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10 Cute Small Indoor Plants | Tiny Houseplants

These Small Indoor Plants are easy to grow and add an extraordinary appeal to the interiors without blocking a lot of space!

Small Indoor plants are perfect to level up the aesthetic of the home without adding much effort. If you, too, wish to grow some, check out these gorgeous Tiny Houseplants!

Small Indoor Plants

1. Lucky Bamboo

This low-maintenance tropical indoor plant is known to bring good luck and fortune. You can grow this plant either in the water or the soil, keeping it in a location that is bright and receives filtered sunlight.

2. Lithops

Lithops can be a beautiful addition to your indoor plants collection. These small indoor plants are super easy to grow on a sunny windowsill or porch garden.

3. Chinese Money Plant

The glossy round foliage is sure to amp up your interiors. Make sure the plant receives bright indirect light and good air circulation. Pair it with showy ceramics for the best look.

4. Baby Toes

Baby Toes (Fenestraria rhopalophylla) plants are one of the coolest in this list of small houseplants. Maintain warm temperature and water sparingly to keep the plant growing.

5. Spider Plant

This small indoor plant can thrive in neglect. The narrow long, mid-green foliage bordered by creamy yellow looks beautiful and is sure to uplift the gloomy atmosphere of homes.

6. Oxalis

This low-growing tropical beauty is so interesting to look at that it can add a flare of vivid purple to your room. When keeping indoors, place the shamrock in a spot where it can receive partial sunlight.

Have a look at the cute pictures of the best small and compact houseplants here

7. Polka Dot Plant

Polka Dot (Hypoestes phyllostachya) can beautify your living space. The plant can survive in the poorly lit area but provide 3-4 hours of bright light for the best foliage colors.

8. Flowering Kalanchoe

This striking succulent looks beautiful in bloom, with tiny pink flowers bordered by white lines. Keeping it near a south or west-facing window is helpful if you want to encourage more blooms.

9. Echeveria

This low-growing succulent is popular for its rosette-shaped foliage. You can use it to make your own Succulent Dish Garden or a DIY terrarium. Provide the plant with a couple of hours of bright sunlight.

10. Asparagus Fern

The Asparagus Fern is not exactly a fern but a member of the lily family. This warm climate plant is a fancy tabletop or hanging basket specimen.


  1. Small indoor plants add a touch of color and bring a boring space into life! These are perfect small indoor plants recommendations. Just wanna ask, where do you get yours? :)



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