42 Urban Vertical Gardening Ideas For Small Spaces

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Little to no space for gardening, or you’re just looking for some creative ideas for your backyard? These 42 Vertical Gardening Ideas are for any of the reasons.

If you live in a small home with no garden or an apartment with limited space, then don’t let that stop you from growing your favorite plants! Here are some workable Vertical Gardening Ideas you can utilize!

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Vertical Gardening Ideas

1. A Ladder Planter

A ladder planter like this is a fun and easy way to grow multiple plants like herbs, flowers, and even veggies together in a limited space. It is one of the best Vertical Gardening Ideas on this list.

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2. Upcycled Dresser Planter

This is one of the Great Gardening ideas for small spaces! Transform an old dresser into a garden with the help of this tutorial here.

3. Strawberry Tower Vertical Planter

Are you looking for Vertical garden ideas for small spaces? Grow more strawberries like this Vertical Gardening Idea by following this post here.

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4. Pipe Vertical Garden

Make this PVC Pipe Vertical Garden by taking help from this post. These can be great  Planters for small gardens too!

5. Terracotta Pot Vertical Fence Garden

Create this Vertical Gardening Idea on the wall using terracotta planters; find the details for these Urban garden planters here.

6. Vertical Garden Out of Stacked Boxes

Build this edible stacked garden in the compact space of your home; take inspiration here. It is one of the best Outdoor vertical garden ideas!

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7. Vertical Chicken Wire Planter on Fence

This Vertical garden planter, using a chicken wire planter on pallet wood, is a must-try! Follow the details here.

8. Outdoor Shower Caddy Vertical Planter

Are you looking for Plans for a vertical garden? Try this one! Turn a shower caddy into a hanging garden – this tutorial will help you further.

9. Pallet Garden Planter

Give a try to this Vertical garden system for a free supply of aromatic herbs in your dishes.

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10. Hanging Kitchen Garden

This hanging herb garden can be created anywhere in the home, like a patio or balcony. Find the details here.

11. DHanging Herb Chandelier

Construct a rustic Outdoor vertical garden and relish herbs all summer long with this simple tutorial. It is one of the best Vertical Gardening Ideas on this list.

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12. EasyVertical Herb Garden

This DIY Vertical garden planter is worth a try for an uninterrupted fresh supply! Find details here.

13. Vertical Herb Tower

This is an ideal option for people with small space. You can grow your own herbs with this idea here. If are looking for Plans for vertical garden, don’t miss this one!

14. Urban Vertical Herb Garden

This Simple DIY Wall Herb Garden can be created in the smallest of spaces on the wall.

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15. Terracotta Pot Holder Pallet Planter

With some hose clamps and screws, you can secure your terracotta or plastic pots on the pallet board— a great Vertical Gardening Idea to use the most of limited space.

16. Kiddie Pool Planter

Inexpensive and easy to make, this kiddie pool planter is perfect for growing greens and herbs. Learn more about this Vertical garden system here.

17. Modern Outdoor Planter

This modern Vertical Gardening Idea is useful for small spaces. As you’re growing succulents in this, it’s low maintenance as well. Check this post here to learn more.

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18. Hanging Shoe Storage Bag Vertical Planter

Have a look at this tutorial to find out how to create this idea using a hanging pocket shoe store! It is one of the best Gardening ideas for small spaces.

19. Pallet Vegetable Garden

This DIY pallet garden is a perfect Vertical garden idea for small spaces to plant more in pots in your container garden. Check out the tutorial here.

20. Vertical Window Box Garden

Grow herbs or salad greens vertically in this window box. Get more details here.

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21. Urban Vegetable Garden

Urban life always constricts the love of gardening due to a lack of space. In that case, setting up a Vertical Gardening Idea like this is the most viable option.

22. Cinder Block Succulent Planters

One more cinder blocks DIY vertical gardening project. It’s easy, cheap, and one of the best Planters for small gardens. Learn more here.

23. Tiered Herb Garden

You can dedicate a space from your urban garden to grow herbs. This tiered herb garden idea here is for the deck, but it’s also copiable for the balconies, rooftops, and porches.

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24. Stacked Herb Garden

This post is a gift for our readers; as it goes on, you’ll find a more profound lack of space growing ideas like this DIY Vertical Gardening Idea tutorial here!

25. Plastic Bottle Vertical Herb Garden

Create this wonderful vertical herb garden with the help of this tutorial here.

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26. Recycled Bottle Hanging Planters

Recycle the soda bottles and use the vertical space aptly. See the Vertical Gardening Idea here!

27. Vertical Trellis Wall

Learn how to create a nice sitting arrangement and a vertical garden trellis wall in which you can grow aromatic herbs or colorful flowers

28. Colorful Pallet Vertical Garden

See this different, adorable, and creative DIY Vertical Gardening Idea with this guide.

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29. Herb Wall Kitchen Garden

Grow herbs in the vicinity of your kitchen even if you’re living in an ultra-modern city where space is premium and you’re short of it. Check Vertical Gardening Idea here!

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30. Vertical Plants Wall

This excellent DIY project is not very easy to accomplish, but we admit it’s one of the best on this list. Check out the post here!

31. Vegetable Gutter Garden

Growing plants, especially the greens in the gutter, is a new trend. You can find this Vertical Gardening Idea here!

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32. Window Shutter Micro Urban Garden

This is an innovative idea that deserves to be on this list. They used window shutters to grow plants. Learn more about this here!

33. Small Vertical Planter

Create this Vertical Gardening Idea following the tutorial video here! It is easy and lot of fun!

34. Vertical Succulent Column

Your problem of lack of space can be solved if you do grow plants vertically. Learn how to create a column of succulents or strawberries here if you want something edible!

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35. Backdoor Tiered Herb Garden

If you’ve got a spot that receives full to part sun, see this DIY here and plant your favorite herbs using this Vertical Gardening Idea.

36. Fruit Basket Vertical Planter

If you’re living in a condo or apartment and want a stroke of green in your interior, create a fruit basket (or something similar) into a vertical planter. Learn more here!

37. Balcony Garden with Vertical Planters

Find how to turn a dull balcony into an urban garden by adding vertical planters, containers, and suitable plants. The Vertical Gardening Idea is here.

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38. Hanging Gutter Planter with Stand

Learn how to create this amazing gutter planter with a stand here to increase your growing space thrice!

39. Vertical Salad Garden

If growing your own food in little to no space seems like a dream to you, this post will guide you. It is a Vertical Gardening Idea you must try!

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40. Dresser Drawers Vertical Vegetable Planter

Dresser drawers converted into a vertical vegetable garden. This Vertical Gardening Idea is here!

41. Vertical Herb Garden

This DIY project here is a boon if you don’t want to compromise the space on the floor, as it creates a lot of vertical planting space

42. Genius Vertical Gardening Project

This stacked planter project can be copied and used on a rooftop, patio, porch, balcony, or any other space-constricted area where you want to grow plants. Learn more about this Vertical Gardening Idea here!

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