22 Greenhouse Shelving Ideas | Best Greenhouse Shelf to Create Space

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Try these beautiful Greenhouse Shelving Ideas and utilize the limited space to make a greenhouse for your favorite plants!

Here are some easy Greenhouse Shelving Ideas that will help you arrange plants in a limited space with style and substance.

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Greenhouse Shelving Ideas

1. Cut-Out Greenhouse Shelving

Greenhouse Shelving Ideas

Try this wooden cut-out Greenhouse Shelving Idea for small plants like succulents. You can also try growing herbs in the pots.

2. Greenhouse Shelving Cabinets


If you like having it on a large scale, this idea is for you. These multiple sections can hold several containers easily.

3. Heavy Duty Greenhouse Shelving

Greenhouse Shelving Ideas 2

If you want a sturdy setup that can hold a lot of weight, go for this. It is great for growing vegetables and one of the best Greenhouse Shelving Ideas on the list.

4. Folding Greenhouse Shelving on Wheels


This foldable shelving greenhouse can be moved anywhere, which also makes it a good option to grow salad greens.

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5. Window Greenhouse Shelving

Greenhouse Shelving Ideas 3

Mount the shelves directly on the windows and wisely use the small space. This is surely one of the best Greenhouse Shelving Ideas on the list.

6. Island and Greenhouse Shelving


Copy this beautiful idea and arrange the potted plants as shown in the picture. If you have an extra space in the backyard, make it there.

7. Racks and Floating Shelves in the Greenhouse

Greenhouse Shelving Ideas 4
ʚ 𝐿𝑜𝑏𝑒𝑙𝑖𝑎 ɞ

Metal racks beside floating shelves in the greenhouse are a great idea for displaying plants. Use the extra space to relax on a rocking chair.

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8. Ladder Shelving

Make more space by creatively setting a ladder-like shelves. It will help you use the limited space to the max. This is surely one of the best Greenhouse Shelving Ideas on the list.

9. Tiered Greenhouse Shelving

Greenhouse Shelving Ideas 5

This multi tiered greenhouse shelving offers plenty of space. You can also install rods above for hanging planters.

10. Kitchen Cum Greenhouse


How about making a spaced-out greenhouse with a kitchen where you can grow store pots in the bottom shelves.

11. Plants on Crates

Greenhouse Shelving Ideas 6
Maya P

Arrange your greenhouse with these shelves and wooden crates, that can also be used as shelves to keep plants.

12. Circular Shelves


The circular wooden enclosure offers multiple layers of shelves that can be used to keep pots. Bets utilization of a tight space to the max!

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13. A Large Backyard Greenhouse

Greenhouse Shelving Ideas 7

Organize multiple shelves of different sizes in your greenhouse for keeping plants. Set the table in the center, and place more plants on it. It is one of the best Greenhouse Shelving Ideas if you are short on space and have many plants.

14. IKEA Greenhouse

This beautiful IKEA greenhouse takes a very little space and is great for a small rooms in apartments where you can have your own little green space.

15. Greenhouse Shelving for a Compact Space

Greenhouse Shelving Ideas 8

This idea is a perfect option for a tight-spaced backyard. You can also hang several planters to use the open space on the ceiling. This is surely one of the best Greenhouse Shelving Ideas on the list.

16. Hanging Shelf for Succulents


Keep your succulents in a greenhouse this way on these open-tiered shelves. You can alos hang a shelf above to grow trailing ones.

17. Ladder Shelving

Greenhouse Shelving Ideas 9
Dominique Blackmore

This ladder shelve is quite useful for narrow patios. It’s cheap and maintenance-free. This is surely one of the best Greenhouse Shelving Ideas on the list.

18. Cedar Shelf in Greenhouse


Add this cedar shelf to your greenhouse to store multiple plants. It is a great way to utilize the side space.

19. Greenhouse For Succulents and Other Plants

Greenhouse Shelving Ideas 10

Use this multi-rack shelf along with a circular table that can hold trays to keep small succulents. This is surely one of the best Greenhouse Shelving Ideas on the list.

20. Transparent Greenhouse


This simple idea does not require many things; simply install wooden planks and cover the  open space with a plastic sheet or glass.

21. Ladder and Shelves

Greenhouse Shelving Ideas 11

Set an old ladder in your greenhouse and place plants on it. You can also use planks to make shelves on the window. This is surely one of the best Greenhouse Shelving Ideas on the list.

22. Floating Shelves in the Greenhouse


These floating shelves do not take up any space in the greenhouse, yet they store many plants beautifully. You can also use hanging baskets to grow ferns as shown in the picture.

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