14 DIY Rectangular Indoor Planters You Can Try

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Are you looking for some cool and long containers? Here are some DIY Rectangular Indoor Planters You Can Try.

Planting indoor plants are not enough when you are a plant fanatic. Planters play a big part in the overall look of a plant. We have curated a list of DIY Rectangular Indoor Planters You Can Try.

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Rectangular Indoor Planters You Can Try

1. Wooden Garden Planter

DIY Rectangular Indoor Planters

Wooden boxes will make for a wonderful planter. Just wrap the box properly so the soil does not spill out. Check out this blog for details.

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2. Cement Hanging Planter

You can DIY any plastic, metal, cement, or wooden planter that can be easily used as a hanging planter. Just wrap some rope around it and hang it in a corner!

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3. Fibreglass Planter

DIY Rectangular Indoor Planters 2

Fiberglass is a sustainable option since it lasts for a long period of time and can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Check the video here.

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4. Marble Planter

Marble, well known for its cool surface, will make a classy planter. There are a variety of patterns and colors available in the market to choose from. Check the DIY here.

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5. Brick Succulent Planter

DIY Rectangular Indoor Planters 3

Make this easy planter by drilling holes in the brick; follow the details in this video.

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6. Trellis Planter Box

If you love flowering vines or trailing plants, this DIY rectangular planter box is for you. You can attach the trellis on the top so the vines can climb easily. 

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7. Modern Planter Box

DIY Rectangular Indoor Planters 4

Follow this DIY and create this modern rectangular planter box for showcasing plants in style.

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8. Textured Rectangular Planter

Make this cool-looking textured rectangular planter box with the help of this video.

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9. Indoor Hanging Planter

DIY Rectangular Indoor Planters 9

These floating rectangular planters can be a focal point of your home garden. Check the DIY here.

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10. Designer Rectangular Planter

Add charm to your window with this gorgeous planter; check DIY here.

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11. Window Box

DIY Rectangular Indoor Planters 12

Make your exterior window more beautiful with this window box, and fill it with colorful blooms for an eye-catching look. Follow the DIY here.

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12. Cedar Planter

Boost the curb appeal of your home by DIYing this planter. Check the details here. You can also use it easily indoors.

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13. Modern Wooden Rectangular Planter

DIY Rectangular Indoor Planters 22

Make your home decor more appealing with this wooden planter, which can also be used as a windowsill box. Take inspiration here.

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14. Easy Rectangular Planters

Follow the easy steps here and make this modern planter for showcasing your plants.

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