How to Grow Dracaena as a Tree Indoors

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Learn How to Grow Dracaena as a Tree Indoors and flaunt this low maintenance specimen in all its tall glory!

Dracaena as a Tree

Do you know that one of the most versatile indoor plants can be trained to grow tall? Learn everything about How to Grow Dracaena as a Tree Indoors!

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Select the Right Dracaena

Before you decide to Grow Dracaena as a Tree Indoors, you must remember that not all varieties can be trained to grow tall.

For that distinctive tree-like appearance, go for Dragon Tree (Dracaena draco) and Song of Jamaica (Dracaena reflexa), as they take a very good height and look spectacular while doing so!

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How to Grow Dracaena as a Tree?


1. Picking the Right Container

To ensure dracaena takes a tree like shape, its roots must get all the space to grow to support the growth and height.

Start the plant in a 12-14 inches deep and wide container and then re-pot it in one or two sizes bigger pot, depending on the growth, once in 1-2 years.

2. Support from an Early Stage

Staking the dracaena tree will prevent it from flopping and growing sideways or downwards. Provide the right support til the main stem becomes rigid and strong, so it grows straight and tall.

Use a bamboo stake, plastic, or iron rods and attach the plant’s main stem with twine.

3. Expose it to the Right Amount of Light

Though Dracaenas are famous for surviving a bit of shade indoors, you must provide them with plenty of bright and indirect light all day to encourage healthy and faster growth.

If you want a good height, expose it to the direct morning sunlight for 2-4 hours daily. This will speed up the growth.

Plants kept in low light conditions will grow slowly and produce small leaves with dull color. Also, avoid keeping the tree under harsh afternoon sunlight, as it can burn the foliage.

4. Prune to Encourage Top Growth

Pruning the tree at the right time is essential to make it grow upwards rather than sideways.

Snip away the side stems from an early stage, only keeping the main central stem intact. This will trick the plant into growing upwards, where it will use the energy to grow tall and not wide.

Give a tree-like shape, following the ratio of 2/3 stem with no growth and 1/3 top canopy full of leaves.

Tips for Maintaining Dracaena as a Tree

  • Place the dracaena tree in bright, filtered, or indirect light.
  • Use a peat-based commercial potting mix with slight acidity.
  • Keep the soil consistently moist in spring or fall, and let it stay dry between watering intervals in winter.
  • Dracaena performs well in average room temperature. Do not expose it below 50 F (10 C).
  • Feed the tree with a balanced liquid fertlizer once in 3-5 weeks, during spring and summer. Avoid fertilizing in fall and winter.

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