How To Propagate English Ivy in Water

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Learn How To Propagate English Ivy in Water in a few simple and easy steps to display its beautiful vines in jars or vases of your choice!

How To Propagate English Ivy in Water

If you are someone new to gardening and want a no-fuss plant to grace your rooms, especially if you live in an apartment and a studio, then you should learn How To Propagate English Ivy in Water! 

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How To Propagate English Ivy in Water


Propagating English Ivy is much easier than it sounds. Since it is an invasive plant, the Ivy grows naturally and abundantly when given the right care. The following steps will ensure that it will thrive in your home!

Preparing Your Cuttings

  • Before you take cuttings, ensure that the mother plant is healthy and free of any diseases as this can be passed on to the transplants. So a healthy plant is a key to successful propagation.
  • Always water the donor plant before, or on the day of propagation and look out the freshly sprouted branches. The newer leaves will be lighter than the other leaves. This is how you recognize the newer stems.

The Process

  1. Use a sanitized knife and snip away 4-6 inches long cuttings. It is always a good idea to take 2-4, to increase the chances of propagation.
  2. Remove all the lower leaves from the cuttings and dip the end in honey. This is not necessary, but it will give additional protection.
  3. Take a jar or vase of your choice and fill it with distilled or filtered water. Submerge the cutting to the point where the stem is completely in the water, and the leaves are well above it.
  4. Keep the jar at a location where it gets plenty of bright light. An east-facing window would be the best spot. Avoid placing the jar in the harsh, afternoon sun.
  5. It is recommended that you place the cutting in a transparent jar or vase, as this will allow you to keep a close eye on the water. Change it when you see it cloudy. It is good practice to change the water once in 3-5 days.

How Long Does it Take to Form Roots?

How To Propagate English Ivy in Water 2

With all the right steps, the cutting will start rooting in about 3-4 weeks and will be ready to transplant in 6 weeks. You can either continue to grow it in water or transplant it in a pot filled with a good quality potting mix.

Problems You Can Run Into

When you are propagating an Ivy cutting in water, it is usually effortless as long as you change the water regularly. If the water gets foul then the leaves of the plant will start wilting. It is very important to remove these decayed leaves, so they don’t end up falling into the vase. Also, make sure that the leaves are never touching the water as this could cause decaying and rot.

Since the cutting is extremely sensitive to growing conditions, avoid sudden location changes. If you have kept it near an indirect light source, avoid putting the jar suddenly to direct sunlight.

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