hose Setup


A sustainable option for garden owners, this hose setup will cut your water expenses, reducing consumption by 25-50% compared to sprinkler irrigation. Learn more here.

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7. Drip Watering System for Vegetable Bed


Help your vegetable garden thrive even on the busiest days by setting up this drip watering system that keeps the bed moist without flooding. Learn more here.

8. Raised Bed Drip Irrigation using PVC Pipes


All you need are some PVC pipes, 90-degree metal elbows, faucets, pipe cutters, hose connectors, and other supplies mentioned here to make this drip irrigation system for raised beds.

9. Water Bottle Self Watering Hack


This self-watering hack using a plastic bottle is a clever option if you are away for a long time. Get the steps here.

10. Budget-Friendly Drip Irrigation System


This drip irrigation system will fit your bill if you are looking for budget-friendly options. Here are all the steps in detail.

11. Outdoor Drip Watering Solution for Large Gardens


This drip irrigation system will moisten large garden beds easily without wasting excess water. Plan one for your yard like this.

12. Automatic Watering System


An automatic watering system is a functional option for busy gardeners that will save your time and energy from the fuss of manual watering. Learn more here.

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13. Milk Jug Self-Watering Setup

The milk jugs in the junkyard can serve as functional watering options for your garden. Follow the steps here.

14. Binate Watering System

This binate watering system will create an irrigation setup for both your garden’s raised and ground beds. Get the details here.

15. Upcycled Plastic Bottle Plant Irrigator

The plastic bottles in the house can serve as fantastic plant irrigators. You can make them easily at home using some key supplies mentioned here.

16. Easy Drip Irrigation Setup for Small Gardens

Make this simple and easy drip irrigation setup following the steps discussed here. Although the process is a little tricky but is perfect for pots or small gardens.

17. Self-Watering System for a Strawberry Garden

Install a self-watering system for your strawberry garden using recycled plastic bottles and some key supplies mentioned here.

18. Water Bottle Drip Feeder

Perfect for container gardening and raised beds, this bottle drip feeder will keep your plants well hydrated for a couple of weeks while you are away. Learn more here.

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