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With more than 60 Different Types of Indoor Plants in our exclusive list, you will have no problem picking the best Houseplant for your home!

With such a wide variety of houseplants, choosing the best becomes challenging. We have prepared a list of the best Types of Indoor Plants divided into various categories to make it easier for you to pick!

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Flowering Houseplants

Flowering plants bring color and vibrancy indoors. On the plus side, some are even fragrant!

1. Begonia

Wax, Rieger, and Angel-Wing Begonia are among the best varieties. Begonia flowers throughout their blooming season, which is from May-October. 

2. African Violet


African Violet is a compact, low-maintenance houseplant with stunning hairy, thick leaves and violet-blue flowers. The plant produces flowers in small panicles.

3. Jasmine


For warmer regions, most of the varieties of Jasmine will be fine. Try Jasminum polyanthum for colder areas. You can also find this fragrant flower in shades of yellow and pink too. 

4. Orchids

With exotic flowers, you can never go wrong in growing orchids. They look stunning and do perfectly fine in dappled light. 

5. Amaryllis

Amaryllis displays flowers mostly in red and white. However, you may also be able to spot some in shades of pink, salmon, rose, apricot, or deep burgundy. 

6. Bromeliads


Bromeliads produce flowers in shades of orange, purple, bright red, or blue. Just make sure they get plenty of bright and indirect light all day long.

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Colorful Foliage Houseplants

Not only for flowers, but some plants are famous for their stunning leaves. They come in a variety of colors and patterns. 

7. Polka Dot Plant


Polka Dot Plant’s leaves have colorful patches and the plant is usually grown for their delicate foliage. It can grow up to 1-2 feet tall indoors.

8. Coleus

The color of Coleus leaves is a mix of pink, orange, green, yellow, or red. This brightly-colored shrub grows best in bright and indirect light.

9. Nerve Plant

Its pink-green foliage comes with beautiful markings. The Nerve plant does flower, but its blooms are insignificant spikes that tend to blend in with the foliage. 

10. Prayer Plant

Prayer Plant’s leaves close upward during the evening in a way that looks like folded praying hands and hence the name. It grows best in bright light all day. 

11. Calathea

Calathea is a popular houseplant because of its green, wide, colorful leaves. It is one of the best contenders for rooms with dappled light. 

12. Persian Shield


The dark purple leaves of the Persian Shield have deep veins. It can grow best in hot and humid conditions to form a bushy, large, mounded plant. 

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 Low-Light Houseplants

In the indoor space, providing adequate sunlight is challenging and choosing plants that can tolerate low-lighting conditions is crucial. 

13. Rubber Plant

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The glossy leaves of Rubber Plant come in shades of dark green, marked with yellow, pink, cream, white, or deep maroon. 

14. Dracaena


One of the best houseplants, Dracaena thrives well in the shade. This plant can grow up to 2-3 feet indoors and looks like a small, bushy tree. 

15. Creeping Fig

Creeping Fig is known to be an eager climber and you can train it on small trellis. Keep it trimmed to ensure the growth stays in check.

16. Peperomia


Peperomia with striking its glossy foliage can be a great tabletop plant. In the right conditions, it also grows small flowers. 

17. Chinese Evergreen


Chinese Evergreen is one of the best plants to grow indoors that don’t require constant, direct sunlight. 

18. Peace Lily

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Peace Lily is one of the star houseplants when it comes to purifying indoor air. It is also very easy to grow and maintain. 

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 Air Purifying Houseplants

We all know that plants absorb CO2 and produce oxygen. But did you know that some plants also remove toxic pollutants from the air? 

19. Snake Plant

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Snake Plant is also called Mother-in-Law’s Tongue and is a resilient succulent. It is one of the best air purifying plants you can grow.

20. Chrysanthemum


It can grow indoors if you’ve got a sunny windowsill. If you want the best flowers, make sure it gets a minimum of 3-4 hours of direct sunlight. 

21. Aloe Vera

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Aloe Vera is a popular medicinal succulent plant that beautifies your interior and eliminates toxic compounds. The leaves are generally gray-green with spots. 

22. Pothos


Pothos is one of the most popular low-light houseplants that is also a great option to clean indoor air. It does well in bright and indirect light. 

23. Philodendron


Philodendron works perfectly in filtering formaldehyde from the air. The foliage is green but can be found in red, purple, or coppery shades.

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Trailing Houseplants

Trailing indoor plants look great in hanging baskets or over shelves and desks. 

24. English Ivy 

This fast-growing vine has evergreen foliage. English Ivy is quite forgiving and does well in dappled light all day long indoors. 

25. Creeping Fig

Creeping Fig is a slow-growing creeper with small, leathery dark green foliage. It is a beautiful trailing plant for hanging baskets, window boxes, trellis, and fences. 

26. String Of Pearls


String of Pearls is a low-maintenance creeper and does well in a sunny light position. This common houseplant also blooms in summer, producing fragrant flowers. 

27. Wandering Jew


Wandering Jew has beautiful trailing stems. This plant features heart-shaped, green leaves with a silvery sheen and purple stripes. 

28. Hoya


The trailing stems of hoya have clusters of aromatic waxy flowers. The plant is famous for its deep green, long-living, vining foliage and pink or red flowers. 

