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These DIY Teacup Garden Ideas are the best way to use the old ones in your kitchen in a creative manner and display plants in style!

Here are some easy-to-make DIY Teacup Garden Ideas that you can use to re-purpose the old ones you have in your home!

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DIY Teacup Garden Ideas

1. Colorful Tea Cup Garden

DIY Teacup Garden Ideas

Check out this colorful teacup garden that you can easily make using old cups. You can also use faux plants.

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2. A Flowerful Cup

Use elegant white cups to grow flowers of your choice. Moss rose is one of the best ones you can grow.

3. Purple Delight

DIY Teacup Garden Ideas 2

Use matching blue and white teacups to grow purple flowers and showcase them on tabletops for the best display.

4. Mini Pond in a Tea Cup


How about making a little pond in a teacup and growing aquatic plants? Well, you can do it like the picture above.

5. Teacup Birdfeeder

DIY Teacup Garden Ideas 3

These teacup bird feeders are super cute as garden art! Keep them in your patio or yard to invite different birds.

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6. Teacup Miniature Gardens

Here’s a great DIY that will guide you into making a little garden inside teacups. They will look amazing on tables.

7. Succulent Teacup Fairy Garden

DIY Teacup Garden Ideas 4

Create a succulent fairy garden in a teacup, complete with a bench, ladder, and a partial picket fence. Get all the details here.

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8. Teacup Water Garden

Teacup Water Garden

This water garden in a glass teacup is exceptional and makes the perfect centerpiece for your table. See the tutorial here!

9. Teacup Fairy Garden

DIY Teacup Garden Ideas 8

How about creating a miniature garden in a teacup? Even the minor details are exquisite. The tutorial is here.

10. Colorful Teacup Garden

Colorful Teacup Garden

If you are looking for the most colorful mini centerpiece, this idea is just for you. Click here to see the tutorial!

11.  Fairy Teacup Garden

DIY Teacup Garden Ideas 11

Floral foam, artificial moss, and a host of miniature accessories will create a mini fairy teacup garden. More of it is here!

12. Teacup Herb Garden

Teacup Herb Garden

Get a few of your favorite herb seedlings and plant them in several teacups. You’ll have a teacup herb garden ready. We found the idea here!

13. Succulent Teacup Garden

DIY Teacup Garden Ideas 15

A succulent teacup garden will attract the attention of your guests like no other. Get the details here.

14. Teacup Cactus Planter

DIY Teacup Cactus Planter

Do something different with your miniature teacup garden and have people turning their heads. This guide here will help you achieve this.

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15. Teacup Garden for Mother’s Day

Teacup Garden for Mother's Day

How about creating a teacup garden for special occasions like Mother’s Day? Here’s the tutorial!

16. Simple Teacup Garden

One of the best ways to use abandoned teacups is by creating a teacup garden out of them. One of its kinds of tutorials is here!

17. Fabric Cup Succulent Planters

DIY Fabric Cup Succulent Planters

How about decorating your teacup planters with some fabric? Customize them the way you want to. Click here to see the detailed post!

18. Teacup Planter for Succulents

Teacup Planter Party Favors

This is a unique idea that is affordable as well. Impress your guests with the teacup planter party favors; they’ll appreciate your way of regarding their attendance!

19. Little Teacup Garden

Learn how to create a teacup garden following this informative tutorial available here!

20. Teacup Sconce Planter

DIY Teacup Sconce Planter

You can even hang up your teacup planters or fix them somewhere, a neat idea for the porch decoration. Check out the tutorial here!

21. Teacup Planter Project

Here’s another project that you can view to learn the step-by-step process.

22. Geometric Teacup Planters

Make geometric teacup planters to beautify and give a contemporary feel to your indoor space. The how-to is here!

23. Old Teacups and Saucers Garden

Old Teacups and Saucers Garden

Old teacups can be re-purposed for a dreamy mini garden. All you need are some scrap wood, small rocks, and a plant of your choice. This DIY link shows you how to get started with this.

24. Floating Teacup

Floating Teacup

This flowery floating teacup idea is so unique that it can bring you compliments. Check out the tutorial here!

25. Teacup Patio

This clay teacup patio with a miniature birdbath is easy to make if you can find all the small items.

26. Mermaid in a Teacup with Plants

Make this beautiful teacup garden adorned with a little mermaid figurine, boat, and a succulent.

27. Teacup Garden for a Girl Room

This dotted pink teacup with a cute little doll is a perfect choice for a girl’s room. Make it more beautiful by growing the same color flowering plant in it.

28. A Teacup Garden with Pathway

Create this beautiful arrangement with foliage plants, lanterns, a hut, and a pathway.

29. Dwarf Tree in a Teacup Garden

This beautiful piece is quite easy to make. You just need a dwarf succulent, colorful pebbles, a small bench, and a street lamp.

30. Cute Teacup Garden

Here’s a beautiful teacup garden with trailing succulent and flowering plants. You can also use faux ones.

31. Glass Globe Tea Cup Planter

Make a planter like this for your center table to showcase real or faux flowers. The glass globe idea will make it stand out!

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