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Have a look at the best 16 Genius Things to Do in the Garden with Soda Bottles, and transform your indoor and outdoor space today!

Reuse and recycle soda bottles in a unique and cool way in your home and garden. This will also help you turn everyday waste into functional garden decor. So, scroll down below and comment–which one is your favorite?

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Genius Things to Do in the Garden with Soda Bottles

1. Mini Green House for SeedlingsGenius Things to Do in Garden with Soda Bottles

Cut the bottom half off a 2-liter soda bottle and use it as a mini greenhouse. Turn the bottle upside down and place it over any small plant or seedling pot. Doing this will help the emerging plant and provide it warmth, humidity, and protection from pests.

2. DIY Plastic Bottle Vertical Herb Garden

Brilliant Garden Activities Using Soda Bottles
Sueli Diniz

Create a vertical herb garden on the wall using plastic bottles. Find the DIY here.

3. DIY Self-Watering Planters

Clever Ways to Use Soda Bottles in the Garden

Follow this DIY and make this super easy self-watering planter. It’s cheap and useful for forgetful gardeners.

4. Edible Garden in Compact Space

Plastic Soda Bottle Ideas In garden

No worries if you are short on space but want to create a herb garden; just look out for some used plastic bottles in your pantry and get a wooden plank or pallet board. Cut these bottles in half, as shown in the picture, and attach them to the board. It’s ready!

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5. DIY Terrarium in Soda Bottle

DIY Terrarium in Soda Bottle ideas

Be creative and make this miniature rainforest in a used soda bottle with the help of this tutorial. You’ll have to cut the bottle in half before rejoining again.

6. Vertical Hanging Herb Garden

Vertical Hanging plastic soda bottle Herb Garden

Make this hanging soda bottle herb garden in a sunny corner of your home and utilize the space creatively. See details here.

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7. Hanging Soda Bottle Garden
Hanging Soda Bottle Garden ideas

Another innovative and beautiful-looking plastic bottle vertical garden. Hang bottles horizontally and attach them to the strings.

8. Soda Bottles on Walls


Take the help of this DIY and create a beautiful herb garden close to any plain old wall.

9. Vertical Garden Using Ikea CD Racks and Soda Bottles

Clever Things to Do in the Garden with Soda Bottles just like vertical Garden

Use the Ikea CD rack and create this space-saving vertical herb garden in your home.

10. Soda Bottle Herb Garden

Clever Things to Do in the Garden with Soda Bottles

You can also create a hydroponic vertical garden by using a plastic bottle. One of its kind of tutorials is available here.

11. Soda Bottle Garden in Wine Rack

Soda Bottle Garden in Wine Rack ideas
Jo Fisher

Create this cool soda bottle garden using an old wine rack. You can use Coke bottles to grow salads of your choice.

12. DIY Self-Watering Plastic Bottle Seed Starter

Self-Watering Plastic Soda Bottle Ideas

This DIY is a must-try; the self-watering system will help in maintaining the evenly moist soil young plants require.

13. Hanging Vertical Garden

Hanging Soda Bottles in the Garden

Make smart use of a sunny spot in your home by creating a hanging garden with plastic bottles. Using vertical space will also provide you with a more growing area on the ground. In this, you can grow annuals, greens, and herbs–anything with a shallow root system.

14. Hanging Planter With a Recycled Plastic Soda Bottle

Clever Ways to Use Soda Bottles in the Garden 1

You will need bottles, tape, foil, and thread for creating this DIY; it will save space and provide a fresh harvest of herbs.

15. Vertical Hanging Garden from Plastic Bottles

Brilliant Garden Activities Using Soda Bottles  1

Take help from this video tutorial and make this beautiful herb wall garden using plastic bottles.

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16. Tree Trunk Soda Bottle Planter

Genius Things to Do in Garden with Soda Bottles  1

Adorn any tree trunk or stump by growing seasonal flowers like petunias in soda bottles; you can attach these bottles by means of glue, hook, or string.

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