18 Best Large Indoor Plants | Tall Houseplants for Home and Offices

See 18 best large indoor plants for your home or office. Tall houseplants look fascinating and create the illusion of an enlarged interior.

Houseplants that grow above 5 feet tall quickly grabs attention. They add a dramatic touch to the interior and can serve as the focal point of your room.

Best Large Indoor Plants

1. Norfolk Island Pine


Norfolk island pine is not a true pine though looks like one. In its natural habitat, this majestic tree can grow up to several 100 feet (65 m) high. However, when grown as a houseplant, its height reduced to only 2-3 m. Growing this tall houseplant requires some care: Save it from drafts, mist the plant in summer to avoid dry air. Keep the soil slightly moist and place the plant near a window that receives some sun and bright indirect daylight to grow it successfully.

2. Yucca


Yucca is a tough plant that can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It quickly becomes large if sufficient light is provided. When growing Yucca indoors, provide as much sun as possible and do not overwater. Allow the soil to dry out before you water again. It can survive easily for several weeks without water. A useful article you can read on growing yucca on Ourhouseplants.com.

3. Kentia palm (Howea forsteriana)

best large indoor plants

The Kentia palm is native to Lord Howe Island (Australia). It is one of the sturdiest houseplants. It is easy to maintain and often seen in offices and stores. The Kentia palm should always be in slightly moist soil in summer. In winter, reduce watering. When compared to other palms, this large houseplant can be kept in a spot that gets indirect sunlight.

4. Philodendron

Hope Philodendron (bipinnatifidum 'Hope')

The Philodendron family includes many successful houseplants. There are tall species too. For example, Tree philodendron (Philodendron selloum). Keep your philodendron houseplant in indirect sunlight, and it’ll thrive.

The plant does not need much water, but it is essential that you don’t let the soil dry out completely.

5. Polyscias (Ming Aralia)

Polyscias guilfoylei variegated

How nice is it to have a plant in the house that is low maintenance and looks beautiful at the same time? Polyscias is such a plant. For people without green fingers, this plant is ideal. It tolerates shade, requires occasional fertilizing and infrequent watering.

6. Croton (Codiaeum)


Croton is a popular houseplant because of the huge variation in the pattern and color of the foliage available. It can get as big as 10 feet tall. Place the plant near the East facing window, where it will get bright morning sun and day-long indirect light. In a dark place, it loses the beautiful leaf markings. Also, save it from the cold draft and don’t expose it to the temperature below 50 F (10 C).

7. Ficus

Ficus benjamina

There are plants in the ficus family that can grow amazingly tall and live up to hundreds of years. The plants of this family are tough and also grown as a houseplant. As a houseplant, these plants require care. Some of the best large indoor plants of this family are rubber tree, weeping fig, and fiddle leaf fig.

8. Schefflera (Umbrella Tree)


Schefflera is a well-known houseplant with typical foliage. It is easy to maintain, though, like all the other tall houseplants in this list, it requires large pot to grow and exposure to all day long, bright indirect sunlight.

9. Fatsia Japonica (False Castor)


Fatsia Japonica is a well-known houseplant. It is also called “finger plant,” due to its finger-like leaves. This plant has beautiful foliage: Dark green, shiny, and leathery. This is an air purifying plant and needs little maintenance.

10. Adenium (Desert Rose)


You can overwinter the Adenium plant in the temperature above 50 F (10 C). Well-drained, dry soil is the key to growing a healthy Adenium tree in your home. Keep Adenium in as much sun as possible, and it will reward you with its large colorful flowers.

11. Jade Plant (Crassula ovata)

jade houseplant


Easy to grow in pots, this pretty succulent plant requires very little care. Jade plant is a successful houseplant and can adapt itself to different light conditions. It can grow up to 10 feet (3 m) tall.

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12. Dracaena

Dracaena fragrans

Renowned for its beautiful arched shape, lanceolate foliage that is often variegated. The plants of the Dracaena family are undoubtedly one of the best large indoor plants.

As an indoor plant, the Dracaena needs bright indirect sunlight to grow. But exposure to 2 or 3 hours of direct morning sun per day is favorable.

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13. Fiddle leaf fig

Fiddle_Leaf_Fig tall houseplants

Fiddle leaf fig due to its large leathery foliage and height can be a great addition to your home. Plant it in the living room, in a spot where it will receive bright indirect sunlight all day.

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14. Monstera deliciosa

Monstera deliciosa

Monstera is a popular large indoor plant because of its huge cut foliage and stems. It creates a tropical atmosphere in any room. Adding a tall, healthy monstera deliciosa can make a huge impact on the interior of any home, which is not possible with any expensive, luxurious furniture or accessory.

15. Palms

areca palm (2)

Indoor palms are the most common large houseplants. They are quite undemanding, and many of them grow well in exposure to part or indirect sun. They also tolerate a lack of water. Indoor palms can also grow huge, but they grow quite slowly. The most common palms are – Date palm, Washingtonia palm, fan palm or bamboo palm, and areca palm.

16. Ponytail Palm


Often mistaken for a palm, ponytail Palm is actually a succulent. Ponytail Palm is an elegant and eye-catching houseplant. It is easy to care, although slow-growing. It grows to about 10 feet tall in a few years. Learn about the best shade tolerant succulents here.

17. Bird of Paradise




Bird of paradise plant has a large banana plant like foliage. You can grow it indoors. It grows up to 7-8 ft (2 m) tall. It is called “Bird of Paradise” due to its exceptional flowers. You can grow this plant indoors successfully if you have a spot in your room that receives at least 4-5 hours of sunlight daily.

A Tip: You can also try growing Heliconias aka Lobster Claws indoors for similar appearance.

18. Bamboo

tall bamboo houseplant

We’ve included bamboo in our list of best large indoor plants as growing bamboo indoors is possible. There are several species available that are suitable for this. If you can only provide a few hours of direct sunlight. You can check out this helpful link to find out which bamboo varieties are suitable for growing indoors.

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Find out best large indoor plants for your home or office. Tall houseplants look fascinating and create the illusion of enlarged interior.


  1. A feature on house & garden plants that are pet friendly would be good eg house plants your house rabbit won’t get sick on if he eats them or catnip for cats etc

    • I put a small baby fence around my tree. Another thing that worked was to set the plant with its pot and drainage dish inside a wooden outdoor planter. I put that on a plant mover with wheels so I could change its spot in the house. Looks great.


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