29. Chain of Hearts


This slender vine can reach up to 10-12 feet in the wild. However, when you grow it as a houseplant, you can prune it according to your choice. 

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Small Houseplants

Looking for plants to grow in limited space? Here are the best small types of indoor plants. 

30. Lucky Bamboo


Lucky Bamboo is one of the most popular small plants that you can grow without worrying about its maintenance. It can also thrive in water. 

31. Chinese Money Plant

Chinese Money Plant has coin-shaped leaves that look striking with a contrasting background. It is one of the most loved houseplants worldwide. 

32. Spider Plant

Spider Plant is ideal for bedrooms as it can easily remove harmful toxins from the air. It thrives well in indirect light and well draining soil. 

33. Oxalis


Oxalis is a small plant packs an eye-catching punch. If you like colors, then this is the best plant you can grow for its stunning foliage. 

34. Asparagus Fern


This warm climate plant is an excellent tabletop or hanging basket specimen. It has fern-like feathery green stems, and grows tiny white blooms in summer. 

35. Haworthia


Haworthia is a gorgeous little succulent that does excellent in bright light. Its compact dimensions makes it one of the best tabletop plants on this list. 

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Large Houseplants

The large plants drastically change the appearance of any space and make it look grand and spectacular. 

36. Fiddle Leaf Fig


Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant has large, light green leaves with slender, waxy, and dark foliage. This tropical plant is native to western Africa and grows in tropical rainforests. 

37. Palms

Palm trees can make any room stand out with their slender fronds. If you want to bring a tropical touch indoors, this is the plant to grow!

38. Bird of Paradise


The plant will create a beautiful display of vibrant blooms when grown in plenty of sunlight. Grow it in well draining soil. 

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39. Yucca


This plant is drought-tolerant, pest-resistant, and a slow-grower, which makes it perfect to keep near a well lit window in a bedroom.  

40. Croton

Croton comes in many varieties in different shapes and sizes. Grow this fantastic houseplant in a spot that receives plenty of sunshine. 

41. Elephant Foot Palm


This beautiful ornamental plant makes a bold statement. Keep it where it gets dappled light all day long for best growth. 

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Succulents & Cacti

Succulents and cacti do not require much attention. In fact, for them, less is more!

42. Burro’s Tail


It is best for hanging baskets due to its fat trailing stems. Pick the sunniest window in the house and keep it there. 

43. Echeverias


Small and stunning is what this succulent is. Coming in different shapes, sizes, and colors, you can pick the one according to the decor.

44. Lithops


This dwarf, succulent plant comprises plump, fleshy semi-translucent leaves that look like stones. Make sure it gets plenty of bright light. 

45. Panda Plant


The silver-gray hair of this plant and its flowers make it stand out. Panda Plant needs very little maintenance and does best in dappled light. 

46. Pencil Cactus


Pencil Cactus is not a true cactus and belongs to the family of Euphorbia from tropical parts of India and Africa. Keep it in full sun for best colors. 

47. Bunny Ear’s Cactus


On maturity, this plant can grow up to 2-3 feet tall and 4-6 feet wide. It can be a great tabletop specimen. 

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Moisture Loving Houseplants

If you are among those gardeners, who love to tend to the plants regularly, then moisture-loving plants are for you.

48. Bromeliads


Most varieties of Bromeliads are easy to grow either in the greenhouse or indoors. Just ensure they get plenty of indirect light al day for best flowers. 

49. Caladium


This tropical perennial can look stunning in any space with heart-shaped, colorful leaves. Save them from the harsh afternoon sunlight. 

50. Ferns


You’ll never have to worry about ferns being in a little moist soil. All they need is a spot that gets dappled light all day long. 

51. Baby’s Tears


It’s a bright green creeping plant loves moisture and looks stunning dangling down the pots. Grow it in hanging basket for best display. 

52. Cyperus


Its slender and serrated leaves makes this little wonder stand out. For best growth, make sure the soil never goes dry completely. 

53. Pitcher plant


carnivorous plant that traps insects! This plant forms a passive pitfall trap for insects, which makes it really amazing to look at.  

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Air Plants

They are aptly named because they take most of their nutrients from the air. 

54. Sky Plant


This unusual and fascinating plant is gaining popularity worldwide thanks to its quirky shape and ease of maintenance.

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55. Bulbosa Belize


The plant has a bulb-like structure at the base. You can use quirky planters to make its foliage stand out more. 

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56. Medusa’s Head


This exotic plant has multiple snake-like leaves that looks like hair of the head of the mythical creature ‘Medusa.’ 

57. Giant Air Plant


Easy to grow, it grows a wide section of foliage that droops down beautifully. For best growth, ensure it gets plenty of bright and indirect light.

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58. Anwyl Ecstasy 25


Its bulbous base looks like various small bulbs fused together. You can grow it in wood planters to make it stand out more.

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59. Pink Quill Plant


This air plant produces flattened spikes of purple blooms surrounded by ornamental pink leaves. It does best in dappled light. 

60. Druid Sky Plant


Unlike the red leaves of this air plant species Tillandsia ionantha, the leaves of the ‘Druid’ variety turn a peachy-pink tone with age and right amount of light.

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