19 DIY Cactus Garden Ideas | How to Build a Cactus Garden

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Using these cool DIY Cactus Garden Ideas you can easily make a mini, no-fuss garden for yourself with a little investment!

Cacti are fun to grow and easy to maintain plants. They do not require a lot of care and their evergreen color makes them the right choice to add them anywhere! You can create some amazing cactus garden and proudly display them in a variety of ways! If you don’t know how to use them, take a look at our DIY Cactus Garden Ideas!

Check out the best types of cactus you can grow here! 

1. Mini Cactus Garden in Planter

DIY Cactus Garden Ideas

Have a big, unused container? Use it creatively by growing cactus along with other succulents like haworthia! Place some gravels and stones to complete the look! Learn more here!

2. Cactus Dish Garden

Design an elegant cactus dish garden decorated with a variety of beautiful drought-tolerant cacti and pebbles. To copy this idea, click here!

3. Indoor Mini Cacti Garden

DIY Cactus Garden Ideas 2

Create a mini cactus garden by taking clay pots, some cactus plants, make-up brushes, and gravels. Watch this DIY for full information!

4. Beautiful Cacti Garden

This cactus garden needs air plants and cactus both. Go through this blog and make one for yourself!

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5. Easy DIY Cactus Garden

DIY Cactus Garden Ideas 3

Pair cactus plants with other colorful succulents, gravels, and big stones, to create a rock garden that everyone will admire. Click here to learn more!

6. Mini Garden in Glass Jar

Go creative and arrange cactus, succulents, and mini white stones in a shallow glass vase to create this beautiful mini garden! Check out this post for more details!

7. Cactus in Teacups

DIY Cactus Garden Ideas 4

Arrange cactus in beautiful teacups and saucers and line them on windowsill or tabletop.

8. Cactus in Flowerbed

Combine different succulents and cactus plants to create a mini cactus garden.

9. Red Cactus Garden

DIY Cactus Garden Ideas 5

Combine different shapes and sizes of cactus to make this cute little garden! Try more such ideas here!

10. DIY Small Cactus Garden

Want to make a tabletop cactus garden for a coffee table, windowsill, or bookshelf. Follow this tutorial video.

11. Cactus Garden with Stone and Stucco

DIY Cactus Garden Ideas 6

Incorporate cactus plants with stone and stucco in your garden by pairing them with vibrant succulents! Check this post for inspiration!

12. Mini Cactus Planter

Check out this DIY to make a creative cactus planter by using a cord wrapped terracotta pot, colorful rocks, and of course, a prickly cactus plant!

13. Vintage Planter Cactus Garden

DIY Cactus Garden Ideas 7

Try this fun and creative project and grow cacti with succulents in a plastic bowl filled with well-draining potting mix. Place it on the top of a metal frame to complete the look!

14. Mini Coffee Mug Planters

Grow cactus plants stylishly in printed coffee mugs! Here is the tutorial.

15. Cactus Garden in Pastel Planters

DIY Cactus Garden Ideas 8

Build an elegant cacti garden with pastel color planters and place them on mini wooden seats! Follow this DIY to learn more.

16. Cacti Garden in Monochrome Pots

Transform the look of dull looking terra cotta pots by painting them with different small patterns! Growing cacti was never this much fun! Learn more in this post.

17. Beautiful Cactus Planter

DIY Cactus Garden Ideas 9

Taking inspiration from this video, plant cacti in mini pots, plastic bowl, and a hollow wooden log!

18. Camel Cactus Planter

A relaxing miniature camel along with cacti can be a great tabletop mini garden! For more details, click here!

19. Mini Desert Fairy Cactus Garden

Take a big, white container and fill it with lots of colored stones. Add floral mat of sphagnum moss, top it up with potting mix and grow cacti! Place little glass bottles and candle holders to complete the look! More details here!

Here are some fabulous vertical gardening ideas you can implement! 

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