8 Amazing Benefits Of Air Plants You Never Knew

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If you’re not a fan of Tillandsias yet, these Benefits of Air Plants in our article will make you for sure!

Growing air plants might appear too much of work, but that’s far from true. They’re one of the most low maintenance plant types and unique as well.

1. Reduce Stress

If you're not a fan of Tillandsias yet, these Benefits of Air Plants in our article will make you for sure!

Yes, you heard it right! Whether it’s a tough day at work, quarrel with family or feeling down because of any other reason. Surrounding yourself with a bit of green does the trick to get you out of the gloom. Nature makes you feel more happy, calm, and optimistic. Patients were found to recover more quickly when their hospital rooms were surrounded by plants, according to this study.

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2. Purify Air

Toxins present in the surrounding air are harmful to human health, and children are most susceptible to this threat. The levels of these indoor air pollutants can be kept in check by having plants that purify the air. According to one study, air plants were found to absorb mercury from the air. Some of the ideal houseplants that remove VOCs are snake plants, spider plant, pothos, peace lily, etc.

3. Easy to Propagate

Seeds can be used to propagate air plants, but it’s a tedious and long process. That’s why the most common method of propagation is by offsets, also known as pups. These offsets can be used to propagate new air plants. Simply separate them from the parent plant and remount them on growing board or any other surface. Learn How to Care for Air Plants!

4. Cleaner Surrounding

If dealing with the soil is not something you want to get into because of the mess it creates air plants are the perfect substitute. They are epiphytes, which means they can grow without soil as long as you provide a support structure for them to grow on. If your air plant is dying, check out these tips.

5. Excellent Decorative Plant

Amazing Benefits of Air Plants

It’s not without a reason that air plant is gaining popularity among interior designers and home decorators. As you already know, air plants grow on other surfaces, which gives designers and gardeners a chance to get creative with them. Growing them on shells and driftwood is a superb example of that. Check out these 18 Air Plant Holders.

6. Great for Urban Setting

Air Plant Benefits

Urban dwellers always look forward to saving space in homes and modern alternatives. One of the benefits of air plants is they offer an excellent choice for such settings. Plus, you can grow them without soil, so having a container is not always necessary, and they’re in trend!

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7. Variety of Shapes and Colors

You’ll never lose interest from air plants. They’re available in unique shapes, textures, and colors. There are several species to choose from. Although all air plants are green and gray in initial days, as they mature they grow in the beautiful shades of red, purple, magenta, orange or yellow depending on the type.

8. Best Office Desk Plant

8 Benefits of Air Plants

Air plants can be one of the best office desk plants. We’ve reasons–Growing them is neat as no dirt required. They’re low maintenance and even thrive in filtered light. They’re available in convenient small sizes, can be placed on unique holders. You can also make nice air plant terrariums, here’re some ideas.

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  1. I’m living on the mountainside were plants and trees were everywhere. I had a plant in my balcony but not in the living room.
    Those lovely decorative plants, I really wanna grab it for my center table.


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